WWE Raw 6/3/17 review


It’s time for Raw, Fastlane is done and they are finally on the homestretch to Wrestlemania, lets see how it goes. Also we’re in Chicago so CM Punk chants abound…

So Jericho kicks it off with a in ring promo…mentions him screwing Kevin Owens out of the universal title and wants to know why Owens did what he did at the festival of friendship.
Owens comes out says Jericho was never his best friend, Jericho was just a tool he used.. he was done with him the second he accepted the match with Goldberg for him… says Jerichos biggest mistake was costing him the title… Jericho disagree and says his biggest mistake was trusting Owens, it don’t matter though cause he has these friends in the audience…they talk about having a match at Wrestlemania, so their gonna face each other for the U.S title there.
Jericho says why wait til then to fight though and they start brawling, Samoa Joe comes in to help Owens and then Zayn comes out to make the save with a chair, which leads to Jericho taking out Joe and Owens with it. Decent opening segment to officially set up the ‘Mania match, both did well on the mic and had valid points, though Jericho may have got a little to pandering.

1. Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

The perpetual feud continues and this was kept short and was pretty good, Zayn was doing well til he gets hit with a sudden pop-up powerbomb then Owen just beats on him more since hes in a bad mood and hits another powerbomb for the win. shame to just throwaway Zayn like that but guess it shows how angry Owens is. Winner: Kevin Owens(pop-up Powerbomb) NR

2. Cruiserweight title match: Rich Swann vs Neville(c)

So Swann finally gets his re-match after coming back from injury and man this was good, they kept a good pace and the crowd really got into it, honestly haven’t seen Swann with this much fire in a while, both guys really went for it. Good Stuff.
Winner: Neville(via Rings Of Saturn) ***1/2

Post-match Austin Aries interviews Neville in the ring…Neville says there’s no competition… Aries begs to differ as crowd chant his name. Neville trash talks Aries says he isn’t on his level…Aries just wants to do his job but has one more question…well more of a statement and decks him with the mic. Thus we set up the ‘Mania match between the two which should be a hoot, nicely executed and both played it well.

Enzo & Cass bump into Cesaro/Sheamus tell them to watch their tag title match tonight.

New Universal champion Goldberg enters the ring and starts a promo about his win…crowd chant Cm Punk..cause Chicago and then Heyman interrupts introducing Brock Lesnar.
He’s here to congratulate Goldberg…Heyman hypes their Wrestlemania match, calls Goldberg ‘Brocks Bitch’ and Lesnar hits an F5. End Segment. Simple segment to hype the ‘Mania match, nothign sepcial but did its job.

3. WWE Raw Tag Team Title match: Enzo & Cass vs Gallows & Anderson(c)

This weren’t bad same sort of match they had Sunday except shorter. Sheamus and Cesaro come out to ringside part way through to watch, which leads to the end where Enzo accidentally knocks Cesaro’s coffee all over him, this leads to a massive brawl between all three teams with Sheamus and Cesaro standing tall. Just a way to keep the feud with all going. No Contest **1/2

They announce Rick Rude for the hall of fame!

4. Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Standard little match to let Tozawa get his shit in. No complaints here. Always happy to see Tozawa
Winner: Tozawa(via Snap German suplex) NR

Post-match Tozawa calls out Kendrick to fight…Kendrick comes out, says he’ll answer him on 205 live and tells Tozawa to be careful what he wishes for. Just a little thing to keep the feud brewing.

New Day out with their Ice Cream cart to shill their non-existent Ice cream and…oh Shining Stars are in the ring, guess there’s a match.

New Day vs Shining Stars

Absolute squash to give your Wrestlemania hosts do something and try and get Ice Cream. Yay Commercialism!
Winners: New Day (via Big New Day ending) Squash

Foley introduces Bayley to the ring…shes disappointed in what Sasha did Sunday, but she has to look forward to ‘Mania even though it doesn’t feel right…Foley says all that matters is you are going to ‘mania but wonders who should her opponent be.
Sasha Banks comes out and thinks she should face Bayley at ‘Mania…Foley asks the crowd and they agree.
Charlotte now interrupts…Says she see Sasha’s plan now…using Bayley so she can get a title match, since she couldn’t face herself again.
Stephanie Mcmahon comes out…makes an argument for Charlotte to have the title match…Foley thinks Sasha deserves the shot, says they should have a no.1 contenders match next week…Steph says instead Sasha must earn her opportunity to make it a triple threat at ‘Mania by beating Bayley right now! End Segment. Not bad everyone was fine as we get the ball rolling for the ‘Mania match.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Pretty good match here, was back and forth throughout, though it seemed to lack a little energy and crowd seemed unsure how to react. Charlotte helps Sasha winsas obviously she just wants to beat the both of them, triple threat should be fun though I’m surprised Nia Jax didn’t get involved at all, maybe she still will who knows.
Winner: Sasha banks(via Bank Statement)***

post-match Charlotte big boots both Bayley and Sasha and leaves.

We get a video package of Rollins mad rehab, as he’s determined to be at ‘Mania.

Triple H is live via Satellite and asked about Rollins rehab…He thinks Rollins is stupid…if he comes to ‘Mania all it will be is a nightmare…like he said last week if Rollins shows up it’ll be the last week he does in a WWE Ring. Just a little thing to keep the feud going since noones knows what happening, alright I guess.

Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho

Short but pretty good for what we got, Joe locks in Coquina clutch on outside and makes it inside before 10 count, Jericho held his own well. When Joe wins he throws Jericho back into the ring but eats a codebreaker. Things may not be over between the two then.
Winner: Samoa Joe(via Countout) **3/4

Strowman comes out to call out Roman Reigns for a fight..Reigns music hits but it changes to Undertakers!…Undertaker comes out, Strowman decides to leave and Reigns then comes down to the ring…Reigns claims its his yard now…they both look at the ‘mania sign and Reigns eats a chokeslam! End Show. So the ‘Mania match really is happening then. not fussed on Strowman being just an afterthought, kind of want them to keep him involved in some capacity. Still I quite look forward to Reigns/Taker.

Bit of a better Raw than last week, still not the best though. I enjoyed the cruiserwight title match/Aries segment and the end segment. everything else was pretty much fine and did it’s job but not very noteworthy and I didn’t care much for it. Least most of the ‘Mania matches have been set up now and they are hyping them in some way. **1/2



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