WWE Smackdown Live 7/2/17 Review


Time to look at this weeks Smackdown, the usually superior of WWE weekly shows. Lets see if it can keep it up.

Opening video package to hype Orton vs Cena tonight. I know alot of people are complaining them having another match, but its been 3 years since last time, so i got no problems with it, quite looking forward to it actually.

GM Daniel Bryan comes to the ring greeted by a sea of YES’s, this is where he announced his retirement last year and he is grateful for many things including being a Dad. Miz interrupts!. Miz and starts with the insults but Bryan shuts him down. Crowd keeps chanting Daniel Bryan and Miz gets very annoyed. Corbin then comes down followed by Ambrose and Styles. They all have their say about Sunday and Bryan stops them and put them in a 4 way match to happen right now. good little hype promo for Sunday everyone sounding pretty good and credible.

The Miz vs AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin

Makes a change to have this kind of match rather than the usual tag team one(sorry Teddy). This was very solid though, they kept the pace up throughout, had a couple nice spots and I’m very happy Corbin got the victory as it puts him on the same level as everyone and gives him good momentum going into the chamber Sunday which is what he needed. Also still love Miz using Daniel Bryan’s moves, hes definitely one of the best heels they have currently. Everyone else played their part well too and they all looked equal. Winner: Baron Corbin (via End of Days on Styles) ***1/2

Nikki and Natalya have a satellite interview with Tom Phillips and wowsers… they may not be the best talkers but they took things to a personal level which was fun to watch, this feud has been worked quite well all things considered. I like it.

Apollo Crews vs Dolph Ziggler

Well.. that was quick, Crews gets Ziggler with a roll up in the first minute. It helps progress the feud though, as Ziggler gets pissed and attacks Crews with a chair afterwards and Kalisto tries to run in to help, just as Crews has done for him the past few weeks but Ziggler stops him and attacks him with a chair too. I’m guessing this will lead to some kind of match Sunday, maybe a handicap or something? that’d be different. Shame the crowd are kind of on the Ziggler’s side, so I’m not sure this feud is helping anyone. Winner: Apollo Crews via Schoolboy. NR

And I was right! Daniel Bryan meets Ziggler backstage and announces the handicap match for Sunday! cool.

Time for the dual contract signing for two of the Womens’ matches Sunday Becky Lynch vs Mickie James and Alexa Bliss vs Naomi. Mickie Shuts down Renee and makes her leave so she can lead the thing, Mickie’s delivery is odd, but she gets good points across. Becky the comes with a good passionate retort. Bliss then trash talksĀ  Lynch and deliberately forgets about Naomi before picking the mic back up and just says she’ll beat her Sunday. Great stuff from Bliss. Naomi then talks and shes decent enough before kicking Bliss in the head and it all breaks down, leading to Naomi doing a running plancha over the top rope. Little sloppy but cool. Anyway promo was pretty good overall for hyping Sunday Bliss and Lynch were the best talkers but Naomi and Mickie did well enough.

Big 12 Man Tag Team match

So this has all the teams involved in the tag team turmoil match Sunday. Actually surprised they didn’t go for another tag team chamber match, but I’m happy they didn’t. Anyway this was a very fun match, lots of nice action and very surprised that The Ascension won, would not have expected them to at all. But it’s good to make another team look like they have a chance rather than just have an expected team American Alpha, Skater/Rhyno or Uso’s go over. Nice one. Winners: The Ascension ***

Main event: Randy Orton vs John Cena

This was pretty good, some nice back and forth action and Orton busting out a full nelson slam which I have never ever seen him do. You do hear Cena calling the match throughout, but that’s never bothered me at all. At the end the ref gets knocked out so Wyatt can get in involved before Harper runs in for the save and Cena gets the win. Everyone looked good, so it hypes Sunday well, though the focus on Wyatt in the main does make him and Cena look like the key people in chamber, so the other 4 are like an afterthought since they were kept separate from them, but that’s just minor complaint. Still good stuff here. Winner: Cena (via Attitude Adjustment) ***1/4

Solid go home show for Smackdown before Elimination Chamber Sunday. Everything was built around the matches on the PPV and they all did a good job of hyping it up overall. definitely looking forward to it. ***1/2



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