WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Review


So it’s time for this year’s a Elimination Chamber PPV, which is Smackdown exclusive. Now the last Chamber PPV was 2015 and featured the worst chamber match in history, so lets hope this one does better(I’m sure it will). Also this features 3 women’s matches, which is a first in WWE PPV history. So lets get to it.

Pre-show: Curt Hawkins vs Mojo Rawley

It’s Zack Ryder’s former team mate vs his current team mate. This was a bog standard TV match to get Mojo over. Hawkins is dressed up like some 90’s jobber which is appropriate since that’s pretty much all he’s been since returning. Overall it was alright and give Mojo something to do while Ryder recovers.Winner: Mojo Rawley(via tilt-a-whirl Powerslam)**1/2

Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

So we kick off with one of the three women’s matches and this was a decent opener. They went for a more technical approach, including Mickie working Becky’s arm for a bit and they both looked pretty good for most part. Becky winning with a jacknife cover means the feud can continue so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. Winner: Becky(via Jacknife pin)

Handicap match: Kalisto/Apollo Crews vs Dolph Ziggler

This was alright, bit slow here and there.Ziggler actually takes out Kalisto before the match, so it’s just Ziggler and Crews for the majority before Kalisto comes back out and him and Crews finally get their revenge with the victory. This however is short lived as Ziggler takes them both out again and crushes Apollo’s leg with a chair. Now the big problem with this, is the crowd just don’t care much for Kalisto and Crews and were mainly on Ziggler’s side. It’s a shame because they did try hard with the whole face come back at the end of the match and the attempt to garner sympathy through the post-match attack. But sadly as Crews clutches his injured leg we get chants of ‘Thank you Ziggler’. Booking a face/face vs heel handicap match was always gonna be a bit odd, it’s different but clearly didn’t work well. Of course that’s only part of the problem, as though Kalisto and Crews are very talented individuals, they still haven’t quite hit their stride with their personas and that’s the main issue that needs working on. Aside from that I still quite enjoyed the match and what they tried to do. Winners: Crews/Kalisto(via Apollo Thunder Bomb)**3/4

Smackdown Tag Team Title Turmoil Match: Slater/Rhyno vs Breezango vs Vaudevillains vs The Uso’s vs American Alpha(c) vs The Ascension

This was good, nothing particularly noteworthy but each team played their part well enough. The issue really is that The Uso’s are the only true competition here and it’s hard to really think any other team could get the win (maybe Rhyno/Slater) since American Alpha are such a strong team. Having said that I did like how it played out towards the end with The Uso’s beating down Alpha after they got pinned, so it made it look like The Ascension could have a shot at winning which played in nicely to their Smackdown win and gave Alpha something to have to try and overcome, which they did. The Uso’s attck might mean this is leading to them vs Alpha which I think would be the right move. Good stuff overall Winners: American Alpha(Via Grand Amplitude on Ascension) ***1/4

Natalya vs Nikki Bella

I thought the video package for this was great, these two have had a quite fun feud which I’ve quite enjoyed. the match itself was pretty good too, each women did quite well for most part, its great to see how much they’ve improved over the years. Natalya claiming shes the wrestler but Nikki holding her own was a nice little dynamic and the double count out finish didn’t detract from the match much as it means this could lead to a No DQ match which is what I think would work best for this kind of feud anyway. No Contest(via Double Countout)

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper

Solid match from these two, bit slow in the beginning including the dread Orton chinlock, but they picked it up and did good with it overall. Orton winning was a given, to keep him looking strong for Mania, but Harper still looked good in the process and I’m looking forward to seeing him in more singles action in the future s I think he’s great and hope he obtains some gold at some point this year. Not sure if I enjoyed this more than their Smackdown match a few weeks back, but still solid stuff overall.Winner: Orton(via RKO)***1/2

Smackdown Womens Title match: Alexa Bliss(c) vs Naomi

This was much better than the  PPV match they had a few months back, did get a little messy towards the end but they worked well for most part and its good to see these two keep  improving bit by bit. Naomi winning the title was a little unexpected but I’m happy enough with it and liked the genuine emotion Naomi had for winning it. She’s definitely word hard all these years and has shown great improvement overall so kudos to her. Winner: Naomi(via split legged moonsault) ***

Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title: John Cena(c) vs Baron Corbin vs Miz vs AJ Styles vs Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose

This was great. Really great. For Starters I really like the New Chamber design, it made the match feel fresh and meant there were opportunities for new and  interesting chamber spots which there were a few good ones and the match itself had a lot of really good action a I also thought the booking of it was very solid, having Corbin eliminated via rollup by Ambrose, means they could ignite a feud between the two for the IC title which I look forward to seeing. Miz refusing to leave the chamber until he takes advantage to eliminate Ambrose who just got decimated by Corbin, was a nice little thing that you’d exactly expect from his character. Having Cena and Styles to start and then being in the last 3 with Wyatt was also good move, as both Styles and Wyatt have been the most involved with Cena recently so it add another element to their feuds. Cena not being able to then overcome the two and getting eliminated was also a nice welcomed surprise, Wyatt and Styles made for an interesting final two. I was happy for either one to win and Wyatt finally winning the title was really well deserved. It had been rumored for few weeks that he was gonna get it and I’m very happy he did. Sure there could have been better ways for him to win it but it makes a good progression for the Wyatt/Orton Feud and I really look forward to seeing how it all plays out. I think the only gripe I really had for this was that I wish they’d spread out the chamber spots a bit more as they seemed to keep them mostly to the first half and I think it would have been good to just seen one or two more towards the end. But that’s just a minor thing that doesn’t really matter much, as overall this was still awesome. Winner and new WWE Champion: Bray Wyatt (via Sister Abigail on Styles)****1/2

Overall I thought this was a pretty good show, the Elimination Chamber is the only match that really stood out but that’s usually the case with this PPV.  The rest of the matches were still enjoyable though, not particularly memorable but certainly not bad at all. Certainly interesting to see how it all goes leading into Wrestlemania. ***





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