WWE Smackdown Live 7/3/17 Review


Its time for Smackdown Live as we continues down the homestretch to Wrestlemania and finally find out who is truly  facing Wyatt for the WWE title.

Shane 0’Mac and Daniel Bryan come out to kick off the show…They make a case for who they think should be facing Bray at ‘Mania, Bryan thinks Randy Orton, Shane thinks AJ Styles…they run through all that’s happened…and then hype the main event which will be Styles vs Orton for the No.1 Contendership. So this was just to hype the main event, but there really wasn’t any need for it and could have just been a backstage thing like they’ve done in the past.

Styles runs into Shane and Bryan backstage…hes not happy about the match and has had enough of the anti-AJ conspiracy but hes gonna do his best tonight.

James Ellsworth is in the ring and says hes the mac daddy of Smackdown cause he beat Styles 3 times but it took ages for Cena to do it…thinks hes gonna beat Cena and introduces his girlfrie…friend who’s a girl, Carmella. I know most people are tired of him but I still enjoy him a little

Nikki Bella/John Cena vs Carmella/James Ellsworth

Essentially a squash as expected. Miz/Maryse came out once the match starts, Carmella takes out Nikki while shes distracted. It goes to commercial and when we come back Nikki quickly makes her come back and tags in Cena, they then go onto to both hit a 5 knuckle shuffle on Carmella/Ellsworth as well as AA/TKO and finally lock in STF’s for the win. Its a nice little warmup to show Cena and Nikki can work together.
Winners: Cena/Nikki (via STF) Squash

Post-match Cena/Nikki go to kiss and Miz/Maryse take them both out…Miz proceeds to get on the mic and calls Cenas relationship the biggest lie of them all…says Cena will do anything for the success of his brand just wanted a relationship like Miz…finally says Cena and Nikki’s plastic lives spits on every real relationship. Great Mic work here from Miz, really liked it alot.

Hawkins in the ring in his 90’s jobber gear…wants Ambrose to come out and fight after what happened last week..Ambrose does comes out and Hawkins goes to attack him outside but gets hit with a lariat…so much for that.
Ambrose grabs the mic…wants to call out Corbin…Corbin comes up on the screen says noone calls him out…hes gonna take Ambrose title…Ambrose says if Corbins not gonna come to him he’s gonna go to Corbin instead….he then leaves but not without hitting Hawkins with a dirty deeds. Simple segment for their feud Corbin was good and Ambrose was alright.

Mojo Rawley is interviewed backstage…he has an announcement that he’ll be the first Smackdown guy in the Andre the giant battle royale…Ziggler interrupts and spouts some shit about earning a wrestlemania moment and brass rings.Thought I liked heel Ziggler but his talking stuff has been a little bland and he trying to hard to sound tough

Ambrose backstage looking for Corbin and Corbin assaults him out of nowhere with a lead pipe..then puts him under a forklift and bring the forks down on him.I guess that’s one way to take out someone though it was a little obvious there was still a little of space between Ambrose and the forks no matter how much he was flailing, I’m still enjoying this feud though.

Its time for Alexa Bliss’s first ever Blissertation…shes in the ring with Mickie James and is here to reveal her Wrestlemania opponent…runs through all the women and why they won’t be her opponent…she calls Becky Lynch Chucky…
Lynch then interrupts..tells Bliss to shut it and she has a Becklaration…shes gonna beat Bliss at Wrestlemania.
But here comes Natalya…She thinks she gonna get the match but Bliss stops her and calls her ‘the worst there is, the worst there was and the worst there ever will be’…Mickie tells them all to shut up and thinks shes the one Bliss was gonna reveal her as her opponent…but Bliss is like no and then they all start arguing.
Daniel Bryan now comes out…gives Bliss’s Blissertation an F…He’s putting Bliss against every available women in the Smackdown roster at Wrestlemania and in spirit of Teddy Long puts all 4 women in a tag team match right now. So all ‘available women’ tells me we might be getting the ladder match I’ve been hearing sprinklings of, we’ll see though. Decent segment though, Bliss was best on the mic as usual but everyone else did their jobs well enough.

Natalya/Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss/Mickie James

Decent tag match here, Bliss and Mickie take control of Lynch for most part and when Lynch makes her come back, she doesn’t go for the tag, so Natalya comes in and hits her with a german suplex and leaves, Bliss then tag herself and gets the fall. Bliss celebrates and raises Mickies arm but Mickie hits her with the Mick Kick, grabs the women title and raises it up before dropping it and leaving. Ain’t no allies now.
Winners: Bliss/Mickie (via german suplex) **3/4

WWE Title No.1 Contenders match: AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Styles gets on the Mic beforehand and takes all the credit for making Smackdown Live the show…but all he gets is disrespect from Bryan and Shane, yet Orton is rewarded for burning down someones house…he was built for the ‘mania main event and ain’t nothing gonna stop him.
Match was good, certainly not the classic I think people were expecting and it was a little muddled at times but I absolutely loved the finish, Orton did some nice subtle leg selling too. So it’s definitely Orton vs Wyatt at ‘Mania now. Good stuff.
Winner: Orton (via pop-up RKO) ***1/4

bit of a step below previous weeks but still a  pretty good show overall, a bit too lighr on the wrestling with only two matches and a squash, and once again its lacking anything from the tag division which I don’t understand why, they could have easily dropped the opening segment and give them some time, ah well. At least all the promo stuff was still pretty solid and is building well to Wrestlemania. **3/4



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