WWE RAW 6/2/17 Review


Lets try doing my first RAW review on here, not going to go into details of what happened just gonna give my thoughts on everything.

So our opening segment is the contract signing of Samoa Joe!. I like the conflicting enthusiasm of Mick and Stephanie and there’s nice little promo from Joe. Reigns interrupts , does his tough guy act  leading to Joe/Reigns main event. Kept it simple and short, good stuff.

Bayley vs Nia Jax

This was a pretty decent little match, with Jax staying dominant throughout and Bayley taking opportunities where she can which leads to her almost getting a countout victory until Charlotte interferes to break the count and Jax gets the victory. A simple way of progressing the whole feud that worked. Winner: Nia Jax (via Samoan Drop) **

Braun Strowman vs 4 Jobbers

Strowman quickly disposes of them and cuts a promo saying hes off to find Foley cause that ain’t no competition. SQUASH

Strowman find Foley and he announces the expected Strowman vs Reigns match at Fastlane. Should be a hoot.

Akira Tozawa! vs Drew Gulak

YES TOZAWA ON RAW!. Fun little match, I love Tozawa and Gulak is good too, kept short and allowed Tozawa to get his shit in for the crowd. The snap bridging German is so beautiful. I also love Tozawa’s little howls to get the crowd going. Winner: Tozawa(via Bridging Snap German Suplex). ***

Owens/Jericho promo.  Jericho does his list schtick and wants Owen/Jericho at Mania’. Owens ain’t so sure and then comes Goldberg…well eventually when he’s finished his long walk to the ring. He accepts Lesnars mania challenge(no surprise there). Owens steps in and Goldberg challenges him for title at Fastlane since it’s mania season and we gotta give the part timers the title matches. Jericho tries to interject and Goldberg writes himself on the list. Jericho accepts on Owens behalf and Goldberg gets shirtless baby!. Ah well I don’t really agree with this but it should be entertaining at least and I’ve not really cared much for Owens title run anyway. Whole thing was fine.

RAW Tag Team Title match: Sheamus/Cesaro vs Anderson/Gallows(c)

Enzo and Cass are at ringside. Pretty good match until the DQ finish when Cass boots Gallows after he kicked Enzo. So it brings Enzo/Cass into the feud which I’m totally fine with if it means their awful Rusev/Mahal feud is over. The match itself had the usual one team takes control before the hot tag comeback and it was enjoyable overall.Winners: Cesaro/Sheamus (via DQ) ***

New Day vs Shining Stars

New Day cuts promo before hand spouting the usual stuff that’s a little stale these days and mentions Ice Cream….Ok then. Match started during the break. Simple formulaic stuff that just gives New Day something to do for now to keep them on TV. Woods screams Ice Cream alot for some reason. Ah well it did its job. Winner: New Day (via Double Team Big Ending) **1/2

Rock n Roll Express announced for hall of fame. Good times.

U.S title Match: Christ Jericho(c) vs Sami Zayn

Pretty solid match here I think it was a step below their match last week, but still good. Owens helped Jericho win, so I hope it keeps the feud going so they can have a match at Fastlane. I would love to see Zayn have a good title run. Winner: Jericho (via Codebreaker) ***1/4

Charlotte backstage with Sasha Banks, she trash talks her and walks away.

Austin Aries is in the ring to interview Neville. Announces fatal 5 way elimination match for no 1 contendership on 205 live. Nice! Everyone then comes out one by one to interrupt the interview and talk a little except Alexander and Nese who just enter the ring. This of course frustrates Aries and he legs it as everyone starts brawling and we get a few planchas including Neville faking one like a true hell. Fun little segment there.

Emmalina premieres next week!…well supposedly…we’ll see.

6 man Cruiserweight tag match

So we get the expected tag match from the previous segment and we are right into the action as the match started during the break. Its short and pretty fun, with Neville walking out on his team cause Noam Dar took his tag which leads to them losing which is nice. It does a fine job of promoting the match tomorrow and Alexander getting the win makes him the current favorite. Winners: Perkins/Gallagher/Alexander (via Lumbar Check) **3/4

Jericho announces Festival of Friendship for Raw next week..sure thing man.

Main event: Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

Time for Joe’s main roster match debut and he attacks Reigns during his entrance and we get a good physical contest with Joe dominating throughout and some good selling of the ribs by Roman. Just as reigns starts making his comeback Strowman makes his expected interference and Joe picks up the victory though surprisingly not with the Muscle Buster or Coquina clutch. Anyway I quite enjoyed that. Winner: Samoe Joe (via Uranage type move)***1/4

Strowman then decimates Reigns, including a powerslam through the barricade and stands very tall to end the show.

Well I don’t think that was bad overall, got couple decent matches and Joe’s in ring debut. nothing particular noteworthy but most of it served a purpose in progressing storylines which is fine by me. ***



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