WWE RAW 20/2/17 Review


Its time for RAW as Fastlane draws closer and closer and we’ll get the fallout of last weeks festival of friendship and women title match.

Kicks off with a great recap of last weeks Festival of Friendship.

Kevin Owens is in the ring sat down, shrouded in spotlight. He’s here to answer why…he thinks hes successfully defending his title against Goldberg… He knows he just has to outsmart and outlast Goldberg and not beat them… Hes gonna show everyone superheroes don’t exist… Goldberg may say you’re next but Goldberg ‘You’re nothing’… ‘As far as Chris Jericho goes’ *drops mic and leaves*. This was a good opening promo, Owens sounded serious and confident and it’s Kevin Owens that we’ve been missing, I haven’t really cared much about his title run and this is the first promo he’s done in a while that I can really get behind.

Tag Title No1 Contender’s Match: Cesaro/Sheamus vs Enzo & Cass

Decent little match here, Cesaro was the standout as per usual, but everyone else did fine. Guess its about time Enzo & Cass got another opportunity at the tag titles, though their popularity has waned a little which wasn’t helped by the bad feuds they’ve been stuck in over the last few months. we’ll see how it goes though. Winners: Enzo & Cass(via East River Crossing)***

Post Match Enzo starts bragging about the win on mic and Sheamus Brogue Kicks his face off. Guess tings ain’t over between the teams just yet. Crowd actually start shouting ‘Thank you Sheamus’. shows people probably are getting a little tired of Enzo’s schtick.

Owens is trying to leave but Mick Foley stops him and says he has a match against Sami Zayn. The never ending feud continues!

Roman meets with Mick backstage, he mentions the main even tonight which is Braun Strowman vs Big Show. Anderson/Gallows interrupt saying they have some unfinished business and we have another handicap match tonight. So last weeks match wasn’t a bunch of nothing afterall.

Akira Tozawa vs the Brian Kendrick

Match comes about since Tozawa said no to being Kendricks protege after Kendrick scouted him out for weeks.
Match never happens as Kendrick coaxes Tozawa to shake his hand but clotheslines him, snaps his head against the metal part of the buckle and viciously locks in the captains hook, the ref tell him to break it off and he eventually does, puts on his jacket and leaves. Whole things lets the feud brew more, quite excited for the actual match that comes out of this.

Kendrick interviewed about what he just did and Kendrick bursts out about respect and being declined. Good stuff.

Gallows/Anderson vs Roman Reigns

Match goes alright with Gallows/Anderson keeping in control for most part til they introduce a chair which Reigns steals and uses leading to him getting disqualified and then taking both Gallows and Anderson out. I guess its better than them eating the pin but it still doesn’t do anything to benefit the tag champs and makes them look a little weak.
Its all still very throwaway.  Winners: Gallows & Anderson(via Disqualification)**

They show  the video of New Day announcing that they will host Wrestlemania. Guess they got to give them something, should be fun hosts though.

Rusev/Mahal vs The New Day

New Day are on the mic before the match mentioning all the things they are doing and then they are onto the Ice Cream again…They have pieced the blueprints back together and have gone digital…However Lana has the plans too…OH NO!
Match starts during break, and it’s a basic match to give your Wrestlemania host some action and carry on with their ice cream schtick, including retrieving Lana’s ipad with the blueprints on and smashing it up. I really don’t care much about this stuff. winners: New Day(via Big ending)**

Lovely memorial video of George ‘The Animal’ Steele.

It’s the contract signing for the Neville vs Jack Gallagher Cruiserweight championship match at Fastlane…Neville comes in and signs and tries to leave straight away but Gallagher wants to sets aside their differences and share a cup of tea….Neville complains about Gallagher enforcing an English stereotype…says audience are laughing at him…Gallaghers having none of it but Neville tips the table and taunts him, Gallagher then lands a headbutt and Neville quickly leaves the ring. Nice little segment to hype the match, loved Neville’s little speech.

Nia Jax vs Sara Pierce

Absolute short squash. ‘Nuff said. Winner: Nia Jax(via Samoan Drop) SQUASH

Post Squash Jax is interviewed and says shes putting the Womens champ on notice!

We get a video celebrating Obama for Black History month

Your New WWE Womens Champion Bayley comes to the ring. Charlotte had tweeted out earlier demanding Bayley relinquish the title…But Bayley is here to celebrate..speaking of her dream and how its come true…Charlotte ain’t gonna tarnish it.
But here comes Stephanie Mcmahon…speak about Bayley envisioning your match and mentions Sasha helping Bayley win…’are you really gonna hold a title you didn’t really earn’…she thinks Bayley should relinquish it…Bayley is conflicted.
Sasha Banks enters and doesn’t want Bayley to do it…She shouldn’t listen to Stephs garbage..listen to the fan..Steph tries to call Sasha’s bluff…Bayley comes in says she doesn’t want it to be seen as someone who was given the title but earned it..so should she give it up…’HELL NO’ shes not going to…Steph looks pissed.
Out comes Charlotte…Shes gone win back her title as Fastlane…Sasha wants to face Charlotte tonight…Charlotte agrees, says shes gonna put Sasha in a wheelchair..Steph is fine with this and says the match will happen right now!. Decent Segment overall, Steph was better on mic here then she has been recently and she made some fair points, but Bayley not giving the belt up made sense, since shes all about pleasing the people.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

Solid match here, they may have had too many matches in the past year but I always enjoy them, so I don’t mind. Just a good back and forth contest. Sasha winning shows Charlotte being off her game and keep Sasha in the running of things leading to Wrestlemania. Still not a fan of Dana showing up out of nowhere again though.Winner: Sasha Banks(via Bank Statement)***1/4

Sami Zayn interviewed backstage speaks about Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe and how they are similar. Nice little promo with Zayn being fired up.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Joe attacks Zayn during his entrance and throws him into the ring…Ref checks on him but Zayn wants to compete.
The match starts and Owens just decimates Zayn and wins. Good stuff as Joe continues his mean streak. Winner: Kevin Owens(via pop-up Powerbomb)NR

Steph backstage with Mick, they have a bit of a confrontation about conflicting support for Bayley. Mick then goes of on one tired of Steph and triple H belittling him about his beliefs. the rift between Steph and Mick grows, it did his job but Mick was his usual dramatic shouty self that is always a bit rough and lacks a genuine passion.

Michael Cole now has an interview with Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman…Heyman warns Cole that Lesnar is on edge so be careful..Cole leaves his seat and Lesnar sits up close to the camera staring directly into it has Heyman cuts a promo.Heyman is good as usual and Brock looks like hes ready to murder someone, makes a change from the usual interview format…I like it.

Crew are out to reinforce the ring for tonight’s Main event.

Braun Strowman vs Big Show

Fun big man match, Show actually locks in an arm wringer at the start and Strowman rolls and nips up which was cool. Strowman dominates majority of the match like he should, Show tries to make a come back but just can’t get the win and eats to HOSS Powerslams, first one went a little rough but second was good. Strowman continues to look like the most dominant man on the roster.Winner: Braun Strowman(via HOSS Powerslam)

As soon as Strowman gets the fall, Reigns music it hits and he runs out, hits two superman punches and goes for the spear, but just like last week Strowman stops him. This time with a dropkick and then the Hoss Powerslam. Strowman stand very tall yet again to end the show..Good times.

Decent show overall, not much in terms of wrestling aside the Womens match and main event, but there were a lot of different segments that served a good purpose. I think Owen’s opening promo was the best, everything else was mostly fine with the odd throwaway thing here and there.**1/2








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