NJPW New Japan Cup 2017 Day 1 Review


Its that time of the year for The New Japan Cup. Not exactly the G1 Climax but there’s still usually a fun time to be had. Now This is just a short review focusing solely on the actually cup matches, I did watch some of the undercard but there’s not much to say there.

Yuji Nagata vs. Tanga Roa

Wily veteran facing one half of Guerillas Of Destiny with their awful music. This was pretty good and better than I expected, Roa held his own well and looked like he had a chance at times. They kept a good pace and had a fairly competitive contest that I enjoyed.
Winner: Yuji Nagata(via Backdrop Driver) ***

Tama Tonga vs. Toru Yano

This was short and pretty fun, basically Yano using is usual antics, which you either enjoy or despise, I personally enjoy them, I mean they can sometimes be tiresome but they worked here and Tama played them off well.
Winner: Toru Yano (via lowblow schoolboy) NR

Bad Luck Fale vs Mike Elgin

Time for the big lads to go at it and this was decent, not the fastest paced of matches but it didn’t go for long and each guy did well, matching power with power, the two different suplexes Elgin hit on Fale were quite impressive and I was surprised at Fale getting the win so easily, but Fale can be a dark-horse sometimes. Not bad at all.
Winner: Fale(via The Grenade) ***

EVIL vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

its the main event of day 1, it was a very solid one, aside EVIl taking control for a small bit it was a very back and forth contest with some good action and both guys doing well. EVIL did use a chair a couple of times but Tanahashi got his own back and used it on EVIL even hitting a spinning neckbreaker on it. Crowd were a little quiet to begin but they really livened up towards the end and despite Tanahashi’s effort he fell victim to a misting and the EVIL. Quite happy to see EVIL to go through as Tanahashi struggles to stay in the limelight.
Winner: EVIL (via Mist/The Evil) ***1/2

All in all not a bad first day, certainly nothing special but I’d say the main event is worth checking out since it was a solid effort from both, day 2 seems to have some better matchups lined up so I’m looking forward to that.




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