WWE Raw 27/3/17 Review


It’s here, the final Raw before Wrestlemania, so they have one more night to hype up their matches, lets see how it goes.

-Opens with Bayley promo…shetalks about the odds being stacked against at ‘Mania and quickly get interrupted by Charlotte Flair.
Charlotte calls Bayley a paper champion…Talks about beating Banks and how she weasled her way into this ‘Mania match through Bayley and blames Sasha for her losing the title…says she’ll walk out of ‘Mania the 5 time Womens champion….Bayley believes nothing of what charlotte says, but Charlotte shows off a tweet of Sasha saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies close’.
Sasha now comes out and says Charlotte is just trying to stir the pot…she gets a little stumbly before saying she’ll beat Bayley at ‘Mania which shocks Bayley a little.
Nia Jax now comes out and has had enough of hearing the same women’s names and calls them all pathetic, says at ‘Mania the title will have a permanent home after she eliminates everyone…Charlotte says the only reason Nia is in the match is because Sasha doesn’t have to pretend to care about Bayley anymore.
Sasha Pounces on Charlotte and a brawl ensues and it fades into commercial. Not bad everyone got their say and did pretty well aside Banks who messed up her words a little and didn’t really recover from it but I do like the little teasing of Banks completely turning on Bayley.

Charlotte/Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks/Bayley

decent little tag match here, good work from all and gives the champ good momentum going into ‘mania.
Winners: Sasha/Bayley(via Bayley to belly) **3/4

-Post-match Nia Jax takes everyone out to show her dominance and show she has a good chance.

-Sami Zayn interviewed asked about how he feels about Mick leaving Raw…says he gonna follow Mick advice last week to stand up for people and take challenges so he says he’ll enter the Andre The Giant Battle Royale….Stephanie Mcmahon interrupts and says Zayn has to earn a spot in the battle royale by beating Kevin Owens in a no Dq Match…oh and his career’s also on the line!

Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar

Decent little match here, kept short and to a standard formula, though Fox did try to distract Aries for Dar to get a roll-up which failed, Aries also wins with the Last chancery to show he also has a submission in his arsenal to match Neville’s.
Winner: Aries(via Last Chancery) **3/4

-Time for Rollins/Triple H Hold Harmless agreement signing, Rollins is out first and just wants to get it done, so Triple comes straight out….says if Rollins attacks him before the document is signed then the ‘Mania match will be called off…he tells Rollins to sit and listen…Seth is refusing so Triple H threatens to call off the match so Rollins sits…he explains about the contract and how he’ll be able to do whatever he wants to Rollns and he can’t do nothing about it…Rollins says he gets it and just wants to sign….Triple H goes on about how being the good guy and caring about what people think is stupid….how he should be grabbing life by the throat and getting everything he can & screw everybody else….says Rollins will not be the first one legged man to win an ass kicking contest…Rollins can walk into ‘Mania but won’t be walking out….Rollins says it’s the same line of crap he heard three years ago…says rehab made him think about himself and how this is about redemption since he gave up everything to be on Triple H’s side…says there’s nothing that’ll stop him from tearing Triple H apart.
He signs the contract pushes into Triple H’s chest and H kicks the table into Rollins leg…he goes to hit Rollins in the leg with the crutch but Rollins gets him with an enzugiri and goes for the pedigree but Triple H chops his leg and goes for his own pedigree but he gets back body dropped over the top rope… he goes to run back in but is hit with the crutch and makes his exit. End Segment. Pretty good stuff from both guys particularly Triple H, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how their match pans out, though the crowd didn’t seem to care so much.

Over the Top Rope Challenge match?
-Big show eliminates Jinder Mahal
-Show eliminates Bo Dallas
-Show eliminates both shining stars at the same time
-Curtis Axel, Goldust & R-truth run in and the eliminated superstars also come in and all eliminate big show
-big Show gets pissed and goes back into the ring chokeslams and knocks out everyone, except Golden Truth who just run away
-Braun Strowman comes out with a mic…says if he wanted to he would kick Show’s ass right now, but he does what he wants and he’ll do it at ‘Mania. I guess thats one way to hype the Battle Royale Sunday, bit of mess really but shows that Show and Strowman are the ones to look out for.

-Gallows/Anderson interviewed about their match…they basically do a promo that imitates Enzo & Cass with lots of ‘you can’t teach that’. Never been a fan of their jokey promos.

-Reigns interviewed about the ominous signs from ‘Taker…he says he doesn’t read signs, play mind games or believe in deadmen but he believes in the big fight and he’s gonna go to the ring and tell everyone what he’s gonna do.

-Cesaro/Sheamus are interviewed backstage but they get attacked but Gallows/Anderson who take Cesaro out with a ladder.

Neville vs. Jack Gallagher

This was a fun little match, had a couple nice physical moments and Gallagher did an Umbrella assisted seated senton which was cool. Neville makes Gallagher tap so both him & Aries are on equal footing going into ‘Mania.
Winner: Neville(via Rings Of Saturn) ***

-Post-match Austin Aries News Network has a special report…He mentions how Neville said that no-one believes that he could beat Neville, so he introduces his guests The New Day…Aries asks them who they think is gonna win at ‘Mania of course they endorse Aries in their own goofy way. Not really sure this was needed one of Aries weaker promos.

-Roman Reigns now comes out the ring…says he’s gonna put the Deadman down…doesn’t care what anyone thinks cause it’s his time & his Yard.
The gong hits and and ‘Taker is heard over a montage of black and white graveyard footage and him digging a grave…says it’s his yard and he’s digging a special place in hell for Roman..They show him on screen with a shovel and he says the roman Empire will fall…it then pans to a gravestone with Reigns’ name on it.
The lights go out and ‘Takers music hits…the lights come back on and ‘Taker is in the ring…says Reigns will Rest in Peace at ‘Mania…Fade to Black. End Segment. Simple segment to hype their match, I liked it.

Enzo & Cass vs. Anderson & Gallows….or not

So Enzo & Cass come out and cut a promo about their match Sunday in their usual way…Anderson & Gallows interrupt them during their ‘Sawft’ bit and start walking to the ring ready for the match, but Sheamus & Cesaro attack them from behind with a ladder, then they all keep alternating attacking each other with the ladder until Anderson & Gallows finally get a hold of it again and take everyone out. End segment. I guess this means we are getting a ladder match right? with such heavy focus on using a ladder I would guess that’d be the aim, well I’m all for it at least.

-Owens interviewed about his match with Sami Zayn & Chris Jericho…Owens focuses on Jericho and how the match is gonna go down on Sunday turning Jericho’s ultimate thrill ride into his ultimate demise…but also mentions how first he’s gonna end Zayns career tonight

No DQ match: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

this was pretty good, they brawled around the arena and had a couple cool spots. Owens gets distracted after Samoa Joe comes out and grabs a chair but Jericho attacks him from behind and starts hitting him with the chair. Owens looks on and gets caught with a rollup so Zayn keeps his job and is in the Battle Royale sunday.
Winner: Sami Zayn(via Rollup)

-Post-match Jericho takes out Owens with a chair and says he made the list.

-Time for the final segment with Goldberg and Brock Lesnar face to face in the ring….Lesnar comes out first and Heyman hypes up Lesnar and the match as he usually does.
Goldberg then comes out(doing his long ass walk first of course)…he gets on the stage and says no-one came here to see them talk but fight…he starts walking to the ring Lesnar exits the ring and eats a spear…Goldberg gets topless and stands on the turnbuckle raising his Universal title. End Segment. Usual thing, let Heyman do all the talking and end it with one of them down, it was alright, spear looked a little rough though.

As expected this was a promo heavy show that was light on the wrestling, though I did enjoy a couple of the matches we got, the whole point was to hype ‘Mania and for most part I think they did a decent job, alot of it has been done in a bog standard way which is fine but makes it all largely skippable, it was definitely better than last week though so that’s something. Alright overall. **1/2





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