WWE Raw 13/2/17 review


Its RAW and we are just under two weeks away til Fastlane, lets see how things go.

So Stephanie Mcmahon is out to begin and has given Foley the week off, so Steph’s running the show, and here come Roman Reigns, HE WANTS BRAUN RIGHT NOW. Steph disagrees as its Strowman vs Henry in stead. reigns wants to watch but Steph threatens him not to get involved. Gallows and Anderson come out. they want handicap. Steph says yes and does an awful Teddy long impression which makes no sense since, this isn’t a tag?. Bog Standard segment to setup a match, not much to it all.

Anderson/Gallows vs Roman Reigns

This weren’t bad, keep short and simple. Anderson/Gallows are in control to begin, Reigns starts making come back so they both start beating him down in ring leading to DQ. they go for magic killer but Reigns stops them and Anderson/Gallows leave. Not sure if this is achieving anything, seems like a bunch of nothing.Winner: Roman Reigns(via DQ)**

Lovely video package of Jericho and his list

New day come out and Bo Dallas is in the ring. They have a blueprint for their Ice Cream Machine. Yay?

Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston

Um..yeah essentially a squash match that included ‘we want ice cream’ chants and a ‘comedy’ bit where¬† Bo rips up the ice cream blueprints. So I guess the whole point of this is ice cream? Winner: Kofi Kingston(via SOS) SQUASH

Backstage bit where Neville is interviewed and Gallagher intervenes, they have a little exchange, with Gallagher ending it calling Neville a ‘Bloody Pillock’

Jack Gallagher vs Noam Dar

Decent little match to get Gallagher over, they have a lovely technical exchange in the beginning. Also I adore Gallagher’s headbutt, he’s just great overall and really looking forward to his match with Neville. Neville comes out on the stage and stares down Jack post-match. Winner: Jack Gallagher(via Running Corner Dropkick)**3/4

Samoa Joe and triple H are here!

ITS FINALLY THE PREMIERE OF EMMALINA! Shes out on stage in a sparkly dress. She comes out and says you’ve waited so long for this, now you’ll see the makeover of Emmaline to Emma and leaves. haha what?!..well that was something….

Bayley interviewed backstage about her RAW women’s title match tonight in the RAW main event. Nice little promo ’nuff said.

Owens is having a chat with Triple H backstage but what about? hmm.

Braun Strowman vs Mark Henry

I’d call this a squashy, not quite a full squash match but it’s close enough to one. Strowman just dominates the majority and Henry fails to make a come back including falling backwards in a worlds strongest slam attempt. Henry’s obviously limited worker these days, but its still nice to see him every now and then, this did good though to keep Strowman looking dominant. Winner: Strowman (via Hoss Powerslam) SQUASHY

Reigns runs down hits two superman punches, goes for the spear but gets caught with a HOSS powerslam. As Strowman stands tall..very tall. Good stuff.

Enzo/Cass and Sheamus/Cesaro have an exchange of words about what happened last week and they want a piece of each other, so that’s a potential match happening.

Michael Cole has an interview with Joe. They talk Rollins, Reigns, triple H. He’s a really good talker and puts himself a cross very well. Good stuff

Rusev vs Sami Zayn

Pretty good match here, had Rusev’s power against Zayns speed and agility and they played it well, with Zayn getting the Helluva kick out of nowhere in a nice way. It gives Zayn some good momentum, though its shame that they don’t seem know what to do with Rusev at the moment, so he’s trapped in creative purgatory. Winner: Zayn(via Helluva Kick)**3/4

Zayn is interviewed on the stage, he’s happy with his win and then talks about Samoa Joe who mentioned his name in his interview with Cole. This leads to Joe’s music hitting and him coming out and taking out Zayn. Looks like we are getting Joe vs Sami…I’m well up for that!

Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Nice little match, used to showcase Tozawa again. His grunts are definitely working well with the crowd. Kendrick was on commentary to, still wanting Tozawa to be his protege. Good stuff. Winner: Tozawa(via Snap German Suplex)**3/4

IT’S TIME FOR THE FESTIVAL OF FRIENDSHIP!, there are fireworks and vegas showgirls, Jericho is super enthusiastic but Owens not so much, he reveals a strange sculpture that epitomizes their friendship, ‘the creation of Kevin’ painting and friendship the magician. Owens is not impressed by any of it. So Jericho then calls out Goldberg. But we get Gillberg!, Owens straight up beat him up. He’s annoyed but Jericho explains his love of their friendship. Owens apologises and gives him his own gift. It’s a new list. SWERVE! its the list of KO and Jericho is on it and Owens takes him out, powerbombs him into the apron and throws his face into the TV screen. THE FRIENDSHIP IS OVER!. Good segment here, didn’t think they’d break up here and thought they’d wait til after Fastlane, but it was a nice surprise¬† and works, leading us to the inevitable ‘Mania match.

Enzo & Cass come out trash talk Cesaro in their own fun way. bit weird though since Cesaro still meant to be face.

Enzo vs Cesaro

short fun match. The beef between these two is understandable, but who are we meant to be rooting for?. Ah well is works as part of this little feud. Winner: Cesaro(via Pop up European uppercut) NR

RAW Womens Title Match: Bayley vs Charlotte

This was really good a definitely better than their Rumble match, the women always step it up when they are in the RAW main event and this was no different. Lots of good action and I liked Charlotte working Bayley’s neck a little. I’m happy for Bayley winning, though I do wish they would have waited and pulled the trigger at ‘Mania or somewhere. but this does stay consistent with Charlotte struggling to get the wins on RAW, so I think that’s an interesting dynamic. I do take issue however with Dana Brooke interfering and she hasn’t got involved with Charlotte in months and this was done purely so Sasha had a reason to come out and help. So it felt off for Dana to help this time, but ah well, still great main event overall. Winner: Bayley (via Bayley to Belly) ****

Show wasn’t as consistent as last week but the Festival of Friendship and Main event were really good and I liked the Zayn/Joe, Strowman/Reigns stuff(aside the pointless handicap in the beginning), everything else was alright and did their job there was one. Not much really hyped Fastlane though which is a little problematic. **3/4





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