AJPW Champion Carnival 1991 – 1992 Matches review


So after delving into  Champion Carnival matches of the 70’s and 80’s, we now come to the 90’s where in 1991 the Champion Carnival tournament was brought back after a 9 year hiatus and has kept being  held every year ever since. 90’s All Japan is one of my favourite era’s of wrestling so I’m very excited to delve into these. So Let’s go!

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AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 day 1 16/4/17 Review


It’s Champion Carnival time, the yearly tournament by AJPW that started all the way back in 1973. This is the first year that I’ll be watching the Champion Carnival as it happens and I’ll hopefully be reviewing as much of it as I can. I’ll mainly be focusing on the Carnival matches themselves, so lets get on with day 1 which is held in front a sold out Korakuen Hall crowd!

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