Lucha Forever – The Dawning Of Forever 17/4/17 Review


It’s a Bank holiday Monday and brand new British wrestling promotion Lucha Forever have their debut show streaming live in the afternoon. So I thought I’d might as well check it out and write a little review about it. Let’s see how they do.

Match 1 – HOPE Kings Of Flight title: Kip Sabian (c) vs. Kelly Sixx vs. Ashley Dunn vs. ‘That Guy’

So this is an open challenge for Kip Sabian’s title and after both Sixx and Dunn come out, Kip decides to open it up to anyone from the audience and goes round asking people while this long-haired chap is standing up and saying he’ll do it, but Kip keeps ignoring him despite the crowd chanting ‘that guy’. Kip eventually gets back into ring for the match to start and ‘that guy’ gets in the ring and is made a part of the match much to the chagrin of Kip.
Match was a pretty decent little opener,  just a small fun spotfest to kick things, pretty good effort from everyone, Dunn was particularly impressive, ending came when Dunn hit a double underhook destroyer on ‘That Guy’ and Kip throws Dunn outside and steals the pinfall.
Winner: Kip Sabian(via stealing the pin) **3/4

Match 2 – Alex Windsor vs. Toni Storm

Dahlia Black attacks Toni during entrance with a crutch, Ref is forced to start the match but Toni can’t make it to the ring, so Alex wins by count-out.
Winner: Alex Windsor(via Countout) NR

-Nixon Newell’s music hits and she comes out to have a proper match with Alex.

Match 3 – Nixon Newell vs. Alex Windsor

Pretty good match from these two, it was very back and forth contest, with both women doing very well.  Alex used Nixon’s own Destroyer finisher, to get the win. Apparently this Nixon’s last indie match for now and I wish her well for the future, since she’s a great talent, that’s gonna go far. Good stuff.
Winner: Alex Windsor(via Welsh Destroyer)  ***

-Nixon gets on the mic afterwards to thank everyone and thanks her Beest Friend Alex for the match..awwh.

Match 4 – Omari vs. Jigsaw

Another good match here as the US Indie veteran takes on up-and-coming Omari. I definitely saw some of Omari’s potential here and Jigsaw did well to put him over in a match that was quite back and forth. Omari ends up getting the win with his finish called The O-Zone.
Winner: Omari (via O-zone) ***

Match 5 – Sami Callihan vs. Will Ospreay

The guys went for it from the get-go, starting out with a bunch of dives and having a quick paced enthralling contest…that is until Sami ripped down Ospreays tight to reveal his up-town Funkers trunks and things got a little funky as Ospreay starts dancing to up-town funk, he then throws an invisible rope around ref Shay Purser and pulls him in and then uses him to clothesline Sami, Sami then steals the rope and makes Shay clothesline Ospreay a couple of times and do an UNDERTAKER DIVE! Shay gets free of the rope hits a twist of fate on Sami, takes his ref top off, goes for a Swanton bomb, misses, Ospreay then hits his Ospreay cutter on Sami, puts the ref shirt on and Shay hits a rolling senton of the top and gets the win?!. There are people who will probably hate all this, but I found it to be very fun.
Winner: Shay Purser?!(via rolling senton) ***1/2

-Post-match Ospreay and Shay try to get Sami to dance but he walks out, but then a big conga line comes from the back and Sami ends up back in the ring and finally ends up dancing.

-There is a Pete Dunne/Tyler bate match which isn’t allowed to be shown so they show a fight nation! match between Mandrews and Chris Ridgeway before having an interval and Raffle(as is tradition).

-Second half starts with Chief Deputy Dunne of the Anti-fun Police, saying no more fun shall be had, great follow on for what happened previously.

Match 6 – Lucha Forever Trios Title qualifier: Damien Dunne & CCK vs. El Ligero/Drew Parker/Bea Priestley

This was a really fun match, they kept up a good pace throughout and had lots of really good spots. Had a few niggles here and there but it was mainly a great effort from all involved, with CCK getting the win after hitting the squid bomb.
Winner: CCK(squid bomb) ***1/2

-Toni Storm comes out with a ref demands a match with Dahlia Black. Black comes out and explains that ain’t happening since her leg his broken because of Toni. TK cooper then attacks Toni from behind,  and says despite him being ‘undisputed king of women’s wrestling’ Toni won’t be getting a match with him either. Him and Dahlia got to leave but Toni calls TK the bitch of him and Dahlia’s relationship, so the match is on.

Match 7 – Toni Storm vs. TK Cooper

Solid match between these two. Storm starts off well with a great barrage of offense on TK but a distraction by Dahlia lets TK take advantage and the control, things get more even towards the end, until Dahlia gets involved again to help TK gt the upper-hand. In the end though TK sets up Storm for a peoples elbow, runs the rope but ends up stopping and kissing Dahlia on the apron, they get so entangled with their kissing that they don’t realise Toni has recovered and she hits a piledriver on TK for the 3 count. Good stuff.
Winner: Toni Storm(via Piledriver) ***1/2

-Post-match Dahlia tries to attack Toni with her crutch again, but Toni stops her and gives her a piledriver

Main event – Lucha Forever Championship: Shane Strickland vs. Travis Banks

Great Main event between these two, they packed it with some really good action in another back and forth contest and both were very impressive. Also had a great finishing stretch which involved two ref bumps, but they didn’t detract from the match at all and somewhat added to the tension instead, was definitely shocked when Banks kicked out of the JML driver.
Banks ends up winning after submitting Strickland with the Lion Clutch to become the first ever Lucha Forever champion. Great ending to the show.
Winner: Travis Banks(via Lion Clutch) ****

Overall this was a fun debut show for Lucha Forever, had some solid matches and great main event and was an all around fun time. I will say that the commentators needed to tone it down a bit and were a little overbearing at times but they weren’t too bad. Good work from everyone involved though.


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