HUSTLE: Hustle-3 8/5/04 Review


Do The Hustle!

Hustle-3 and after a rather tepid show last time, lets hope things pick up, this one includes Kawada vs. Foley for the triple crown title.

-They have the same awesome rainbow lighting rig from last time.

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Low Ki & TAKA Michinoku

Low Ki opening a show 3 times in a row now and facing Kaz & Spanky once again this time teaming with Taka.
It decent little opener with a few cool spots including Taka busting out a big spaceman plancha. Just a fun way to kick off the show.
Winner: Kaz/Spanky (via final cut) ***

Match 2: Faby Apache, Gran Apache, Mini Abismo Negro & Polvo de Estrellas vs. Cynthia Moreno, Mascarita Sagrada, Oscar Sevilla & Pimpinela Escarlata

This was fun a match full of enjoyable lucha action, Sagrada was a particular standout he did few awesome things including diving from the top turnbuckle over the guardrail and landing a ‘rana. Also got a sprinkling of comedy in there from Pimpinela Escarlata and Polvo, just an overall fun time.
Winners: Moreno/Sagrada/Sevilla/Escarlata(via Sagrada doing a sunset flip counter) ***

-Generalissimo Takada backstage shrouded in green light…Mick Foley walks in with a barbwire baseball bat says he is king of the death match and has a surprise for Kawada while staring at his bat..He is Monster! DO THE HUSTLE!

-Kawada backstage prepping for his match including kicking his young Protege Taichi in the butt.

Match 3: Dusty Rhodes vs. Steve Corino

So this match stems from Corino turning on Dusty on the first show after losing a tag team match with him. They had a hype video beforehand with ‘Devils island’ by Megadeth playing in the background that includes a promo by Corino calling a bunch of wrestlers baka and saying Dusty isn’t a real pro wrestler before calling himself ichiban.
Match was alright, kept quite short lacked a bit of energy but that’s expected since Dusty was a limited worker by this point, the first half of this match is spent purely on the outside and both men end up bleeding with a chair getting involved and Dustys boot which helps Dusty get the win. Did also quite enjoy Corino using a DDT and STO, shouting that Hashimoto & Ogawa were ‘Baka’s’ before each one.
Winner: Dusty (via Bionic Elbow drop) **3/4

-Video package of Zebraman talking to Hashimoto in an office which then cuts to Zebraman in a zoo going around all the animals trying to find an opponent(I think).

Match 4: Zebraman vs. Tiger Jeet Singh

So this was basically a squash, Tiger attacks Zebraman before the bell using his Rapier and stays in control throughout using dirty tactics like using a chair, trying to tear off Zebramans mask and low blows. Zebraman got hardly any offense in and eventually fell victim to a choke that put him down for the 3 count. Poor Zebraman.
Winner: Tiger Jeet Singh(via Choke) NR

-Post-match Tiger and Sabu keep attacking Zebraman til ol’ Dusty comes down to make the save. Corino also comes out but there’s no focus on him. Dusty then gets on the mic and challenges Sabu & Tiger at the next big Hustle show and says he’ll find a partner, he then notices Corino in the ring and backs him in the corner, Corino wants to shake hands and be Dusty’s partner, Dusty thinks about it and and then agrees. I guess the power of Zebraman unites people.

5: Adamonster vs. Riki Choshu

Adamonster is King Adamo from the first show who has now joined Takada’s monster Army and had his name changed.
This was very short, Adamonster some offense in but the legend veteran quickly dispatches him with a lariat as the Monster Army fail to take out Choshu.
Winner: Riki Choshu(via Lariat) NR

-Dan Bobish and Mark Coleman are backstage with Takada and Shimada asked if they are monster and respond we are monster as usual.
They leave and Kevin Nash & Scott Hall show up asking who they are fighting, they are told Hashimoto & Ogawa and Hall asks with ‘who?’, and they respond with ‘Pork and chicken’ which makes them all burst out laughing, Hall & Nash are then told to eat pork and chicken. Do The HUSTLE!

-Ogawa meets Hashimoto in the locker room where he is introduced to new attire.

Match 6: Dan Bobish & Mark Coleman vs. Shinjiro Otani & Wataru Sakata

So there was a hype video before this and I actually managed to come across the story for this match which is really basic anyway. It’s pretty much Sakata was asked at a ZERO-ONE show to join the Monster Army by Private Shimada but he rejected the offer and hit Shimada with a Tombstone, joining the HUSTLE army instead, so now he’s gotta face off with members of the Monster Army.
The match itself was decent, Bobish/Coleman basically use their power advantage to take control throughout the match and Otani/Sakata use their fighting spirit to try and overcome, but in the end they just can’t do it and Sakata taps. Was quite impressed with Sakata’s athleticism here and though Bobish¬† & Coleman were a bit fumbly at time they did pretty well. Not bad at all.
Winners: Bobish & Coleman(via Anaconda vice) **3/4

-Interlude with Bikini Girls walking out to Gerri Halliwell music just like last show.

-A big bald Japanese man comes out, strips into a thong and dances and sings. No idea who he is but fair do’s.

Match 7: Dynamite Hardcore Hustle Six Man Tag Team Weapons Death Match: Masato Tanaka, Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Tomoaki Honma vs. Kintaro Kanemura, Sabu & The Gladiator

So it looks like Kanemaru has changed sides since last time. The actual concept of the match is that there is a countdown(using the Thunderbirds intro countdown) that introduces a new weapon pops up on the ramp with smoke including a bicycle and Giant Silva! who chokeslams Honma.
The match itself was fun, don’t think I enjoyed it as much as the one on the last show but it still had a lot of fun hardcore action including a few nasty bumps like the Rana of the top onto a table on the outside that Honma gives Kanemaru.
Winners: Kanemaru/Sabu/Gladiator(via Homna getting bombed off top onto table) ***1/4

Match 8: AJPW Triple Crown Title match – Toshiaki Kawada (c) vs. Mick Foley

It was only couple weeks before this that Foley had that great match with Randy Orton at Backlash ’04, so now he’s suddenly facing Kawada for the Triple Crown on a HUSTLE show…fair do’s.
Before the match starts Foley comes down with his barbwire baseball bat, grabs a mic and says he’s gonna win the traditional way and doesn’t need the bat.
Match was pretty good overall, Kawada definitely got quite stiff and in the end it got too much for Foley who tried to resort to the barbwire bat anyway but ultimately failed. He had a good go though.
Winner: Kawada(via stiff kick to the head) ***

Main Event: Ogawa & Shinya Hashimoto vs. The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

This was alright I guess, was a bit sluggish and lacked a certain energy, I think Nash & Hall were just a little unmotivated and were running on autopilot. Ah well.
Winners: Ogawa/Hashimoto(via STO/German suplex combo) **3/4

Slight improvement over the last show, not great but not bad. Hardcore match was definitely the best MOTN, but it was fun seeing Foley take on Kawada and some of the other match had some decent action too. Not bad. **1/2


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