WWE Raw 10/4/17 Review


It’s Monday Night Raw and it’s time for the starts of the Superstar shake-up. It was already announced before the show that the first superstar to Raw was Apollo Crews, not sure thats gonna do much for him, but we’ll see. Lets see who else gets moved.

-John Cena & Nikki Bella is here to kick-off the show…wait no it’s Miz Cena and Maryse Bella!…They do their usual shtick they’ve been doing for the past month…say that Hollywood didn’t want them, so now they are here on Raw.
Dean Ambrose comes out says he’s now on Raw and congratulates the couple on their engagement even hugging them both…he congratulates them on beating Miz and Maryse at ‘Mania and makes a joke about Marine 5…Miz says he’s not Cena and Maryse is not Nikki…So Dean give him a dirty deeds. End Segment. Purely just a way to introduce Miz/Maryse and Ambrose on Raw, it was fine.

-Sami Zayn walks up to Kurt Angle backstage and wants to know if hes still on raw…Angle says he’s been a big asset to Raw but theres a lot of interest from Smackdown…Miz and Maryse interrupt asking Angle what kind of show he’s running after what just happened…Zayn’s unhappy about the interruption and Miz tells him to shut up…Angle then puts them in a match tonight.

-New Day come out, except Kofi is injured so its just Big E. and Xavier with a blow-up Dolls…they talk about what happened last week with the Revival and are ready to get revenge this week.

Match 1: The Revival vs. The New Day

New Day start out well but Revival quickly take control from a distraction. Xavier then gets the hot tag on Big E. leading to the finishing stretch. Xavier tries a coast to coast elbow drop which looked a bit pants but fairplay for the effort. In the end New day go for the double team big ending, but Dash pulls Scott off of Big E, Scott pushes Big E. and as he pushes him,Xavier jumps of the second rope over Big E. and right into the shatter machine, may not have been the cleanest looking but was still awesome. Nice little TV match there, good work from everyone, loving Revival on Raw so far.
Winners: the Revival(via Shatter Machine) **3/4

-Neville gets interviewed about Austin Aries being No.1 contender again for his Cruiserweight title again…Neville starts talking but is interrupt by TJ Perkins who tells him to watch his words…Neville says TJ’s career as turned into a joke and he’s the only person left that has any respect for him…Austin Aries walks in with a banana in his hand…Say Neville is just lying to TJ…Neville tells TJ there’s only one person that can give you another championship opportunity looking at Austin…he walks away and Austin asks TJ if he really believes Neville…TJ just walks off giving him a stern look. Stirring up the pot for a potential Tj Heel turn, which I think he does need.

-Curtin Hawkins now in the ring, tells the audience to face the facts as Hawkins is now on Monday night Raw and it’d time to celebrate. But out comes Big Show who straight up knocks him out. Business as usual for Hawkins then.

Match 2: TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries

Match was a nice little back and forth affair was a good pace, Neville is on commentary and leaves the to come down the ramp when Aries poses on the barricade after diving off the top to the outside. Aries gets distracted and almost gets counted out, but gets in the ring in time only to get caught in a small package by Tj for the 3 count. Good stuff.
Winner: Tj Perkins(via Small package) **3/4

-Post-match Aries is standing against the ropes blaming Neville and Tj attack him from behind and hit him with a detonation kick.

-Time for an in-ring promo from Seth Rollins…he talks about ‘Mania and how he didn’t know how things were gonna go down…but he’s happy cause he did it, he slayed the King of Kings…he thanks the crowd for giving him a second chance and he’s just getting started…he got some scores to settle and wants to finally get the universal title…but he says after what happened at ‘Mania he may not get those opportunities and then shows everyone the clip of Stephanie Mcmahon going through the table…he knows there’ll be ramifications and the easiest way out would be to just go to Smackdown Live…be he’s not gonna do that and isn’t leaving Raw without a fight.
GM Kurt Angle comes out…he says it’s true that Steph want Seth gone, but Kurt saw something in Rollins at ‘Mania and as long as he’s GM Rollins is staying on Raw.
Angle leaves but Joe ambushes Rollins and Angle tries to break it up, but they keep brawling to Rollins hits a superkick which takes Joe to the outside and he decides to walk away. Just a way to show Rollins will stay on Raw and sets up his feud with Joe which should be good

-Kevin Owens is asked how the superstar shakeup will affect him…he says it don’t matter since the cream always rises to the top, says that Jericho should be asked how it will affect him but of course hes still at home recuperating…Owens calls himself the premier champion on Raw and when asked about Dean Ambrose, he says it doesn’t matter since he is the top champ since Raw is the Kevin Owen Show.

Match 3: Nia Jax vs. Charlotte Flair

This was pretty decent, had a few clunky bits but I liked how they worked it. Charlotte was struggling throughout to match up with Nia Jax.s power, so she was doing whatever she could to take her down, at one point she manages hits natural selection which isn’t enough to get the fall, she even hits a moonsault off the top to the outside and just when she has the opportunity to go for the Figure Eight, she gets pulled into the bottom turnbuckle and eats a Samoan drop for the 3 count. Was a great way of making Nia look strong, obviously the only problem was they are both Heels and crowd weren’t really sure who to chant for. Still I enjoyed this.
Winner: Nia Jax(via Samoan drop) **3/4

Match 4: Finn Balor vs. Jinder Mahal

Short standard match, just to give Balor something to do, Jinder gets in a stiff forearm shot though, which they show a replay of.
Winner: Balor(via Coup De Grace) NR

-Post-match Balor is celebrated and is interrupted by Bray Wyatt who shows up on screen…he says he is now on Raw and his house of Horrors match with Orton will be at payback, but he also tells Balor to watch himself cause he will certainly be watching him. Monday Night Raw, HE’S HERE! Wyatt on Raw is a nice addition, I’d actually really like to see him feud with Balor.

-they announce Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Heath Slater & Rhyno are now apart of Raw.

Match 5: The Miz vs. Sami Zayn

Good little match between these two, had some nice action. Maryse gets involved a couple times. She stands in front of the Miz on the outside to stop Zayn from hitting a dive and later on pulls Miz out of the way of the Helluva kick, Zayn runs after them and Maryse catches his leg as he slides into the ring, the distraction allows  Miz to go for the Skull crushing finale but Zayn reverse to a rollup to win.
Winner: Sami Zayn(via rollup) ***

-they announce Ambrose will go one on one with Owens tonight in a champion vs. Champion match.

-Roman Reigns now has a sit down interview with Michael Cole….asked how feels about beating ‘Taker in perhaps his last ever match…he says he has many different feelings but he did what he had to do and it’s his yard now.
-Braun Strowman interrupts and attacks him, he throws him over equipment boxes through a table…Powerslams him on an equipment box, then rams another equipment box into him.

-Reigns is starting to get wheeled out but Strowman comes back and runs him off a platform.
-Reigns is then put on the ambulance and fucking Strowman  TIPS OVER THE AMBULANCE WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!My Goodness what a beast Strowman is absolutely loved all this.

Match 6: Gallows & Anderson/Shining Stars vs. Cesaro & Sheamus/Hardys

The Drifter randomly turns up on the ramp during Hardys entrance.
Was a fun 8 man match, nothing special but had some good action.
Winners: Cesaro/Sheamus/Hardys(via Swanton Bomb) ***

-Emma walks up to Dana Brooke backstage…mentions how Dana was originally her protege and tells her to come with her…Dana has none of it, says alot has changed and isn’t following anyone anymore…. she walks out, leaving Emma annoyed.

-Sasha Banks comes out and says she has some unfinished business, but first she wants to introduce her friend WWE Raw Womens Champion ‘Just’ Bayley.
Bayley thanks Sasha and then thanks the fans for believing in her so her ‘Mania moment could come true…Sasha congratulates her but says her moment is over.
The get interrupted by Alexa Bliss!…she asks if they could be anymore nauseating…shes here to take over the Raw Women’s division.
Mickie James now interrupts…She’s also now on Raw and gets mowed down by Nia Jax, and then she takes out Sasha and Bayley while Alex runs off. Guess this will be the main Raw Womens division now, so it looks as though Charlotte is likely to go to Smackdown, should make things a little interesting having Mickie and Alex in the mix.

Main Event: Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Good main event between these two, filled it with some solid action and a couple nice spots, finishing bit was a little convoluted but Ambrose managed to hit dirty deeds for the win, giving him a  good start being back on Raw.
Winner: Ambrose(via Dirty Deeds) ***1/4

-Post-match Jericho’s music hits and he runs down and gives Owens a codebreaker. End Show.

So that’s the first part of the shake-up done and there are definitely indicators on people who’ll most likely be moved to Smackdown. the show overall was fine, got some decent matches and some interesting changes to the roster. The Strowman/Reigns stuff was awesome and was the main thing that stood-out, everything else did it’s job but is pretty much skippable. Interesting to see how Smackdown goes now. **1//2




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