HUSTLE-4 25/7/04 Review



It’s HUSTLE-4 the 4th HUSTLE PPV show which is held at the Yokohama Arena, lets see how it goes, as we continue our journey through the promotion.

-The start is a bunch of press conference stuff, involving the GM discussing matches and things happening on the show with Shimada and Ogawa etc. Also includes a video of General Takada addressing everyone from his dark greenlit lair.

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Josh Daniels & Sonjay Dutt

this is the fourth show in a row that Kaz & Spanky have been in the opening match, not that its an issue cause these matches are always fun and this one is no different, just some good jr heavyweight action and Sonjay Dutt being obsessed with high pitch shrieking.
Winners: Kaz/Spanky(via Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo) ***1/4

Match 2: Hardcore Battle Royale – Flying Vampire #7 vs. Kintaro Kanemura vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Steve Corino vs. Tomoaki Honma vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Match is set out like a Royal Rumble where two people start out and the rest come out one by one after a certain time period except this has the added bonus of weapons. Match was fun and had a couple cool table and ladder spots, just very enjoyable.
Winner: Tanaka(via guitar Shot) ***1/4

Match 3: Hustle Kamen vs. Super Crazy

Crazy has some Sting/Kiss style face paint on. Hustle Kamen is pretty much a red power ranger which is a concept they expand on in later shows, not sure who’s playing him here, I know Takuya Sugi is known for being Kamen Red but this seems to pre-date that so who knows.
Pretty good match had some nice high flying action, Kamen was quite impressive and Crazy did well too.
Winner: Kamen(via Yoshi-tonic) ***

Match 4: Mark Coleman & Monsieur de Barbarossa vs. Katsuhisa Fujii & Ryouji Sai

 Time for some big monsters against a couple young up-and-comers.
Match was pretty good, Had Coleman and Barbarossa dominate most of it, Barbarossa using his power and Coleman using his MMA style offense and suplexes. Fuji and Sai try what they can to come back and get a win including lots of rolls up and stuff but it just isn’t enough. there are a few clunky bits and  Coleman does randomly get pissed and hits Barbaross in the face at one point but it effects the match in no way and Coleman gets the fall with a dodgy looking Michinoku driver.
Winners:Coleman/Barbaross(via dodgy Michinoku) ***

-Taichi walks up to Kawada backstage with a box inside the box I think is a costume, they discuss something and it leads to Kawada booting Taichi in the face.

Match 5: Giant Silva & Psycho The Death vs. Hirotaka Yokoi & Toshiaki Kawada

Kawada is dressed in a Bruce Lee yellow jumpsuit. Yokoi face Psycho at the Hustle house show, so this is pretty much a follow on from that.
Anyway this was decent. You got Kawada and Yokoi providing the stiff strikes, Silva being dominant with lots of clubs to the back and Psycho doing his own thing. Silva’s size played an important part in the match-up, throughout Kawada is trying to take him out, mainly with kicks and even manages to boot him outside the ring. At the end he tries to german suplex Silva but he can’t get him up and Silva backs him into a corner and while he is trapped there, Psycho gets the schoolboy on Yokoi.
Winners: Psycho/Silva(via schoolboy) ***

-Post-match Kawada has a little go at Yokoi about losing.

Match 6: Gama King vs. Shinya Hashimoto

Gama King is a big lad with massive frog head, think he’s played by a guy name King Dabada, who had wrestled for Zero1 the previous year. Hashimoto also comes out in full Elvis gear.
Match was a little meh aside Hashimoto hitting some stiff kicks and chops there really wasn’t much to it. It does however feature a corrupt referee who deliberately counted fast for Gama and slow for Hashimoto. At the end Hashimoto locks in an armbar and the ref refuses to look at Gama tapping, but he eventually gives in and awards Hashimoto the submission victory.
Winner: Hashimoto(via Armbar) **1/4

-Naoya Ogawa has a little chat with Wataru Sakata backstage

-Randleman is in Takada’s lair all hyped up and says he’s ready to go.
When he leaves, Takad talks to Shimada about something and blows smoke into his face and then into the camera.

Match 7: Kevin Randleman vs. Wataru Sakata

This was a decent little contest, for two former MMA fighters both of them have some good athleticism which makes them fun to watch even if they aren’t the cleanest of workers, I enjoyed what they did though, thought it was quite a good effort from both.
Winner: Sakata(Via HUSTLE Stomp) **3/4

-Back in Takada’s lair, the general is unhappy with Shimada for Randleman’s failure and Shimada is very sorry. An Jo chimes in and says it’s no problem and shows us a new and improved Dan Bobish who now has his own silver monster mask.

-Someone tries to interview Ogawa but he wants none it and the guy gets pushed out the room.

Main Event: An Jo & Dan Bobish vs. Naoya Ogawa & Riki Choshu

Ogawa is out in his Captain Hustle gear and is introduced as such.
Before the bell even rings Choshu is on the offense and lariats An Jo, Bobish & An jo soon enough take back control and work on Ogawa. Ogawa and Choshu then start making a come back and just when Ogawa thinks he’s won it with an STO, the ref pretends that his arms hurt just before making the 3 count, this pisses off Ogawa so he knocks him out, all 4 men have a bit of an exchange until Bobish accidentally takes out An Jo with a clothesline leading to Choshu & Ogawa hitting a lariat and STO at the same time on their opponents Ogawa then drags the ref over to make the 3 count. Match was merely ok, Bobish and An Jo aren’t the best workers but they did alright, pretty average stuff.
Winners: Choshu/Ogawa(via Lariat and STO) **1/2

-Post-match a big brawl breaks out between the Monster army and HUSTLE members until the Monster’s exit, General Takada then comes out and addresses everyone, OGawa interrupts being very angry and Takada just responds with things that make the crowd laugh, Kawada gets involved too and then Choshu is picked on who step in also, I guess Takada makes some announcements before disappearing into smoke, Ogawa i still pissed and doesn’t want him to go he then addresses the crowd and his fellow members. END SHOW.

Show wasn’t bad overall nothing overly good and couple lackluster matches but there was definitely quite a few fun moments and matches there and I enjoyed it for most part. First two matches were definitely the best by far. **3/4


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