WWE 205 Live 7/2/17 Review


Lets review this weeks 205 live, the cruiserweight show that people.. sometimes watch. anyway this week has a 5 way elimination match which should be fun.

5-way match Qualifier: Mustafa Ali vs Ariya Daivari

So apparently Nese is sadly injured and can’t compete in the 5-way tonight, So whoever wins this gets put into the match. This was pretty decent, Daivari took control for most part before Ali made the come back and hit a beautiful imploding 450 splash. Glad that Ali won as I do quite like him. Daivari’s not bad but he definitely the blandest guy on roster and has been on this show more than it should be, he did fine here though so I;m not complaining. Winner: Mustafa Ali (via Imploding 450 Splash) **3/4

The Brian Kendrick vs Lince dorado

Kendrick cuts a small promo as he walks down mentioning how he’s crushed all wrestler dreams except Tozawa who he wants to make a protege. This was pretty good, they kept the pace up with some nice back and forth action, couple hiccups here and there but both looked good and Kendrick get the expected win. Winner: The Brian Kendrick (via Captains Hook) ***

Aries gets in the ring for an exclusive post-match interview with Kendrick. Kendrick wants Tozawa to come to the ring, but instead Taijiri’s music hits, he shows up behind Kendrick and mists him in the face. Guess Taijiri’s back already. Good times.

Neville gets interviewed backstage and cuts a pretty good promo about the 5-way. All hail King Neville.

Elimination match: Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar vs Jack Gallagher vs Mustafa Ali vs TJ Perkins

Mauro actually messes up to begin and forgets it’s an elimination match. Anyway this was really good, few nice spots including an UMBRELLA SENTON PLANCHA!..that was awesome. Surprised Cedric went out so early but Dar causing it to happen was good progession for their feud. Very happy that Gallagher won and the end stretch with him and TJ Perkins was really good, the crowd livened up and got completely behind Gallagher  by the end which was great. Him vs Neville should be very good indeed. Anyway really fun match that was like one of  old cruiserweight opens we used to get. Winner: Jack Gallagher (via Running corner dropkick) ***3/4

Pretty good show overall this week, Elimination 5 way was definitely the highlight and is the kind of thing they need more of on this show. If you’re gonna call it ‘the most exciting hour of television’ you might as well fill with action packed fast paced matches. ***



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