WWE Smackdown Live Review 14/2/17


It’s the first Smackdown Live after Elimination Chamber, as they are finally on their homestretch to Wrestlemania. Lets see how it goes.

Bray Wyatt is out to kick things off. He is on his own. He puts on a good promo that makes more sense than most of his rambling ones. Then out comes John Cena!. Cena has a problem with crowd saying Wyatt deserves the title. Since you earn everything. He wants the scheduled title match right now. But AJ Styles comes out. He wants his one on one title re-match tonight too. GM Daniel Bryan comes onto the stage. HE MAKES THE MAIN EVENT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH A TRIPLE THREAT!!. Nice little opening to show Wyatt as champion and setup the main event.

Ambrose is backstage looking for Corbin. So the feud is happening. Yay!

American Alpha vs The Ascension

Pretty good tag match. AA Out-wrestle Ascension to begin before they find an opportunity to take control until Gable finally gets the hot tag. Standard formula that was worked well. Ascension look pretty good, bit heavy on the chinlocks but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Winners: American Alpha(via Grand Amplitude) **3/4

Uso’s come up on screen mention how took out Gable’s leg before and are putting AA on notice. I said Uso’s were the right team to be the next title challengers so this is good.

Dean Ambrose bumps into James Ellsworth and Carmella backstage, says Ellsworth is wasting his time with Carmella. Gm Daniel Bryan interjects, Ambrose wants to beat up Ellsworth and Bryan agrees, so they have a match tonight. Fair enough.

Ellsworth is in the ring with Carmella and he puts on a silly promo hyping Carmella. Ambrose music hits but he’s nowhere to be seen until Baron Corbin comes out dragging Ambrose with him. They brawl a little but Corbin hits a deep six where he throws Ambrose over an equipment box through a table(including sparks) that is on the far side of the entrance way. Good stuff here, already really liking the Corbin/Ambrose feud

Nikki is backstage with Daniel Bryan and he talks about the double count-out finish from her match Sunday, says he got an idea shes gonna like but then Natalya shows up and her and Nikki start brawling again. Security come to break it up and Bryan announces a Falls count Anywhere match for next’s week Smackdown. Nice! just what I was hoping they would do.

Corbin is asked backstage why he attacked Ambrose. He asks if people are stupid as its obviously since he’s not WWE champion because of Ambrose. I mean that was pretty darn obvious.

Dolph Ziggler interviewed backstage says hes just getting started and ‘will wipe out an entire generation if he has to get his point across’. Alright, calm down Hitler, well it’s better than repetitive good guy Ziggler.

Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

Re-match from Sunday and this was pretty good, probably on par with their PPV match, nice back and forth action leading to Mickie faking an arm injury to get the win, which allows the feud to keep going for good reason. Winner: Mickie James(via Mick Kick)***

New Smackdown Womens Champion Naomi is in the ring to get interviewed by Renee. she apparently got injured during her entrance Sunday, but that ain’t stopping her. Out comes Alexa Bliss. says Naomi lucked out,she wouldn’t walk out in a re-match, talks her down more. Naomi tries to retort, but Bliss shuts her down and leaves. Bliss is great on mic as per usual and this was a good little promo.

TJ Perkins does a promo backstage for his match again Neville on 205 live and it was lousy to be honest.

WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

Harper attacks Wyatt before the match starts. The match actually starts during the break as we come back to Styles and Cena fighting in the ring. In fact this is the kind of match that makes you wish there were no ad breaks as this was a really good main event. Just lots of great back and forth action and nearfalls throughout. But Wyatt holds his own and wins with no helps making him look strong which is exactly what you want. Winner: Bray Wyatt(via Sister Abigail on Cena)***3/4

Randy Orton now makes his way to the ring to face win. He says he refuses to verse Wyatt at Wrestlemania since he is still the servant and pledges his allegiance to him.What!. He gets on his knees and Wyatt says ‘you now have the keys to the kingdom’..and that’s it. I honestly love this, they are gonna drag out that anticipation of Orton finally pulling the trigger and that’s great, honestly didn’t expect this.

Another solid episode of Smackdown, very light on the action with only 3 matches, but the main was really good and all the promo stuff was good and is leading somewhere interesting, which I’m very happy with. ***





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