WWE Wrestlemania 33 Review


Yes it’s finally time for the biggest wrestling event of the year, lets go.

Kickoff match 1: WWE Cruiserweight Title Match – Austin Aries vs. Neville (c)

This was a good match to kick things off, had a couple slow bits and crowd were a little quite but still reacted to things and at least the stadium was almost full unlike last years kick-off show. they had some good action and I really liked the finish, where Neville rakes Aries eye while locked in the Last chancery, not only is this good because Aries had only recently recovered from a broken orbital bone but also because for months on commentary Aries was always asked what he’d do in a match and always answered ‘put a thumb in his eye’, so Neville actually used this tactic against him, just a little thing that I really appreciated, also the red Arrow looked super painful, since Neville’s knee that went straight into Aries abdomen. Good start.
Winner: Neville(via Red Arrow) ***1/4

Kickoff match 2: Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale

So this featured two new faces, Killian Dane from SAnity and Chinese signee Tian Bing.
This match went a totally different way then most people were thinking. Most(including me) Braun Strowman was sure to be the winner of this but he and Big Show got a eliminated early on by everyone else, so it made things unexpected at least. The final 3 were Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley & Killian Dane and NFL Superstar I’ve never heard of get inolved on Mojo’s behalf, so Mojo eliminates both Jinder & Killian so good for him. I quite like Mojo he may not be the best at wrestling but I enjoy his energy.
Winner: Mojo Rawley NR

Kickoff match 3: WWE Intercontinental Title match: Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

Didn’t know this was gonna be on the kickoff show but oh well, guess it makes sense out of all the others. Match itself was pretty decent but the crowd didn’t seem to care so it really hurt it, they had a go at it though and I liked Corbin focusing on Ambrose’s ribs. Not bad but nothing special.
Winner: Ambrose(Via Dirty Deeds) **3/4

-Main show starts opens with Tinache singing the U.S.A national anthem and Jets flying over the stadium.

-Opening hype video is of course Rollercoaster themed and is pretty cool, definitely sticks out.

-So first up the Wrestlemania Hosts’ the New Day, come down to the ring. Woods has full on Goku hair which is cool….They basically just hype the show a little and that’s it…

Match 1: Shane Mcmahon vs. AJ Styles

Very surprised to see this open the show. This was good though, really liked the beginning with AJ being cocky trying to out-wrestle Shane, but Shane keeping his own. Of course they have a ref bump so Shane can hit his Coast-to-Coast dropkick with a trash can, he also misses his elbow drop through the table, then attempt and miss a SHOOTING STAR PRESS!. Not the quickest paced of matches but it was good work from both men, Styles did well selling shane’s stuff and they worked a solid match overall.
Winner: AJ Styles(via Phenomonal forearm) ***1/2

Match 2: WWE United states Title match – Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

Really solid match between these two, just some straight up good action with both guys working really well and Owens fittingly ending Jericho with a powerbomb on the apron to win the US Title.
Winner: Kevin Owens(via Powerbomb on the apron) ***3/4

Match 3: Elimination fatal 4 way WWE Womens title match – Bayley vs. Nia Jax vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

Another good match full of a couple of fun spots and an unexpected finish that messed up a little. Basically theĀ  middle turnbuckle gets exposed by Charlotte in the match, which she uses to eliminate Sasha and slams Bayleys knee into it. at the end Bayley is ina tree of woe and Charlotte runs at her and Bayley sits up so she hit the buckle, but Bayley wasn’t up quick enough so it looked a bit sketch, Bayley then wins with a diving elbow drop, no Bayley to Belly in sight. Jax was the first to be eliminated, she was looking strong to begin but the rest of the women kept ganging up on her and eventually take her out with a triple team powerbomb. Good showing from all here, they kept a good pace and it was enjoyable.
Winner: Bayley(via diving elbow drop) ***1/2

Match 4: Raw Tag Team Title Ladder match – Gallows/Anderson vs. Enzo/Cass vs. Cesaro/Sheamus….vs. THE HARDYS!!

There were murmurs of Hardys showing up at ‘Mania, I honestly didn’t think they would end up in this match though and what a fun ladder match too!, lots of cool spots including Jeff Hardy(the still crazy bastard) hitting a swanton off a ladder onto Cesaro/Sheamus set up on to ladder(only the one with Cesaro went through, but it was awesome). There was a few sloppy bits but hardly any downtime and I enjoyed the hell out of it.
Winners: The Hardys ****

Match 5: Nikki Bella/John Cena vs. The Miz/Maryse

Great hype video for this.
Match itself was pretty standard, Miz beats on Cena and then the big comeback is made with Nikki and Cena hitting their finishers, its kind of what I was expecting, though I did love Miz playing up to the crowd throughout as they kept cheering for him.
Winner: Nikki/Cena(via AA and TKO) NR

-Post-match as expected Cena proposes to Nikki and she says yes, what a lovely fitting moment for them, aside some boos.

Match 6: Unsanctioned match – Triple H w/Stephanie Mcmahon vs. Seth Rollins

I really enjoyed this, crowd were unfortunately quiet throughout, biggest pop was Steph falling off the apron through a table after Rollins pushes Triple H into her leading to H eating a pedigree and losing. Still I think the match was very good and worked well. Triple targeted Rollins knee throughout as you’d expect which did affect the match at certain points and Rollins selling pretty well, though with all the punishment his knee took, it could have affected things a little more, but I guess Rollins has got that hero spirit and is fighting through the pain, which seems to be what they were going for.
Winner: Triple H(via Pedigree) ***1/2

-Next is the live performance of the theme music which I’m pretty sure they just mimed.

Match 7: WWE Title match: Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton

Crowd were quite dead for this too, but I thought it was pretty good, ending was a bit strange & abrupt and every time Wyatt did his corner pose videos of maggots,worms and beetles would show up on the ring mat, which was weird but didn’t really lead anywhere apart from maybe act as mind games that didn’t work out. Still it match didn’t go too long and I enjoyed it overall despite the crowd. Not fussed on Wyatt losing the title already, but ah well.
Winner: Randy Orton(via RKO) ***

Match 8: WWE Universal Title match – Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

What an absolute sprint made up purely of spears, germans and one F5 and Jackhammer. The crowd were super into it and I really enjoyed it too, just fun short match and that’s all it needed to be.
Winner: Lesnar(via F5) NR

Match 9: WWE Smackdown womens Title six pack challenge match – Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Carmella

this was a short, fun clusterfuck, with Naomi winning as deserved. thats all I got to say.
Winner: Naomi(via submission) ***

-New Day come out and announce the new attendance record.

Main Event: ‘No Holds Barred match’ – Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker

Not the best match but it was ok, crowd too exhausted to react much so very quiet again, I did really like the ending though, as Undertaker’s old deteriorated body struggling to stay in the fight, he may have had the spirit to go on in his head and heart but his body just couldn’t keep up with it as a younger, primer Roman Reigns, finishes him off. There’s even a moment where he tries sits up but quickly falls back down, a fitting way for ‘Taker go out.
Winner: Roman Reigns(via spear) ***

-Post-match once Reigns is gone, Undertaker slowly sits back up, his music hits and he puts on his hat and jacket, he goes to leave but stops, goes into the centre of the ring, takes off his gloves, hat and jacket and places them in the centre of the ring. He leaves as the crowd chants ‘Thank you ‘Taker’. he stops on the rampway his back turned to the crowd, he raises his arm and finally descends. It seems we have reached the end of an era, what a touching spectacle.

I pretty much enjoyed this show top to bottom, was there any particularly MOTYC no not reallym but I still thought it was pretty solid and full of fun moments and an improvement over last years, the crowd were the only thing that hurt the matches for me, but that’s what you get with a 5 hour show and some not so great build-ups, first half was definitely a little stronger, but overall it was a really fun grand spectacle and thats good enough for me.***1/4







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