WWE Raw 3/4/17 Review


Its the Raw after ‘Mania!, which means new faces and new chants.

-Opens with recap of last nights ‘Taker/Reigns match and fades to the Raw crowd chanting Undertaker for a good few minutes, until they start changing to ‘Roman sucks’.

-Reigns music then hits and enters the ring…crowd chants all kinds of stuff at him including ‘fuck you Roman’, ‘asshole’, ‘Delete, ‘go away’ until and keep booing as he tries to put the mic to his face, this happens for several minutes, til he finally says ‘this is my yard now’ and just leaves. I loved this, it’s exactly all Roman needed to do, soak in all the hate, shrug it off make his proclomation and leave.

Match 1: WWE Raw tag team title match – Gallows/Anderson vs. The Hardys (c)

This was a decent opener, a little formulaic but they worked it well, gets Hardys back into the swing of things, happy to see them back.
Winner: Hardys(via swanton/twist of fate combo) **3/4

-Neville comes out and cuts a promo about last nights match…says tomorrow he’ll have a proper celebration on 205 live and get interrupted with Mustafa Ali’s entrance.

Match 2: Neville vs. Mustafa Ali

Good match between these two, on par with their 205 live match. Unfortunately the crowd get distracted by a beach ball including chanting for it, despite the efforts of these two though they get into in the last minute or so and I loved Neville denying them a Red Arrow and going for the submission, true heel.
Winner: Neville(via rings of saturn) ***1/4

-Vince Mcmahon is out and the crowd chants ‘Roman Sucks’ at him….he thanks everyone for everything…next week we gonna have a superstar shakeup?…he brings up what happened to Steph last night and says she’ll be out of action for a while, crowd cheers and Vince calls them cruel…so its time for a new GM…Teddy Long’s music hits and he comes out but vince puts a stop to it and tells Teddy its not him, Teddys says ‘My bad’ and leaves haha…the new GM is in fact KURT ANGLE!!!
-Angle comes out says it’s great to be back on Raw and leaves.End Segment. Guess we are getting some sort of draft next week, also I’m perfectly happy to see Kurt as GM.

-New Day come out mention success of last night but disappointed they didn’t get to compete so they are offering an open challenge….The Revival answer it.

Match 3: The Revival vs. New Day

Good Raw debut for Revival showcased what they do with dissecting opponents and such and doesn’t hurt New Day in putting them over.
Winners: The Revival(via Shatter Machine) ***

-Post-match Revival takes out Kofi’s leg with that move they do.

-Enzo & Cass meet up with GM Angle backstage, they introduce themselves in a typical way and they are unhappy about not having any gold, so Angle puts them in a no.1 contenders against Cesaro & Sheamus. Best thing about this was Angle making little comments about their sayings, like at the end when they spell out SAWFT and the last line Angle says is ‘that’s not how you spell soft’.

Match 4: Bayley/Dana Brooke/Sasha Banks vs. Emma/Charlotte/Nia Jax

Decent little match nothing special, just showcasing pretty much all the Raw women’s roster, it is good to see Emma finally back though. Sasha winning gives her good momentum for a potential title match.
Winners: Sasha/Dana/Bayley(via Bank Statement) **3/4

-post-match Charlotte complains to her tag partners and Nia has none of it and takes her out.

-Angle backstage with Zayn…talks about his relationship with Foley, doesn’t want to be sent to Smackdown during the big shake-up…Angle says he’ll be fine…Jinder comes in and complains about not winning the battle royale last night…Zayn complains about the intrusion and Angle puts them in a match.

-New Universal champion now comes out with Paul Heyman…Heymans tells a bedtime story about Goldberg and all that has happened…says the happy ending is Goldberg will never be around anymore…but Brock is looking for new challengers…so he talks of Reigns beating ‘Taker and how him and Brock should just go at it to determine who’s yard it really is and Heyman wants to do it tonight.
Strowman interrupts though…says Lesnar has caught his attention and when he’s finished with Reigns he’ll catch Lesnar’s attention…Lesnar seems ready to go now, but Strowman walks away. End Segment. Standard Heyman stuff, I thought Reigns would be someone they’d want to face, I’ll happily see the big lads go at it though.

-Jericho interviewed about his tag match tonight…Jericho hypes up the crowd and even bring ups ‘beachballmania'(don’t feed their ego Chris)…mentions his match with Owens and how he escaped by the tip of his finger and adds Owens fingertip to the list…Owens and Joe proceed to attack Jericho and powerbomb him through a table.

-Rollins runs into Angle backstage asks him how Jericho is and is told he won’t be able to compete tonight but he will find a new partner for Seth.

Match 5: Raw tag title no.1 Contenders match – Sheamus/Cesaro vs. Enzo/Cass

Really pushing the tag matches tonight, this was pretty good though both teams had a good chance to get it,  but Cesaro/Sheamus came out on top which I’m happy with.
Winners: Cesaro/Sheamus(Assisted european uppercut) ***

Match 6: Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

Fairly simple and short match-up Jinder attacks Zayn before the bell and keeps beating on him until Zayn hits an exploder in the corner and the Helluva kick. Well it gives Zayn something to do i guess.
Winner: Zayn(via Helluva kick) NR

Main Event: Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins/Finn Balor!

So of course, Finn Balor is Jerichos replacement, since he’s fully recovered from his injury.
This was a good main event, with some solid action and Balor looking good in his return and getting the win, to get him some momentum right from the get go.
Winners: Rollins/Balor(via Coup De grace) ***1/4

This was a pretty good Raw, lots more wrestling than previous weeks, not much build towards the next PPV, but we got some good action, the debut of Revival, the return of Balor and Kurt Angle as GM which I’m very happy about, as it already looks like he’s having fun in the role and feels like a nice small breath of fresh air. Good stuff. ***







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