WWE Fastlane 2017 Review


Its the final PPV before Wrestlemania, a RAW exclusive show with Goldberg vs  Kevin Owens as our main event. Lets see how it goes.

Kick-off match: Akira Tozawa/Rich Swann vs Noam Dar/Brian Kendrick

Decent little tag match, pretty formulaic but enjoyable, helps keep the Kendrick/Tozawa feud going and was a nice warm up for the crowd.
Winners: Rich Swann/Tozawa(via Phoenix Splash) **3/4

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe

Cracking opener here, Joe was dominant throughout with  Zayn really struggling, taking opportunities wherever he could, but it was just not enough and he ends up falling victim to the Coquina clutch. Zayn is always great at being an underdog and helped made Joe look like ‘The Destroyer’ he’s meant to be. I just hope Zayn gets some kind of title run this year as he really deserves it. Solid stuff overall, intrigued now to see Samoa Joe’s involvement in Wrestlemania.
Winner: Samoe Joe(via Coquina Clutch)***1/2

WWE Tag Team Title match: Gallows/Anderson (c) vs Enzo/Cass

Good little match here, keeps to the usual tag formula with Gallows and Anderson keeping control of Enzo until the hot tag. Was quite a good performance by Enzo who looked better than he has recently and  really made Anderson/Gallows look strong and was only able to make a come back by dodging their moves which I liked. Cass looked good when the hot tag finally came and they did well to make it look as though Enzo/Cass were gonna get the fall. But of course it was not meant to be and Gallows & Anderson essentially steal one when Gallows takes Enzo’s leg off the rope as Anderson gets the pinfall. It’s a simple thing that lets the feud keep going. Winners: Gallows and Anderson(via running knee) ***

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Good match pretty much the female equivalent of Joe/Zayn with Nia being dominant throughout and Sasha taking opportunities with her quickness and agility leading to her win with a bridging roll up which was a surprise, but I’m sure it’ll fire up Jax and keep the feud going. Much better than their Rumble match. Winner: Sasha Banks(via bridging roll up) ***

Rusev and Jinder start brawling over who gets first match since earlier on they both asked Mick for a match and he said they’d both compete in separate matches. Mahal takes out Rusev so he gets the match.

Cesaro vs Jinder Mahal

Pretty decent, Cesaro looked good as usual but I’m not a fan of Jinder and neither were the crowd who didn’t care when he was in control. He’s just kind of dull no matter how ripped hes been getting lately.  At least the crowd perked up a little when Cesaro came back and it was Rusev distraction that lead to his victory. I mean at least it gave Cesaro a match for the show, just a shame it was throwaway one with Jinder, I still enjoyed it a little though. Winner: Cesaro (via pop up European uppercut)**1/2

Rusev takes out Jinder after the match so he can now have is match.

Big Show vs Rusev

Another decent match, Show was dominant throughout even busted out a final cut, though Rusev did hold his own a couple times before falling to 3 chokeslams and a knockout punch. Simple and enjoyable giving Show some momentum for whatever the hell is happening now with him at ‘Mania.Winner: Show (via Knockout punch) **3/4

WWE Cruiserwight championship match: Jack Gallagher vs Neville (c)

Really solid match here, good showing from both guys that was pretty much back and forth with Neville in control for a short bit. the finishing stretch was great, Gallaghers headbutts are always top notch, I love them, he was sadly unable to get the belt here but I hope he gets it at some point this year. Winner: Neville (via Red Arrow) ***1/2

New Day come out to promote their ice cream…yeah

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

Really good match here between these two Strowman looked great and really strong he dominated alot of this but Roman tried throughout to take Strowman down leading to quite the physical match up. Reigns managed to hit two spears but only when opportunities arose for him one was from Strowman selling his knee which he had tweaked earlier, missing a boot in the corner and the other was Strowman making the mistake of flying off the top rope but missing leading to him eating his first ever pinfall. You can complain that Reigns shouldn’t have won but I really liked the way they worked it and think Strowman still looked strong as hell, so no complaints from me. Winner: reigns (via spear)***3/4

WWE Raw Womens Title match: Charlotte vs Bayley

This was really good, almost on par with their Raw match a few weeks back. Just some good back and forth action throughout, though there were a few hiccups here and there. Sasha getting involved essentially helping Bayley win , gets some interesting things rolling going into Wrestlemania which is rumoured to be a four way match for the belt, although I’m not sure it was the right way for Charlottes PPV streak to end. ah well, still solid stuff overall.  Winner: Bayley (via Bayley to belly) ***3/4

WWE Universal Title match: Goldberg vs Kevin Owens

This went pretty much as expected, Owens keeps leaving the ring before the match can start, he gets in tells the ref to ring the bell, Jericho’s music hits as he comes out onto the stage. Owens gets distracted, eats a spear/Jackhammer and done. If someone said this time last year that Goldberg would be champ again in 2017 I’m sure everyone would have laughed them out the door. Well I guess if you’re gonna have Goldberg/Lesnar last at ‘Mania then better to have it for the title, Owens/Jericho should still be good. Winner: Goldberg(via jackhammer) Squash Duh!

I thought this was a solid show overall everything was good and there was nothing I found to be bad, sure there were  a few questionable booking decisions and things that could have been left til ‘Mania but I didn’t have much  problems with things happening now. The Rusev/Jinder stuff was also very throwaway but I still enjoyed it, just like everything else. It was Just a show that had lots of solid action throughout, nothing majorly fantastic or must see, but all quite entertaining.
I think Strowman vs Reigns was my favorite of the show which is what I looked forward to the most anyway.
We are finally on the homestretch to ‘Mania. Yay! ***3/4




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