WWE Smackdown Live 18/4/17 Review


It’s Smackdown Live with a new shaken up roster and tonight we find out the next number 1 contender for the WWE Championship. Lets go.

-Charlotte Flair opens the show…Been 7 days since she joined Smackdown and she’s already lost patience…Wonders why she has not been granted a Smackdown Womens title match yet…Why is it taking so long?
-Naomi comes out…she dunno where Charlotte think she at..they have no king or queens on Smackdown, they have champions which is her…she gonna give Charlotte what she wants, cause she ain’t scared ever…they gonna do this right now.
-Naomi then decks Charlotte and attacks her and Charlotte exits the ring.
-Shane O’Mac comes out, says they will fight tonight and if Charlotte wins, she will become the No.1 Contender.
-Charlotte runs in and takes Naomi down, lays into her and throws her outside. She grabs the title and holds it up, but Naomi gets back in and throws her out and holds her belt up.Not a bad opening segment to hep setup their feud.

-Natalya backstage with Shane and she in unhappy about what Shane did…Carmella walks in and agrees with her, Ellsworth chime in and says Carmella should be the face of the womens division…they start squabbling and then Tamina comes in and is also unhappy, her and Carmella now start squabbling and Natalya tells them to stop, she says this is all Charlotte’s doing and that she has a plan that they should all discuss.

Match 1 – WWE Championship No.1 contenders match: Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper vs. Erik Rowan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Sami Zayn

This was really good, they packed it with lots of good action and there was some great near falls, honestly wasn’t sure who would win this one, but in the end it was Jinder that got the victory after the Bollywood boyz suddenly appeared at ringside and held Zayn’s legs to stop him from running for the Helluva kick, letting Jinder take advantage and hit a cobra clutch slam for the 3 count. Honestly surprised to see them pushing Jinder, I know he’s got his body all ripped but he’s done fuck all on Raw. I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of his but this is a good opportunity for him to prove himself andĀ  he did get alot of heat from the crowd for winning, I’m not sure how well this push is gonna go but fair play on them giving him a chance. Great effort from everyone in the match though, it was very enjoyable.
Winner: Jinder Mahal(via Cobra Clutch slam) ***3/4

-Psot-match Jinder is interviewed in the ring about his victory…He wonders why the Crowd boo him…is it because he doesn’t fit their stereotype of an all-american…is it because of his wealth….is it because he can speak to languages…says the problem with Americans is they don’t accept diversity but they will accept Jinder as the new WWE Champion.
-Randy Orton then comes out…he says he guess congratulates is in order…but says the only prize he is gonna get is an RKO…but before he lays his hands on Jinder he’s gotta deal with Bray Wyatt…he don’t know what a house of horrors is, but he’ll burn it down just the same.
-Wyatt comes up on screen…He wants Orton to feel his pain and suffering…says he may walk into the House of Horrors but he’ll never walk back out. Enjoyed hiw Jinder presented himself even though they’ve gonna for the standard ‘I’m not American, so you hate me’. The Wyatt/Orton stuff was just bog standard and throw away though.

-Styles is interviewed backstage about who he’d rather face for the U.S Title…he says it doesn’t matter since Smackdown is the house that he built.
-Baron Corbin interrupts apologises for being late and ask what the question was…Renee says she’s already interviewing Styles…Corbin laughs and asks why…Styles interjects says it’s about how he beat Zayn and Corbin last week to become No.1 contender…Corbin says that Styles never pinned him and at least he approached Owens like a man and Styles and Zayn stuck their noses in his business…Styles says he’s in the business of winning and if Corbin wants an encore he’ll be happy to do it tonight against him…Corbin accepts. That match should be a hoot.

-Charlotte bumps into Natalya/Carmella and Tamina backstage…they say they just wanna stop and welcome her to Smackdown live…they make a path for her to walk through and Natalya bumps her shoulder as she walks past.

Match 2: Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair

Decent match between these two, few niggles here and there but generally good effort from both. Charlotte controlled a good portion of it, with Naomi making her comebacks usingĀ  her athleticism and agility. In the end Charlotte boots down Naomi when she goes for the rear view and hits Natural Selection for the 3 count to become the new No.1 Contender.
Winner: Charlotte Flair(via Natural Selection) ***

-Charlotte walks past the women backstage who do not look happy and she gives them a big hearty ‘WOOO!’

Match 3: American Alpha vs. Primo & Epico Colon

So Primo & Epico have indeed dropped the shining stars gimmicks and are now just known as the Colon’s. Good.
Match was pretty average, very formualic. Alpha dominate for a bit with their mat wrestling, then a distraction puts the Colons in control, until Gable makes the hot tag to Jason Jordan. At the end, Gable clotheslines Primo to the outside but he hold on to the apron, since Gable isn’t the legal man the ref pushes him and while he’s dealing with Gable, Primo hit’s a crap looking kick to Jordan’s head and Epico rolls him up for the pinfall. Honestly that kick was the worst.
Winners: Primo & Epico (via rollup) **1/2

-Tye Dillinger is interviewed in the back and his asked why the audience response has been so good for him…Dillinger shows a video that he says, will explain why 10 times better than he ever could…a highlight video is show and he ends it by saying that’s why he is the perfect 10.

Match 4 – Face of America open Challenge: Kevin Owens vs. Gary Gandi

Just a quick squash. ‘Nuff said.
Winner: Kevin Owens(via Pop-up Powerbomb) SQUASH

-Post-match Owens is on the Mic and says as long as he’s champ he will be the face of America and no-one is gonna change that…He then says he’s gonna provide some Canadian insight on commentary for the main event which is much needed.

Main event – AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

This was a really solid main event, Corbin really brought his power a physicality, with Style taking all his stuff like a champ and retaliating with his quickness and agility. At the end they are on the outside and Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Corbin lifts him up, walks backward and throws him into Kevin Owens, he then goes for the End Of Days but Styles rolls over his back, kicks him in the face then does a diving forearm smash of the apron which sends Corbin over the barricade. Styles get back into the ring and wins via count-out. Good stuff.
Winner: AJ Styles(via Count-out) ***1/2

This was a pretty good show overall, provided some good matches and some unexpected results, which may look grim to alot of people but it’s interesting to see how they’ll play out. The only issue is the way things have been going on Smackdown makes a few of the matches at Payback seem so predictable that there seems to be no reason to care about them and the hype becomes very throwaway. Other than that I enjoyed this episode all in all. ***





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