WWE Raw 13/3/17 Review


It’s time for another Monday night Raw, lets see how well it goes.

-Heyman opens the show with Lesnar pretty much hyping their mania’ match and how Lesnar’s gonna beat Goldberg. Standard hype promo, Heyman was fine just repeating all the same kind of stuff really.

-Stephanie Mcmahon backstage with Mick Foley, wants to make up with him and tells him he has to fire a superstar tonight.

Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke

Very short not much to it at all, Dana seemed like she has improved but hard to tell with such a short match.
Winner: Sasha Banks (via Rollup) NR

-Post match Charlotte turns on Dana and wants to get rid of her, Dana lamps her with a forearm and then starts beating on her, Charlotte then flees. Dana actually had some good intensity here and the crowd were definitely behind her, kind of glad they got the breakup out of the way since they haven’t done much the past couple months though it is still a bit of an odd time to do it..

Akira Tozawa & TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick & Tony Nese

Decent little tag match here with some fun cruiser action. Good showing from everyone, mainly a hype match fr tomorrows No.1 contenders 5 way match on 205 live but still pretty fun.
Winners: Nese/Kendrick(via schoolboy) **3/4

-Kevin Owens does an in ring promo shrouded in spotlight…he talks about all that happened with Jericho and whats he gonna do to him at ‘Mania…then says tonight he’ll teach Zayn and Jericho a lesson.’who needs best friends, when you have a destroyer.’Simple and short, Owens was good but nothing special.

Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn & Chris Jericho

This was pretty decent up til the finish it was mainly Joe who was in the ring the most, and they kept Jericho and Owens apart til after the match. For the finish Joe and Owens keep beating on Zayn in the ring leading to a disqualification.
Winners: Zayn/Jericho (via DQ) **3/4

-Psot-match Joe locks in the Coquina clutch on Zayn and Owens stomps on him, Jericho comes in to make the save leading to him and Owens brawling, he tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Joe stops it and Owens ends up hitting a pop up powerbomb on Jericho. There was definitely some good intensity here between Owens and Jericho, so it did pretty well to hype their ‘mania match.

-Steph backstage with Foley wanting to help him pick someone to fire, Nia JAx then bursts in unhappy about not getting opportunities, so Steph puts her in a match with Bayley tonight.

-Jinder Mahal runs into Foley and doesn’t want to be fire and asks to be in a match to showcase his talents, so Foley says he has Roman Reigns tonight.

-Time for New Day talks and they introduce guest the big show, they mention him being in the Andre the Giant memorial battle Royale, shill their non-existent ice cream and then promote the Jetsons WWE movie.
Titus O’Neill interrupts and is unhappy that he’s not the star of the Jetsons movie, tells Big Show to make it happen and walks off.Yay for commercialism!

Enzo & Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Match was going alright up until Gallows/Anderson beat on everyone to make it a no contest. Pretty much worked it like nearly every Enzo & Cass match, where Enzo gets beat up and Cass gets the big hot tag. Gallows and Anderson then take out everyone, finishing up with a Magic Killer on Cesaro. Guess its a triple threat at ‘Mania, which I much prefer to be honest.
Winner: No Contest **1/2

-Gallows & Anderson run into Foley backstage, they argue that Foley said the winners would face them at ‘Mania, so now there are no winners. Foley goes into shouty mode and makes it a triple threat match at ‘Mania. And there we have it.

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

This was pretty much a squash, Mahal does get some offense in but only when Reigns is dtsracted by a Underaker Gong that goes off, Reigns gets pissed though and takes out Jinder with two Superman punches.
Winner: Reigns(via superman punch) Squash

-Post-match Reigns calls out Undertaker but HBK comes out instead…he calls Reigns distracted and unfocused which will lead to ‘Taker eating him alive at ‘Mania…Reigns completely disagrees…HBK know how Reigns feels and he’s on his side…Reigns appreciates the advice but ‘Taker retired HBK and he’s gonna retire ‘Taker.
Reigns leaves the ring and then gets bulldozed on the ramp-way by Strowman. I liked how this was kept short and Reigns didn’t really care for what HBK says, they always gotta get HBK in for some of the ‘Mania hype but it was simple and worked, also glad the Reigns/Strowman feud is still going.

-Steph backstage again with Foley…Foleys having trouble picking who to fire and Step warns him if he doesn’t choose, she will do it for him.

Austin Aries vs. Ariya Daivari

Standard showcase match for Aries not much to it, Daivari does land nastily from a shinbreaker/back suplex combo though.
Winner: Aries(via Rolling Elbow) **1/2

Big Show vs. Titus O’Neil

Absolute squash. ‘Nuff said.
Winner: Big Show(via 3 chokeslams) Squash.

-Jericho interviewed in the locker room about what happened earlier…Jericho says he’ll get his revenge at ‘Mania and next week on the highlight reel his guest will be ‘the Real Kevin Owens’…he then calls Mike Tom philips and they do a bit where he ends putting him on the list.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Was enjoying this up until the finish. Jax was keeping dominant with Bayley taking opportunities where she could until Jax kept beating on Bayley in the corner leading to her getting disqualified, she then throws Bayley into the barricade and leaves. Jax let basically let her anger get the better of her, if they plan on her being in the ‘Mania match though, I would have had her over clean to prove her point, this still kinda works since she still took out the champ..
Winner: Jax(via disqualification) **3/4

-Its time for Foley to fire someone, he and Steph are in the ring to do it…Steph asks him who it’s gonna be…Foley struggled but he finally found someone and he has chosen…STEPHANIE MCMAHON!…Steph says that’s not possible but Mick says shes the only one that deserves to go…Steph calls him pathetic and weak but he will not be silenced.
Triple H interrupts and comes to the ring…says if Foleys got something to say, say it to his face…Mick says he would if he didn’t hide in the shadows…Triple H says he’d beat the hell out of Foley but he don’t want a lawsuit before ‘Mania…Foley asks would it be him or Samoa Joe that does it…Triple H talks down Foley and defends his wife, says Foley gotta be careful what he’s doing…Foley doesn’t care he doesn’t need this but Triple H mentions¬† foley’s kids and how they’d feel if he fired them…says he better start listening and be loyal..he tells Foley to leave.
Foley stands facing the corner puts on Mr.Socko but Steph and Triple H don’t notice and Foley puts the mandible claw on Triple H, Steph lowblows Foley though and Triple H beat on him.
Seth Rollins’ music hits and out he comes on crutch, Triple H is egging him to come into the ring…Rollins drops the crutch runs in and they start brawling until Triple H exits the ring, picks up the crutch, runs back in and they start brawling again until Triple H takes out Rollins knee with the crutch and continues to work on it, until officials break it up. End Show. So I guess Rollins’ injury was a work? or maybe partly true but never that severe, either way I had no clue where this segment was going, but by the end it did well to hype Rollins and Triple H ‘Mania match, the crowd got completely behind Rollins too, which is good as it hasn’t really been working too well. Foley was a little less shouty on the mic and little better than he’s been, Triple H was good too, Overall segment was a tad too long but I enjoyed it overall.

Another not so good RAW, there was nothing notable wrestling wise and we had pretty much 3 non-finishes to matches, a couple of the segments were good and it’s mostly all hyping ‘mania but doing it in a bog standard way that’s a little boring. Nothing really stood out here and it was all largely skippable. Its not bad, just a little bland really, the highlights were definitely Dana/Charlotte and end of the last segment. **




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