WWE Smackdown Live 28/2/17 Review


Its Smackdown Live and this week its Luke Harper vs AJ Styles in a No.1 contenders match, lets go!!

We open with Shane O’Mac and Daniel Bryan re-watching the end of the battle royale which was a ‘tie’, Styles walks in says if they had another angle they’d Harper’s feet clearly touched the floor first(yeah right) and they should just cancel the match tonight, Shane and Daniel disagree the match is still on, Styles makes jokes about Harper not knowing that Harper is now standing right behind him, he comes to a realisation, turns around and quickly runs off, Harper silently walks to Shanes face says thank you and leaves. Simple little segment to hype tonight’s match

Its Miz TV with guest John Cena, Miz introduces John Cena and cuts him off from talking…he talks about Cena being the top guy because he talks to the right people and smiles at the right time, while he’s treated as the other guy, but hes not, he The Miz…he goes on about how Cena turned his Wrestlemania moment into nothing and that Cena is just jealous of him…says cena is a hypocrite who ousted Rock about joining Hollywood but Cena is now just doing the same…calls him barely decent Cena…says Cena took his moments away from him and he threw Cena out last week to show what its like to have a Wrestlemania dream taken from him.
Cena’s now allowed to talk and hes shutting down all Miz says…If Miz says hes all these things would he really be standing face to face with The Miz, No! he’d be up against Cena…says its easy for Miz to blame him…Says he’s real and people know who he is, but who the hell is the Miz>…he goes on about Miz stealing everyone’s shit over the years, says hes a dude dressed up as a dude, playing another dude…no real identity and blaming everyone else is why he fails…says next time they talk don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, ‘you ain’t the Undertaker but you’ll be a dead man.’
Cena about to leave but Maryse stops says he can’t leave til they say so…calls him a control maniac freak..says ‘respect this’ and slaps him.
Out comes Nikkie Bella, Miz and Maryse leave the ring…’Hey Maryse, you mess with my man, I’m gonna break you bitch.’ End Segment. This was good, both men was really good on the mic though Cena was right about Miz being wrong, all the stuff Miz has been saying is a repeat of everything else and though he was great at presenting these points here, it’s difficult to get behind alot of the things he was saying. Enjoyable nonetheless.

2 out of 3 falls match: Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

Good match here, on par with the other ones they’ve hard, just some nice back and forth action with both looking pretty good, did the usual 1 fall apiece so it was sudden death, Bliss comes out toward the end as a distraction, she gets on the apron but Mickie James accidentally knock her off, so that’s probably gonna play into this whole feud. Pretty good overall. Winner: Becky Lynch(via Disarmer) ***

Harper in a dark room with some hanging light bulbs cuts a promo about tonight’s match and Bray Wyatt. Simple thing to hype tonights match

cuts right into Bray Wyatt in a smoky dark room, says he got a message for Harper tonight, he’ll deliver along with Randy Orton. Another simple thing to hype his segment tonight

Alexa Bliss interviewed about Becky Lynch…Bliss is like nah brah, ask me how it means to be two time champion..interviewer does but is cut off and Bliss cuts an Oscar style speech.
Natalya butts in clapping…Wants to give Bliss congratulations…gives a warning about taking Bliss’s title and walks off. Enjoyed Bliss’ little Oscar bit, interesting to see how Natalya becomes involved in all this.

Styles now interviewed about tonights match, keeps things super simple.

WWE title No.1 Contenders match: Luke Harper vs AJ Styles

Solid match between these two, some great back and forth action with a rather surprising finish. Styles first picks up a fall with a phenomenal forearm, but Harper’s foot was on the rope so Shane O’Mac comes out to restart the match. It restarts and they end up on the outside, Styles gets up in Shane face, Harper goes or a kick, Style moves and hits Shane, which leads to styles throwing Harper into the post and hitting the springboard 450 splash to win. Now the rumored plan that’s been circulating is that its mean to be Styles vs Shane as ‘Mania, so it’ll be interesting to see how they turn this around. I would have been happy for them to just give Harper the win here, but its intriguing to see how this all plays out, even if its a little overbooked. Still good match Winner: AJ Styles (via springboard 450 splash)***1/2

Cena and Nikki are interviewed backstage about earlier, they are about to talk but Ellsworth and Carmella come in and interrupt…Ellsworth calls them phoneys and gets challenged to mixed tag match next week. Guess they gotta Cena/Nikkie a little warm up as a team.

Styles bumps into Daniel Bryan backstage, he congratulates Styles and goes to shake his hand but Styles says no thanks and says he gonna see what Wyatts invitation is all about tonight.

Dean Ambrose vs Curt Hawkins…wait no, Ambrose runs in and give him a dirty deeds straight away and grabs a mic…cuts a promo about Baron Corbin and how its a bad idea to mess with Dean Ambrose..he calls Corbin out.
Corbin comes up on the screen in a dimly lit room…Dean cost him something and hes gonna take everything from Dean…Ambrose warns him to¬† not start what he can’t finish, as things are far from finished.End Segment. Nice little segment to keep the feud going.

Chairs Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Apollo Crews

So this came about because Ziggler keeps using a chair to attack Kalisto and Crews so of course a chair match was the viable conclusion. This was good though, couple nice uses of the chair, including the end which i though was a little odd but having your throat and balls crushed on a chair would put anyone away I guess. The feud hasn’t been the best but this has been the most enjoyable part of it. Winner: Ziggler (via crotched on a chair)***

Wyatt is in the ring to cut a promo, talks about Wrestlemania and Styles in his oddball way…Orton comes up on screen and he is at the Wyatt compound…its the kingdom…but it is not his…He’s always said if you can’t beat them join them, but if you join them and its the right time, screw them, HE’s TURNING ON WYATT!…Sister Abigail was put to rest beneath his feet..HE GOT A PICKAXE!…he sees Wyatt as completely helpless for oce and will burn Abigails Spirit…he will be the master and Wyatt will be servant!…HE’S DOUSING THE COMPOUND IN PETROL…HE SET IT ON FIRE!…WYATTS GOING CRAZY!, HE’s ROCKING BACK AND FORTH CRYING!. End Show.Well that was unexpected what a compelling segment though, really well done and really enjoyable, Wyatts reactions were great and he really did look helpless and lost for once. I’d be happy for them to just have a singles at ‘Mania based of that segment, though I still really want Harper to be part of it all, still great way for Orton to turn.

Another Solid show here for Smackdown with some good segments, wrestling and a few nice surprises. There was nothing involving the tag team division which is unfortunate, but everything’s been doing well to hype and set up matches for Wrestlemania. ***1/4


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