GCW Presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2017 Review


From the outset of it’s announcement Joey Janela’s Spring Break sounded it like it would be just a little fun show for Wrestlemania weekend. Janela did a great job of hyping and promoting and booked a range of unique matchups, so I was intrigued to see it.

-Starts with a video of Janela walking around the streets saying he wants to wrestle Marty Jannetty wile holding can with ‘Marty fund’ written on it, he goes into a pawn shop and buys a brown tea pot, which spouts a Scott Hall genie who grants his wish of wrestling Marty.

Match 1: Sami Callihan vs. Kyle The Beast

This was a good opener, they begun by exchanging a bunch of dives and then it was a pretty physical back and forth contest full of boots to the face.
Winner: Callihan(via Stretch Muffler) ***

-Post-match Callihan gets on the mic and puts over Kyle the Beast which is lovely of him.

Match 2: Braxton Sutter/Allie vs. Penelope Ford/Andy Williams

Williams is actually the guitarist of Everytime I Die not sure he’s ever wrestled before so thats interesting.
Allie gets on the mic beforehand and slams Andy Williams for not being an actual wrestler so he just clotheslines her. Sutter retaliates by pump kicking Penelope.
This was alright, Williams didn’t do too bad(he does look like a hardcore wrestler) and Sutter randomly gets suplexed through a door in the beginning, not a big fan of Sutter or Allie but Penelope had some nice athleticism. Its was ok overall nothing special.
Winners: Ford/Williams(via assisted standing moonsault) **1/2
Match 3: GCW Heavyweight title ‘Anything Goes’ match – Eddie Kingston vs. Matt Tremont (c)

Trashy hardcore match that was a little dull, there’s a few ‘table spots’ and some ‘brawling’ around the area and that’s about it really. Wasn’t a fan.
Winner: Tremont(via DVD through a table) *1/2

Match 4: Springbreak Clusterfuck match

In this match you can only win by pinfall, submission or DEATH!
-Facade & Flip Gordon start the match doing a fun cruiser sequences including Flip doing a big bunch of sequential kip-ups.
-John silver enters takes out the first two guys even hitting a double suplex on both.
-Veda Scott quickly enters does a bunch of shite chops on people, Flip hits her with the slowest most godawful superkick I’ve ever witnessed but Silver give her a proper one.
-Brian Idol enters, everyone ends up on the outside and Facade hits a 450 plancha and his girls hits a plancha too.
-Crazy Boy enters and he battles Facade a little.
-Jervis Cottonbelly enters and proceeds to tickle everyone and hit them with a back elbow.
-It’s then Invisible man time, who proceeds to dominate everyone as expected.
-Jimmy Lloyd enters and eliminates Flip with a Made In Japan
-Arik Cannon comes out, shares a beer with Silver then stunners him Stone Cold style for the elimination.
-The Legend that is Glacier finally enters and takes out everyone before eliminating Crazy Boy via a boot.
-Dink the clown enters bites Veda’s ass and leaves the building.
-Ethan Page comes in and eliminates Veda with a rock bottom and also crucifix bombs the Invisible Man onto everyone on the outside and eliminated him with a rock bottom.
-Facade eliminates Cottonbelly with a shitarse looking destroyer.
-Cannon eliminate Facade with a sick rope-assisted neckbreaker.
– Arik eliminates Idol with a brainbuster.
-Glacier eliminates Arik with a big boot.
-Ethan is in the ring with Glacier and the Mortal Kombat theme plays, Glacier gets distracted by someone outside and Page eliminates him with a roll-up.
-They misakenly announce page as the winner but Jimmy Lloyd is still in it, he gets beaten up by Page and his cronies and put through doors. But Jimmy makes a come back hits Page with a bambi killer variant for the win.
Well that was certainly fun.
Winner: Jimmy Lloyd(via Bambi killer variant) ***

Match 5: Keith Lee vs. Lio Rush

Its big lad facing little lad and it was pretty good, pretty much Lio’s speed and agility against Keith’s power with Rush coming out on top after reversing a bomb off the top into a ‘rana and hitting 3 big frogsplash’s for the win.
Winner: Rush(via 3 frogsplashes) ***1/4

Match 6: Marty Jannetty vs. Joey Janela

This was a fun mess. They basically fight for a bit then ref bump comes and Janela had said he had a booked a Earl Hebner run-in on the show, so a bunch of other refs come down first and are one by one taken out(including one getting piledrivered onto another) until finally Earl comes out and Janela has a sharpshooter locked in so Earl can do a screwjob but he refuses. Virgil also interferes at one point and Jannetty hits a Canadian destroyer. Well it certainly gave me a few chuckles and I enjoyed it.
Winner: Janela(via Superkick) ***

-Janela thanks everyone for coming in hos own way and so does Jannetty whilst putting over Janela.

Main Event: Matt Riddle vs. Dan Severn

fun little match very ‘shoot’ style based as you’d expect, just something short and enjoyable. not much else to say.
Winner: Riddle (via Bromission) ***

-post-match Riddle thanks Severn then thanks the fans for coming.

It may not have been had great matches but the show overall was a fun little watch that provided a few laughs and that’s what the aim was really, can’t say I’d recommend it unless something intrigues you, but I got some enjoyment from it. **3/4





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