WWE Raw 17/4/17 Review


It’s time for Monday night Raw with its new shaken up Roster, with just under two weeks left til Payback, let’s go!

-Big Braun Strowman kicks off the show…he’s proud that he broke Roman Reigns in half, proud to say he has a separated shoulder and cracked ribs and will not be on the show….Now he intends to tear through the entire locker room.
-Out comes GM Kurt Angle…says Braun’s done enough damage and sets-up the match between them at payback…Strowman says it will be Romans funeral, asks about tonight…Angle said he should be suspended…Braun says he wants more competition OR ELSE!…Angle asks ‘or else what?’ and Braun just leaves. Strowman still killing it.

Match 1: Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho

Seth Rollin is out on commentary.
Good opener between these two, quite a back and forth contest though Joe was a little more dominant as you’d expect,a t then Joe locks in the Coquina clutch in a standing position, Jericho tries to get out by running up the turnbuckle and going over into a pin, but that Joe to reverse and wraps his legs around Jericho. Jericho struggles a little and eventually. taps.
Winner: Samoa Joe(via Coquina Clutch) ***

-Post-match Joe gets on the mic to address Rollins…asks he remembers the sound when he first got here…it was the sound of Rollins ligaments snapping and his screams for mercy…says that was business…but now cause of what happened to Steph and Triple H, Payback is gonna be personal…Rollins responds and says of course its personal after what Joe did to him, ‘Payback is a bitch’. Not bad, Joe sounded fierce, trust Rollins to go for the generic saying.

-Golden Truth are backstage heading to the ring for a match but Strowman takes them both out.HE SAID EVERYONE!

-Ref meets up with Strowman in the locker room…he tells Strowman that Angle said he has the night off…but Strowman LEAVES WHEN HE WANTS TO!

-Anderson/Gallows are in the ring without opponents, they want Angle to send them some geeks for them to beat up…So Enzo & Cass come out.

Match 2: Enzo & Cass vs. Anderson & Gallows

Decent little tag match here, Enzo/Cass have the upper-hand before the break but when they come back Anderson/Gallows are of course in control of Enzo, with particular focus on his one arm, Enzo then makes the hot tag so Cass who comes with a full force assault. In the end Cass boots gallows out of the ring which takes him to the outside too, Enzo goes for a diving DDT but Anderson catches him and throws him leg first into the top turnbuckle which looked pretty sick and gets him the pinfall.
Winner: Anderson & Gallows(via pinfall) **3/4

-It’s time for MizTV…Miz says last week him and Maryse shocked the world by joining Raw…They are quickly interrupted by Dean Ambrose who comes out…He thanks Miz for being on MizTV…Miz says he spoiled the introduction…Ambrose says they should have a truce since they are both from Ohio and gets the crowd to do an OH-IO chant…Miz asks if the thinks it’s a joke…Ambrose then mocks Miz’s suit…Miz say he dresses like this cause he respects what a WWE Superstar is and calls Ambrose a disgrace for what a WWE Superstar should be…what irritates him the most is how the WWE Universe love Ambrose…Talk about the opportunities Ambrose has had and how he’s wasted that momentum..Says Ambrose never broke the glass ceiling cause he’s lazy and complacement…Ambrose says he doesn’t matter what he wears, it’s about whats in his heart, he’s not a brand cause he’s Dean Ambrose and he loves going out there and busting his ass and that’s why he’s intercontinental champion…Marys chimes in and call Ambrose a dirty street rat…says Ambrose isn’t a champion cause he walking with a title…Miz says he brought prestige to the title and now it’s just a joke.
-Ambrose has had enough and starts attacking Miz, who quickly makes his exit. Pretty good segment Miz was great on mic as usual bringing up good points, Ambrose weren’t bad.

-Strowman says he’s leaving but he’s dragging Kalisto along the floor with him…’ROMAN REIGNS IS GARBAGE, NOW YOU ARE TOO!’ and he throws Kalisto into a dumpster.
-Big Show then barges Strowman into the wall and tells Strowman to pick on someone his own size!. Looks like we’re gonna get the battle of the Goliaths again!

Match 3: Jack Gallagher vs. TJ Perkins

Neville come out to sit at ringside, then Austin Aries comes out on the mic and says he didn’t realise they were having a special viewing party to this match so he invites himself.
Good match between these two, had some nice technical wrestling and Gallagher takes a nasty spill to the outside at one point. At the end Gallagher does his Mary Poppins dive, they both get back into the ring but Perkins rolls back to the outside, Gallagher goes after him but Perkins pushes Gallagher into Aries, Perkins goes back into the ring and Aries is pissed so he gets on the apron but Neville swoops his legs and takes him off, Gallagher is sat in the apron distracted so Perkins kicks the rope into his eye and hits the detonation kick for a 3 count.
Winner: TJ Perkins(via detonation kick) ***

-Tozawa is in the locker room with Apollo Crews and congratulates him for being on Raw…Titus O’Neill enters so Tozawa leaves…Titus congratulates him and asks him how he’s gonna make an impact…Apollo says he’s gonna put in the hardwork and break down doors til he succeeds…Titus says he should consider being part of Titus brand and uses Apollo’s name for various things like an Apollo Cruise…Apollo looks like he might consider.Well I guess it gives something for Crew to do.

-Hardys interviewed about being back, say they are excited to be apart of this new era…Cesaro & Sheamus walk in and welcome the Hardys back to Raw, Sheamus then says it’ll be an honour without ladders to beat them for the title’s at payback…Matt says ladders are great but they can still win without them…Cesaro apologises for Sheamus and wants to keep things friendly.

Match 4: Raw Womens Title No.1 contenders match – Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Mickie James

Good match here. Started out with Nia being dominant, she gets double dropkicked out the ring after chasing after Alexa, Mickie and Sasha then have a good sequence together, before Nia pulls Mickie to the outside and Sasha hits a tope suicida, Nia has another dominant bit which slows the pace back down, this gets stopped when Nia has both Mickie and Sasha in the same corner, Bliss goes to dive off top but Nia spots her so she hesitates and decides to scoots back down, Nia runs at the women in the corner but they move and she hits the ring post and goes outside, there some more action including a bit of an awkward sequence between Bliss and Mickie, Bliss and Sasha also get a few moments together. for the finish Banks and Mickie are both on the top rope, Nia grabs Banks into a firemans carry, uses her to barge Mickie off the top to the outside then hits a samoan drop, Bliss runs in and dropkicks Nia out-of-the-way and steals the pinfall.
I really liked how Bliss was the reason Nia kept getting stopped and then stole her victory from her, really helps brew feud between them, had a feeling Bliss would be come no.1 contender, especially cause they were in her hometown. Good stuff.
Winner: Alexa Bliss(via pinfall) ***1/4

-Big Show interviewed about Braun…says Braun need to learn what its like to be intimidated and he’s gonna teach Braun a lesson.

-Curt Hawkins is in the ring and mentions Big Show beating him last week and now Show’s in the main event this week, so if you want to be a main eventer you should step into the ring with him. Asks if anyone else wants to join Curt Hawkins star factory.
-Finn Balor answers the challenge!

Match 5: Finn Balor vs. Curt Hawkins

Absolute squash in a matter of seconds, of course. Guess they are just gonna make him wait around for the Wyatt feud to happen.
Winner: Finn Balor(via Coup De Grace) SQUASH

-Jericho interviewed backstage…talks about his match with Owens, says no matter what happens the friends of Jericho will follow him anywhere, he call Mike, Tom instead and they do a bit about what his name is….The Drifter Elias Sampson interrupts and walks past them strumming his guitar, so Jericho puts him on the list.

-There’s then a video promo from Bray Wyatt, talking about fear and hyping the House of Horrors match while creepy images are spliced in. I really hope this House Of Horrors match is something completely trashy, could be a fun time.

-Alicia Fox show Dana how she got humiliated on 205 live last week, Emma walks in tells Fox that Dana was showing the video all around the locker room and making jokes. Fox is pissed and tells Dana she’s not her friend anymore, she storms off and Dana is angry at Emma calls what she said a lie. Emma tells Dana ‘you wanted to stand on your own two feet right?, lets see how good your balance is’.

Match 6: Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro

Decent match here, Jeff looked liked he was struggling a little and had a bit of a limp, Obviously he’s not as quick as he used to be but he looked a little hurt, good effort from both men though with Jeff getting the win from a signature Swanton bomb.
Winner: Jeff Hardy(via Swanton bomb)

-Backstage interviewer is here to give an update on Golden Truth and Kalisto, he’s interrupted by Heath Slater & Rhyno who are ecstatic to actually be drafted after Heath got left out last year. Strowman walks past and scares the hell out of them.

Main event: Braun Strowman vs. Big Show

Good big hoss fight between these two, It may not have been the quickest of matches but was damn sure enjoyable. they redo the arm wringer kip-up spot and Strowman even gets in a couple of arm-drags and Show hiptosses Strowman outside and does a baseball slide dropkick. They tease doing a superplex throughout and then Strowman finally does it to Show and the ring breaks. It may not be original but it’s always quite the spectacle to see happen. The match does require some patience but it was a good effort from these guys with Braun looking strong like he should.
No Contest ***1/4

-Both guys lie motionless in the ring as officials come down to check on everyone, but Braun manages to recover and his on his feet so his music hits and he leaves smiling, while Show still lays motionless in the ring as officials check on him. Helluva a way to end the show.

This was a good Raw, loved all the Strowman stuff and we got some good matches and couple good promo’s. Just an all around enjoyable show, looks like the shakeup has perked things up a little. ***



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