WWE Raw 24/4/17 Review


It’s time for Monday night Raw!, it’s only 6 days til Payback and tonight it’s Braun vs. Kalisto in a Dumpster match!

-Show opens with Chris Jericho’s highlight Reel…he says it’s the last one that’ll be on Raw cause he’s gonna beat Kevin Owens for the U.S Title and move to Smackdown…tonight’s guest is himself…he talks about Owens says how he’s not the face of America, more like the hemorrhoid of America.
-Miz comes out and interrupts, says Raw is no longer Jericho…Raw is all about the IT Couple…Jericho says well they better watch……IT! couple…Miz says the highlight reel has been cancelled and will be replaced by MizTV…he gets everybody out to change the set and so now it’s MizTV,
-Miz starts the introduction but is quickly interrupted by Dean Ambrose…he says you can’t just change a show and no-one wants to see MizTV…So he gets the crew to change the set to the Ambrose Asylum…he starts the show says he’s rooting for Jericho, knows they have a history but he wants forgiveness and he’s got a gift for Jericho, which is his own makeshift lightup jacket(literally a coat with christmas lights) as recompense for ruining his one last year…Miz is annoyed and goes on a big rant about Ambrose devaluing everyone, says he’s the only one that deserves gifts…Ambrose says he does have a gift for Miz and hits dirty deeds. Jericho then puts Maryse on the list. End segment. Fun little opening segment to hype things

Match 1 – Sheamus vs. Matt Hardy

This as a good opener, solid effort from both guys, Matt even does a side effect on the apron which is cool, he works some of his broken gimmick stuff too, just a little bits though which is fun. Quite a solid back and forth contest fair play. At the end Sheamus hits a rolling firemans carry on Matt on the outside, Jeff goes to check on him but Sheamus shoves him out the way. him and Matt get back in the ring and Jeff gets on the apron unhappy about what Sheamus did, this distracts Sheamus who turns around and gets caught with a twist of fate which gets Matt the pinfall.
Winner: Matt Hardy(via Twist of fate) ***1/4

-Post-match the 4menĀ  are having a disagreement about what happened, but Sheamus what’s every to calm down and offers his hand and they shake hands instead.

-Angle in his office on the phone talking about the dumpster match, in comes Miz, they talk about what happened earlier and Angle tells Miz to find a partner, since he’s now facing Jericho & Ambrose tonight. Maryse shouts at him in French and Angle responds with ‘right back at you.’

Match 2 – Jack Gallagher & Austin Aries vs. Neville & TJ Perkins

They brawl before the bell rings and Neville and TJ end up on the outside, match then stars during the commercial break. It’s a fun little match though quite fast paced with some good action. Aries hits the discus fivearm on TJ to win. Gives him some good momentum for Sunday.
Winner: Austin Aries(via discus Fivearm) **3/4

Match 3 – Dumpster match: Kalisto vs. Braun Strowman

-Strowman gets on the mic beforehand and says he considers the audience trash, so when he dumps Kalisto, it’ll be like he’s dumping everyone in the trash.
-Angle is then backstage with Kalisto asking if he sure he wants to go through with it. Kalisto then rushes through a promo that includes the line ‘I’m a man, I am not Garbage’. Which made me laugh for a good few seconds when I thought about it later on.
-Kalisto also has new music which is much more serious.
This was a fun match overall. Strowman dominated most of it with Kalisto trying to use his quickness and agility whenever he could. ending was quite a surprise, they are both on the apron in fron of the dumspter, Strowman gets Kalisto in a miltary press, Kalisto slips behind him back into the ring, Strowman grabs his head and throws him up but, Kalisto uses the momentum to dropkick both of Brauns legs, which takes Braun off the apron and into the dumpster feet first making Kalisto the winner. That was a nice little ending.
Winner: Kalisto ***

-Post-match Strowman is completely enraged and proceeds to destroy kalisto, puts him in the dumpster and then push it off the stage.

-Kalisto leaves the arena on a stretcher.

-Bray Wyatt now up on screen, does the same kind of promo as last week including clips of creepy stuff. Literally did nothing new to hype the match, though I’m still intrigued at how the whole things gonna be.

Match 4 – Alicia Fox vs. Dana Brooke

Very quick match-up not much to it at all which is a good thing since these two aren’t the best in-ring workers, Dana wins with a stodgy Samoan driver.
Winner: Dana Brooke

-Emma comes in gives Dana a quick weird hug that confuses Dana and then leaves. At least they trying to do more women’s stuff on Raw that’s not just about the title.

-Samoa Joe/Gallows/Anderson are asked about their strategy for their match against Enzo/Cass/Rollins, they talk about different tactics and Anderson calls Enzo a ‘butt nugget’, Joe then goes on about his match with Rollins Sunday and what he’s gonna do.

Match 5 – Enzo/Cass/Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe/Gallows/Anderson

-So Anderson/Gallows/Joe attacks Ezno & Cass while they are doing their usual promo on the way to the ring, they Enzo a magic Killer on the outside and then Rollins comes out and starts brawling with them and Cass comes back and helps too.
-they go to commercial and when they come back, Angle is on the ramp way, says that since Enzo can’t compete now he has a new partner for Rollins and Cass. So out comes Finn Balor as the replacement. Well at least it gets Balor involved in something for now.

Match 5 – Anderson/Gallows/Joe vs. Balor/Cass/Rollins

Good tag match here, very formulaic but enjoyable. At the finish, Rollins sets up Anderson for the pedigree, but decides not to use it and instead hits his new finisher which is a rainmaker into a jumping knee(sounds cooler than it looked, not bad though), to get the pinfall.
Winner: Rollins/Cass/Balor(via Rainmaker knee) ***

-Alexa Bliss out to cut a promo…takes the mick out of superstars chasing their dream and being all happy which almost makes her vomit…says she’s gonna win the title Sunday.
-Bayley comes out…Bayley knows Bliss is making fun of her, call Bliss the kind of girl who talks behind peoples back rather than say it to their face…she will stop at nothing to walk out of her hometown with her title…Bliss talks about Payback being in Bayley’s hometown, says she gets to beat her, take her title and humiliate her all in front of her own Father…She calls Bayley a pathetic, sheltered child…says Sunday the Cinderella story is done.
-Sasha Banks now comes out…Bliss jokes about their friendship…Banks calls Bliss a Troll doll wannabe…says on Sunday Bayley is gonna show Alexa up and shut her up…but Sasha wants to shut Alexa up right now…Bliss says she gonna ask Angle to cancel the match with Sasha and says he feels unsafe being in the same ring as her…Sasha says sorry then lamps her with a forearm, this sends Bliss to the outside, she looks unhappy and we go to commercial. I enjoyed Bliss on the mic and Banks and Bayley were ok, I’m not sure about the whole high school teen vibe that’s going on though, just makes alot of it come across as petty.

Match 6 – Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Match only last a couple of minutes before Banks locks in a version of the Bank statement, Bliss gets the rope break, then exits the ring and gets counted out as she walks up the ramp way. Not bad for what we got and Bliss’ reaction makes complete sense
Winner: Sasha Banks(via Count-out) NR

-As Bliss is leaving Bayley leaves the commentary desk and grabs her and goes to take her back to the ring, Bliss stops her and runs to the back, but when Bayley turns around and looks at Sasha, Alexa runs back out and smashes Bayley in the back of the head with a forearm, Sasha then goes to chase her but she runs to the back again.

-Jericho and Ambrose are in the locker room, they talk about working together and Ambrose asks if he can be taken off the list…Jericho says no-one gets taken off runs down the problems they had in the past…but they talk about the new jacket Ambrose gotĀ  him and Jericho decides that Ambrose has un-made the list…Ambrose gets pumped up about the match and how they are gonna beat Miz and whoever his partner is…he walks away but Jericho sneakily puts him back on the list.

-Stars of marine 5 Curtis Axel and Heath Slater now have a sit down interview, Miz interrupts straight away, asks one of his co-stars to be his tag partner tonight, They decline and Miz says they’ll never be successful, Rhyno offers maryse a cracker but she shoves the plate out of the way, Miz is then given a note which tells him he has a tag team partner and he looks happy. That was kind of fun, Rhyno’s reaction was gold.

-Curt Hawkins is now in the ring…each week he comes out and a star is born and gives another open invitation to anybody to join Hawkins Star factory. Apollo crews answers the challenge.

Match 7 – Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkins

Standard showcase match, where Hawkins gets control for a tiny bit and Crews makes the comeback and wins with the spin-out powerbomb.
Winner: Apollo Crews(spin-out powerbomb) NR

-Post-match Titus O’Neill comes out and helps raise Apollo’s arm and celebrates with him. Crowd still struggle to care about Crews though and Titus, certainly ain’t gonna help the situation.

-Angle walking in the back with Aries…Aries says about 205 live maint event with a twist of greatness, Angle says he’ll consider it and Aries hands him a banana and walks off. -Angle then bumps into Miz and asks him if he’s found a partner, Miz says his partner found him. Drifter then walks by playing his guitar, Angle calls him an interesting choice but Miz says it’s not him, he doesn’t even know who he is…Angle tells Miz good luck and walks off eating the banana.

Main event: Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs. Miz & ????

Miz comes out last, gets on the mic introduces his tag partner but no-one comes out, he cancels the match, but Angle comes out and says the match is still on.
Jericho and Ambrose takes out Miz right away and have control for the first half, Miz gets back into things when Ambrose chases him outside, Miz hides behind Maryse then boots Ambrose in the face to get control. Ambrose eventually gets the hot tag and Jericho gets a flurry of offense on Miz. Miz decides to leave and Ambrose chases after him, they end up on top of the announce table.
Bray Wyatt’s thing hits and it goes dark, when the lights come back up Wyatt is standing on the table with Ambrose instead of Miz, they starts Brawling and Wyatt gives Ambrose a sister Abigail into the LED entrance, Jericho runs up to help but Miz and Wyatt double team him, they take him to the ring and he manages a codebreaker on Miz but takes a Sister Abigail. Wyatt stands with his hands raised Miz put his hand on his shoulder and raises is own hand. Wyatt gives him a sister Abigail too, kneels in front of Miz and scream ‘Follow the Buzzards’. End Show. There’s no count, so I guess the match went to a no contest, it was decent nothing special. Wyatt popping up had hardly any reaction though, I feel like the crowd were expecting Braun or something, I’m glad they give Wyatt something more to do, but it just came across as underwhelming.

Definitely a step below from last week, but it wasn’t bad, still had some good matches and the dumpster match was particularly fun. There wasn’t much that really stood out though, but they did keep their focus on Payback and did an alright job hyping things. Ok show overall. **3/4







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