Raw 27/2/17 Review


Its the last Raw before Fastlane this Sunday, lets see how it all pans out.

We kick the show off with some GOLDBERG!…He promises to win the universal title Sunday and he always keeps his promises.
Out comes Kevin Owens…He runs through everyone he’s beat since moving up to the WWE main roster, as Goldberg slow caps along…he says Goldberg is next…Goldberg is pissed off and wants to fight right now…Owens plays along then denies him, stating they’ll fight Sunday and the Goldberg chants die. Pretty standard segment to hype their match Sunday, Owens sounded good and Goldberg weren’t bad either, so it did its job fine.

New Day are out pushing their ‘New day Pops’… ‘they are gonna take the shine out of shining stars'(Big E didn’t write that).
Shining stars come out..and Oh God,they do an Oscar bit where New Day are given a red envelope and there’s a mix up, they are supposed to be facing Jinder/Rusev and Shining Stars have Big show later tonight. People said WWE were going to do something like the Oscar mess up and of course they did and it wasn’t all that funny.

New Day vs Jinder ‘Hardbody’ Mahal/Rusev

Standard formulaic tag match for most part everyone looked fine though and it was enjoyable. Rusev/Mahal basically dominate woods before he gets the hot tag to Big E, Rusev ends up arguing with Lana which distracts Mahal who gets caught with a roll up for the 3 count. Rusev and Mahal then argue afterwards…oh no the throwaway tag team might be splitting up, how could they?. Whole thing just gives the Wrestlemania hosts something to do as they continue to plug their ice cream Winner: New Day(via rolling Prawn Hold on Mahal)**3/4

Enzo & Cass are talking backstage, Enzo’s hyped about Sunday and winning the belts and Cass has to get ready for his match against Gallows tonight.

We fade into Cesaro/Sheamus arguing about not having the tag title opportunity…Then Samoa Joe shows up and him and Cesaro have a bit of a back and forth verbally, before Joe leaves. If this means Joe vs Cesaro then gimme, gimme.

Steph Mcmahon now backstage with Mick Foley and she wants to apologise, but then tells Mick she thinks hes just getting weaker and is a shell of his former self…basically talks him down and walks off. Fair enough, obviouslt this is leading to something, hell knows what…job evaluation maybe?

Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar

Before Dar comes out they have Brian Kendrick up on the screen recapping the ‘Lessons’ hes been teaching Tozawa.
Match was simple and enjoyable basically lets Tozawa get his shit in, which gets no complaints from me. Winner: Tozawa(via snap German suplex)**1/2

Post-match Kendrick attacks Tozawa and thus another lesson is taught. ‘Always have eyes in the back of your head.’Quite liking this little feud to be fair.

Foley bumps into Samoa Joe backstage and puts Joe in a match with Cesaro tonight. Yes!

Charlotte is out with Dana Brooke, she can’t believe what happened last week…Bayley’s not who she says she is, she’s deceiving and average…’Shes destined to be a one hit wonder.’
Bayley interruots and comes out…she thinks she made the right decision…and her next dream is to go into Wrestlemania as champion…Charlotte disagrees and is gonna crush Bayleys dreams Sunday.
Out comes Sasha banks…Says Bayley is more deserving of the belt than Charlotte…Charlotte says Sasha must be tired from stealing Bayley’s spotlight…but Banks is only tired of looking at Charlottes stupid face…Charlotte then announces that Nia Jax shall be her partner instead of Bayley. This wasn’t a bad segment until Banks’s Stupid face statement which was just petty and dumb, like some smarmy scoolkid. Charlotte was the best here and Bayley was pretty good too.

Sasha Banks/Bayley vs Charlotte/Nia Jax

Decent little match here, Jax was dominant throughout with Banks and Bayleys only making come backs when Charlotte was in the ring, but in the end they both could not overcome Jax. Good stuff.  Winner: Nia Jax (via running legdrop on Bayley)***

Foley backstage with Strowman, says he can’t give Strowman competition tonight, Strowman wants a contract for his match with Reigns, so Reigns can’t run away. Foley agrees to give him a contract signing.

Big Cass vs Luke Gallows

Simple, short and pretty decent match, Cass looked good throughout, Gallows looked alright. Anderson tried to distract Cass but in the end failed and so the No.1 contenders look strong going into Sunday. Winner: Big Cass(via Big Boot)**1/4

Titus O’Neill vs Sheamus

This match came about cause on Facebook live Titus tried to pitch himself as a Sheamus’ new partner but Sheamus wouldn’t have none of it and pushed over a table.
Titus tries to attacks Sheamus outside before the match and ends up eating a brogue kick as he gets Sheamus in the ring…So Titus continues his streak of being bottom of the pile and thats all this did.
Winner: Sheamus(via Brogue kick) Squash.

Corey Graves in the ring to interview Seth Rollins and we get a recap video of all that’s happened over the past months.
Seth is out with crutches…rehabs going well…says he deserves this, for the way he behaved…some idiots chant CM Punk and other shit…says hes currently not cleared for Wrestlemania.
And here comes Triple H…says Seth will not be at ‘Mania…he used Seth up and spit him out and he should man up and get over it…warns him not to show up at ‘Mania or it’ll be the last thing he ever does…Rollins says he will be at Wrestlemania and if its the last thing he ever does then its the last thing triple H will ever do. End Segment. this was ok but the crowd were hardly reacting despite him trying but he still doesn’t quite fit the face role well, the idiots shouting chanting random things didn’t help either. Crowd were a bit more alive at least when Triple H was out. Not bad interesting to see how this all plays out with rollins injury.

Big Show vs Shining Stars

Absolute squash to give Big Show something to do before his ‘Mania match with Shaq which may not even be a thing now, still the shape he is currently in is pretty darn incredible. Winner: Big Show(via double chokeslam) Squash

Tony Nese/Neville vs Jack Gallagher/TJ Perkins

Another quick match that weren’t bad, Nese gets trapped in a grounded Octopus stretch and Neville is about to make the save but decides its not worth it. Just a small thing to hype their Sunday making Gallagher look good going in Sunday. Winner: Gallgher/Perkins(via grounded octpus stretch on Nese)NR

Samoa Joe vs Cesaro

Good match here, Cesaro tweaked his knee early in the match which Joe took advantage of throughout and actually played into Cesaro losing which is great. Thought Cesaro still looked impressive throughout with his power and endurance. Winner: Samoa Joe(via rebound Uranage).***1/4

Post-match Joe is interviewed on entrance way, says no one will stop The Destroyet, but Sam Zayn comes out and they start brawling, people come to break it up and Zayn does a flip senton off the stage and they broken up again. Some nice intensity there, looking forward to their match Sunday.

Time for the final segment of the show, The Strowman vs Roman Reigns contract signing!..Strowman is out first…calls Foley pathetic and tell him to leave…Foley does his awkward shouty voice back and says Strowman should respect him as a legend.
Reigns comes out…they start brawling before Reigns even gets into the ring and they brwal into the corwd leading to Strowman getting speared through the barricade…Reigns about to sign contract but Strowman gets up and screams ‘IS THAT ALL YOU GOT’. he enters the ring, gets superman punched but stops the spear and throws Reigns into the top turnbuckle so hard it comes off…Strowman leaves the ring, but Reigns still manages to sign the contract and his music hits…end show. Good segment here, they’ve done a great job of making Strowman look unbeatable, showing how much of a struggle it’ll be for Reigns to beat him, this match and the Joe/Zayn are the ones I’m most looking forward to.

Rather tepid Raw to be quite honest Cesaro/Joe/Zayn and Strowman/Reigns stuff were good but everything else was largely forgettable with the things hyping Sunday being a little throwaway especially nearly all the matches which were short and had not much to them at all. Also interesting that they got the Universal title stuff out of the way in the opening segment but never mention it much at all throughout, just makes it not seem all that important. I mean I have been loving the hype for Strowman vs Reigns but not sure it should be the main focus. Overall not too good. **


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