HUSTLE House Vol. 1 28/6/04 Review

Hustle house vol.1

So after 3 big PPV shows, HUSTLE has it’s first smaller TV show, held at the Korakuen Hall as members of Takadas Monster Army take on members of the HUSTLE roster.

Pre-show Match. Joel Maximo & Jose Maximo vs. Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky

Really good little opener here, just 10 minutes of solid cruiser action including a couple cool spots. Good work from both teams.
Winners: Kaz/Spanky(Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo) ***1/2

-Generalissmo Takada is backstage watching back the last show, he seems to be complaining at the failures of the Monster army, hes talking to a ref and appears to be commanding him to do something.
We then see footage of stuff happening with the GM and Ogawa and the announcement of Hashimoto facing KATAKARI tonight.
It then cuts back to General Takada addressing Shimada before finally shouting ‘It’s Monster Time!’

-Show starts with GM in the ring who gets interrupted by Shimada bringing him flowers which he subsequently throws away. Shimada starts spouting stuff and then he’s interrupted by someone dressed in baseball gear(not sure who this is), they argue until, the GM tells them to shut up and leaves.

-They show a recap of Hashimoto taking out Jason the Legend with a DDT at a Zero1 show.
Cut to Jason lying presumably dead with a Monster Army flag draped over him both Takada and Shimada are standing over him. Takada waves his finger of Jason’s head and shoots fire into, blueprints of Jasons head pop up on screen and it cuts back and Jason now has some kind of metal mask on…Takada proceeds to laugh maniacally and Jason sits up.

Match 1. Monsieur de Barbarossa vs. Shamoji Fujii

Babarossa is Jason in his new mask dressed in a big blue captains suit.
Barbarossa basically dominates the whole match with Fujii struggling to get any offense in. It was a fun watch though, quite enjoyed Barbarossa. First win goes to The Monster Army.
Winner: Barbarossa(via Aikata type move) ***

Match 2. Hirotaka Yokoi vs. Psycho The Death

Psycho is a wrestler who worked a bunches of matches on WWE Heat & Velocity from 2004-2006 as Russell Simpson. As Psycho he looks like he was ripped straight from early 90s WWF complete with patient overalls, blackened eyes and a stuffed doll, which Yokoi stomps on early on and uses him to pin Psycho at the end. The match was fun overall, had Psycho being a little mental using biting and a chair(even German suplexes Yokoi onto it) until Yokoi punches the chair through and hits some stiff offence. There was a fun heel spot where Yokoi has his arms around Psychos waist and Psycho escape s and switches to do the same but instead grabs the ref and pulls him into Yokoi’s back, so Yokoi rolls him down into a heel hook without realising its the ref. fun little match. HUSTLE get their first win.
Winner: Yokoi(via Powerslam) ***

Match 3. Flying Vampire #16 & Flying Vampire #23 vs. Ryouji Sai & Taichi Ishikari

Flying Vampires have flamboyant colourful attire complete with Purple Masks that have bat wings over the eyes. No idea who they are but they are certainly athletic with one even busting out a 180 springboard Phoenix Splash which was cool.
Match was decent had some nice cruiser style action, I also love the finish where the vampires makes Taichi ‘rana his partner and hold them down in the pin. Another win for the Monsters.
Winners: Flying Vampires(via pinfall) ***

Match 4. Afro Hair match – KATAKARI vs. Shinya Hashimoto

KATAKARI looks like a native tribesmen, no idea who he is though seems to be the only match he ever wrestled.
It seems that if Hashimoto loses he’s gotta wear Afro Hair or something.
Match wasn’t bad Katakiri focused alot on Hashimoto’s shoulder and Hashimoto retaliated back, leading him to win with the cross armbreaker. Hashimoto got some nice stiff strikes in too though KATAKIRI was a little bland overall. Not bad. HUSTLE even the score leaving the main event as the deciding factor
Winner: Hashimoto(via cross armbreaker) **3/4

Main Event: Dan Bobish & Piranha Monster Z vs. Toshiaki Kawada & Wataru Sakata

Quite a good main here, both teams got chances to be in control for little bits and provided some good action, Sakata almost took himself out landed on his head from a dropsault and Kawada provided some good stiffness. Bobish/Piranha get the final win so The Monster Army get the most victories.
Winners: Bobish/Piranha(via TKO) ***1/4

-Post-match General Takada comes onto the balcony to address the crowd…Ogawa’s musicĀ  hits and he comes storming through the crowd to the ring, he confronts General Takada on the mic and Takada responds where he introduces Yoshihiro Takayama to the mix who comes onto the balcony…They leave the balcony and Ogawa tell Hashimoto to come to the ring and then Kawada…they all talk amongst each other and stand in unity. End Show.

This was a fun little show, every match was enjoyable and provided some good moments with the longest only lasting around 12 minutes. Just an easily digestable 2 hours. ***






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