My Ranking of Elimination Chamber Matches From Worst to Best.


So this Sunday there’s a WWE Elimination chamber PPV and I decided to re-watch all the previous chamber matches and rank them in order of worst to best. Obviously this is all my opinion and its based on my own enjoyment of the matches overall. Unfortunately I haven’t done it in detail and its just a simple list, but I’ll write a couple notes at the bottom . Anyway here’s the list:

19. Wade Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus vs R-Truth vs Mark Henry vs Ryback – Elimination chamber 2015. **1/2
18. Lashley vs Big Show vs Hardcore Holly vs Test vs RVD vs CM Punk – ECW December to Dismember. ***
17. Triple H vs John Cena vs Ted Dibiase Jr vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston – Elimination Chamber 2010. ***
16. Tag Team Chamber match – Elimination chamber 2015. ***1/4
15. Undertaker vs Batista vs MVP vs Finlay vs Big Daddy V vs Great Khali – No Way out 2008. ***1/4
14. Khali vs Santino vs Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes vs Big Show vs Wade Barrett – Elimination Chamber 2012. ***1/4
13. John Cena vs Carlito vs Christ Masters vs Kurt Angle vs HBK vs Kane – New Years Revolution 2006. ***1/2
12. Goldberg vs HHH vs Kevin Nash vs Chris Jericho vs HBK vs Orton – Summerslam 2003. ***3/4
11. Jack Swagger vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho – Eliminaton Chamber 2013. ***3/4
10. Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs John Cena vs Mike Knox vs Kane vs Chris Jericho – No Way Out 2009. ****
9. Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho vs John Morrison vs CM Punk vs R-truth – Elimination Chamber 2010. ****
8. Kane vs Drew Mcintyre vs Edge vs Wade Barrett vs Big show vs Rey Mysterio – Elimination chamber 2011. ****1/4
7. CM Punk vs Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs R-truth – Elimination chamber 2011. ****1/4
6. Umaga vs HBK vs Chris Jericho vs Triple h vs JBL vs Jeff hardy – No Way out 2008. ****1/4
5. Batista vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Triple H vs Edge vs Randy Orton – New Years Revolution 2005. ****1/4
4. Kozlov vs Jeff Hardy vs Triple H vs Edge vs Big show vs Undertaker – No Way Out 2009. ****1/4
3. Chris Jericho vs Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-truth vs Kofi Kingston vs CM Punk – Elimination chamber 2012. ****1/4
2. Christan vs Randy Orton vs Cesaro vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus – Elimination chamber 2014. ****1/2
1. Booker T vs RVD vs HBK vs HHH vs Chris Jericho vs Kane – Survivor Series 2002. ****1/2

Making this list was quit interesting as I hadn’t seen a lot of these matches in a while and Iwas quite surprised at the results. For a good number of years I’ve always regarded the New Years Revolution 05 and Survivor Series 02 matches as the top 2 and while I still regard Survivor Series 02 as the best one, re-watching the 2005 chamber I found that my opinion had changed and while it is still a great match, there were a few later Chamber matches  that I found to be superior. In particular the 2014 Chamber match which is outstanding and almost on par with the 2002 Chamber.

I also forgot how disastrous the 2015 main chamber match was and it’s the only one I consider to be not good which is why I think it’s the worst, i know alot of people speak negatively of the ECW match, but I think the match is still very fun to watch aside the questionable booking and crowd turning on it. The rest of the Chamber matches are also all enjoyable in their own way with only a few minor issues here and there.But yeah that’s how I rank these matches and very much looking forward to seeing how the one on Sunday goes.




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