HUSTLE: HUSTLE-2 7/3/04 Review



 Time to look at the second HUSTLE show this time held at Yokohama Arena in front of 10,000 people and it features the first appearance of Generalissimo Takada and his Monster Faction. Lets Go!

-So we get the opening hype and then a video of Generalissimo Takada addressing his Monster Faction, in some dark dingy area filled with green lightning, one by one they are asked if they are monster and they proclaim ‘WE ARE MONSTER’. Certainly a sign of things to come as the seeds are planted for the Promotions future.

I really like the entrance set up, just a big lighting rig in the shape of a rainbow.

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Homicide & Low Ki

So we have Low Ki in the opener again like last time, though this time its a tag match with him teaming up with fellow ROH man Homicide against  All Japan’s Kaz Hayashi and Spanky who had just returned to Japana few months prior after his first stint in WWE.
Sadly the match is clipped but seemed like a good opener, full of fun cruiser action and all working well as expected, shame it wasn’t the full match.
Winners: Spanky/Kaz (via Frog splash) NR

Match 2: CW Anderson vs. Steve Corino

Two former ECW guys here slugging it out, quite surprised they didn’t book Corino against Dusty after what happened last show, though it apparently happens at the next show instead.
Match was alright I guess, not much to it really, they do use a chair at one point, but it mainly felt like they were just going through the motions like a lackluster ECW match.
Winner: Corino(via northern lights bomb plex) **1/4

Match 3: Dusty Rhodes & Dusty Rhodes Jr. vs. Satoshi Kojima & Shinjiro Otani

Rhodes Jr is out wearing Texas flag face paint, the match itself was pretty decent, Dusty got alot more involved in this match than he did last show, though Jr still did most the work, not much else to say really, everyone did pretty good and it weren’t bad.
Winners: Kojima/Otani(via Nothern Lariat/Schoolboy) **3/4

Match 4: Riki Choshu & Tomohiro Ishii vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa & Zebraman

So Zebraman is back and teaming with Hoshikawa against legend veteran Choshu and former protege Ishii. I don’t know much about  Hoshikawa but he mainly worked for Michinoku Pro and Zero-1 in his career, sadly later on in 2004 he would sustain a brain injury from a clothesline to the head that put him in a coma and required emergency surgery, the incident has confined him to a wheelchair for life ending his 11 year career.
Match was pretty good overall, it was pretty short lasting only about 5 minutes and was an easy night for Choshu who was pretty much untouchable and just did a Lariat and Sasorigatame in the beginning and lariat at the end for the win, leaving Ishii to take the brunt of Hoshikawa/Zebraman’s offense. The three did well with the time they had and I enjoyed it.
Winners: Choshu/Ishii(via Choshu Lariat) ***

Match 5: Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Justin Credible, Sabu & The Gladiator

Here’s where things got hardcore and I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was just a really fun match with lots of big moves and weapons. This includes a few table spots and there’s one in particular where Gladiator almost kills Kanemaru with a sitout bomb of the apron ‘through’ two tables(they didn’t break properly and it looked brutal). Just an action packed match and exactly the kind of one you’d expect from all these guys. Very entertaining.
Winners: Kanemaru/Tanaka/Kuroda(via Rolling Elbow) ***1/2

-Post match Gladiator bombs the ref.

-Interlude time as a bunch of girls in bras walk up and down the ramp and in the crowd as music by Gerri Halliwell plays.

Match 6: Dan Bobish vs. The Predator

This was ok I guess, it was very ploddy and both guys seemed to just be going through the motions, I think the main problem was bobish is an MMA fighter with very little wrestling experience and Predators not the kind of wrestler that could carry a match so it didn’t really work too well, I mean it wasn’t bad but not all that good either.
Winner: Predator(via king kong knee drop) **1/4

Match 7. Kevin Randleman & Mark Coleman vs. Shinya Hashimoto & Toshiaki Kawada

they show a hype video before the match and Randleman/Coleman get to speak in it. Coleman wants revenge for Kawada beating him last show and Randleman says hes gonna break Hashimoto’s shoulder.
Match itself is pretty decent, quite physical and strike heavy, pacing wasn’t great and it was a little fumbly at times but still not bad. Ending did confuse me a little but it was stopped by referee decision after Randleman kept hitting Hashimoto with knees on the ground, so I guess he really did fuck up Hashimotos shoulder more.
Winners: Randleman/Coleman(via ref decision) **3/4

-Post-match they all keep fighting each other until they are broken up with Hashimoto looking pissed.

Main Event: Matt Ghaffari vs. Naoya Ogawa

Well this pretty much went straight down the drain. Basically before the match starts General Takada shows up on stage, he addresses Ogawa and then out come the Monster faction with ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood as the theme song.
It basically turns into a handicap though at first Ogawa holds his own by hitting STO’s  on a few members that come after him, but in the end the Monsters overwhelm him and beat on him as Ghaffari stands on the outside looking confused until they push him inside and he hits a splash for a three count.
Winner: Ghaffari(via jumping splash) NR

-Post-match Monsters keep beating on him, hang him up in the corner and chant ‘You are Chicken’, they leave and Hashimoto comes to help Ogawa, they both look pissed. End Show.

So here the promotion draws closer to the ‘sports entertainment style’ it becomes known for well mainly with the last match anyway, rest of show was more standard but very lacking with the 6 man tag match being the only worthwhile match, though I’m sure the opener would have been if they showed the whole thing and not clipped it. There’s really nothing else of note here, some of it was alright but it was a disappointing show overall.



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