NJPW New Japan cup 2017 day 2 review

I had intended to write this straight after the event yesterday but I had problems when streaming it live so I had to watch it later than expected. Anyway just like yesterday I will only be looking at the Cup matches and after a rather forgettable set of matches yesterday aside from one, today looked like it would be considerably.

1. Yujiro Takahashi vs. Juice Robinson

This was pretty decent, Juice definitely tried hard and Yujiro didn’t do too bad either besides a couple rough patches, he definitely works best in shorter matches and Juice had good energy to help make it enjoyable. Very happy to see Juice go through, which he should since he’s come up so well these past few months, plus I’m pretty sure no-one wants to see another Yujiro singles match anyway.
Winner: Juice Robinson(via Pulp Friction) **3/4


This was really good, they just went for it from the get go and never really let up, it was a very competitive match-up and could have easily gone to either guy with a few very close calls. Great effort from both guys, would have been happy for either to win, but SANADA was a good choice meaning both LIj members go through.
Winner: Sanada(via Skull end) ***1/2

3. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Minoru Suzuki

Solid match between these two, they brought a good amount of physicality and stiffness including a nice big forearm exchange, I also really liked the finish, don’t think I’ve ever seen Shibata hit a death valley driver before, it seemed like a quick decision by Shibata to just take out Suzuki with it rather than try a GTS which was cool, this then was swiftly  followed by a big stiff slap and the PK for the win. It was a solid effort from both guys, not quite great but very enjoyable indeed.
Winner: Shibata(via PK) ***1/2

Main Event: Tomohiro Ishii vs Kenny Omega

This was great and the best match of the tournament so far, it had a solid build up and then a great finishing stretch, with some awesome counters and moves. They really worked it like a big main event did really well. I’m sure Ishii winning as surprised a lot of people but I think it makes sense for Omega to really struggle to get back to the top, plus I love Ishii and he deserves a win like this. Awesome stuff
Winner: Ishii(via Brainbuster)****1/4

Much better showing than day one which was completely expected, last 3 matches are definitely worth checking out particularly Ishii/Omega which was really great. Quite a few interesting wins in this tournament so far, looking forward to seeing how the rest pans out. ***1/2



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