WWE NXT 15/2/17 Review


Its NXT and tonight for the first time ever the UK Championship will get defended as Tyler Bate defends his tag Partner Trent Seven!

Authors Of Pain vs Jobbers

Quick squash to show how dominant AOP are, in case you didn’t know they were already.Winners: Authors Of Pain(via Last Chapter)SQUASH

Peyton Royce/Billie Kay vs Liv Morgan/Ember Moon

Short and to the point tag match, with Royce/Kay managing to get alot of the control and actually get the win. They aren’t the best in the ring but they did alright to show their bigger experience as a team, since Liv and Ember never have teamed before. Ember is of course head and shoulders above these girls in terms of in ring talent, but its better for the girls to work off someone better, even if it does expose their flaws a little more. Winners: Royce/Kay(via wheelbarrow knee combo) NR

DIY come out to the ring and cut a little promo, they want their tag title re-match. AOP come out on the stage and DIY want their rematch  right now. but Revival come in from behind and take out DIY before legging it out of the arena as AOP run down. Decent little promo to keep the feud between these three going.

William Regal announces backstage that next week there will be a NXT womens title No1 Contenders triple threat Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan vs Ember Moon!

WWE UK Championship match: Tyler Bate(c) vs Trent Seven

Solid main event, bit of a slow strange start, but their big finishing stretch was great. Its good seeing these two on NXT both are great talents. Winner: Tyler Bate(via Tyler Driver 97)***1/2

Not much to this weeks episode aside the solid main event, couple things progressing feuds but it’s mostly skippable. **



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