WWE Smackdown Live 4/4/17 Review


Its the Smackdown after ‘Mania which is now of just as much importance as the Raw after ‘Mania, lets see what surprises they have in store.

-Recap of what happened at ‘Mania.

-Show opens with new WWE Champion Randy Orton entering the ring….talks about him beating Wyatt and that he is his Master.
Wyatt shows up on screen…says Orton is the master of nothing and that he will reclaim what is rightfully his…He wants to fight Orton in a House of Horrors match…Orton accepts but wants to beat Wyatt ass right now…the lights go out and come back on with Wyatt standing behind Orton…they start brawling and Orton gets the upper hand until a returning Erik Rowan gets involved with a new sheep face/Gas mask combo…Luke Harper the makes the save. End segment. Intrigued by this house of horrors, sound like some trashy fun, nice seeing Rowan back quite like his new mask.

-Miz/Maryse are interviewed backstage and asked about Cena’s proposal…they call it a big publicity stunt and say they are gonna call out Cena & Nikki tonight.

Match 1: WWE Smackdown Womens Title match – Naomi (c) vs Alexa Bliss

This was a decent little match, had a couple awkward bits but both women worked quite well. Bliss worked the previously injured leg of Naomi and she did a pretty nice job of selling it. In the end Alexa tries to cheat using the ropes for the win but the ref catches her and she gets caught in Naomi’s new submission for the finish.
Winner: Naomi(via submission) ***

-Curt Hawkins is in the ring and is tired of people not talking about him, he offers an open challenge which is of course answered by ‘The Perfect 10’ Tye Dillinger!

Match 2: Tye Dillinger vs. Curt Hawkins

Just a short showcase debut for Dillinger, not much else to say, happy to see him though and definitely over with the crowd.
Winner: Dillinger(via Tie Breaker) NR

-Mojo Rawley interviewed about his Andre the Giant Battle Royale victory…calls it the best moment of his life but it’s only the beginning for him.

-Cena’s music hits but out comes Miz & Maryse dressed as Cena and Nikki and they go into a routine acting like them until they finally say they are leaving for Hollywood and you will never see them again.
they are about to leave the ring when violinist appears on the stage!!!….ITS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!!!!….Miz & Maryse quickly leave and just let Nakamura get his spotlight.End segment. The Miz stuff was quite fun, shame it was just an introductory entranc for Nakamura and nothing more, still its great to see him finally moved up.

Match 3: Street Fight – Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

I really enjoyed this, its exactly the kind of match I felt they should have had ‘Mania, constant action, a couple table spots and Baron getting a well deserved win. Shame the title wasn’t on the line. Very good stuff though.
Winner: Baron Corbin(Via End of Days) ***1/2

-Shane McMahon is here to address the superstar shakeup…he talks about the shakeup a little and then gets interrupted by AJ Styles…Styles doesn’t want to go anywhere, says Smackdown Live is the house that AJ Styles built…he feels like he owes Shane something and shakes his hand, he then fakes out on hitting him and leaves. end segment. Wonder if this means Styles is a face now, which could be the right move for him.

Main Event: Luke Harper/Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt/Erik Rowan

Decent main event, very formulaic but worked and  well enough, Rowan was pretty decent in his return and everyone-else as good too. At the end the lights go out and when they come back on Wyatt is sat on the rampway as rowan tries to take out a distracted Orton but it doesn’t work and Rowan eats a kick from Harper and an RKO for the loss.
Winners: Harper/Orton(via RKO) ***

This was a good show, had some good action, 2 debuts and a return, and was overall very enjoyable. Just a very easy watch with nothing bad thought there was a lack of the tag team division again which is concerning but I guess they just don’t know what they want to do with it. Solid stuff. ***1/4




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