AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 Day 2 (18/04/17) Review


Day 2 of the 2017 Champion Carnival and after a strong show in front a sold out Korakuen Hall crowd. This is a  smaller show, so they are probably gonna take it easier for this. Let’s see how it goes.

Match 1 – Block A Match: KAI vs. Ryouji Sai

Pretty average match, they do a bit of mat wrestling to begin, Sai takes control of KAI’s leg mainly with holds, KAI makes a come back match and the match becomes more back and forth with some basic action which leads to a short finishing sequence where KAI gets the win with ‘Meteor Impact.’
Winner: KAI(via Meteor Impact) **1/2

Match 2 – Block B Match: Daichi Hashimoto vs. The Bodyguard

Short 5 minute affair that was pretty decent. Very strike heavy back and forth contest with a quick pace. Hashimoto gets the win by killing Bodyguard with a Rising DDT. Nothing special but enjoyable enough.
Winner: Daichi Hashimoto(via Rising DDT) **3/4

-They have two 8 man tag team matches, one with Dory funk Jr who Sekimoto gets up in a torture rack at one point. I watched the first one which was pretty fun and skimmed through the second one which also seemed pretty fun.

Match 3 – Block B match: Kengo Mashimo vs. Takao Omori

So we have our a first 30 minute time limit draw and fair play I thought it was a solid match-up. Starts out pretty even, then they end up on the outside for a bit, Omori goes for an axe bomber but Kengo moves and his arm hits the post, Kengo then proceeds to capitalize on this and takes control working on Omori’s arm, Omori then comes back things stay more back and forth throughout the rest of it, though Kengo does go back to the arm later on and when Omori finally hits an axe bomber, it hurts him which delays him in going for the pinfall and right at the end Kengo gets Omori in a cross armbreaker but the bell rings for the time limit. Good effort from both guys although Omori did look like he was just going through the motions at times, but I thought the match was well spread-out and went at a reasonable pace(beside a few slower bits). I quite enjoyed it.
No winner: time limit draw ***1/2

Main Event: Block A Match: Zeus vs. Joe Doering

This was a pretty good main, only lasted around 10 minutes and was a very back and forth contest with a few holds worked in. Pretty much power against power which made it quite physical. In the end Zeus gets the win by impressively  hitting a jackhammer on Doering. Again match was nothing special but fairly enjoyable.
Winner: Zeus(via Jackhammer) ***

As expected this was a much more laid back show than day 1 and I’m sure most of the other smaller show days will be the same and I certainly don’t blame them for working that way. Don’t get me wrong though, the show was still enjoyable but it’s certainly skippable, the best match was Kengo/Omori but it’s certainly not for everyone and I’d really only mildly recommend it if you really wanted something.
Still it was an easy show to get through though and I still enjoyed it somewhat. Not bad, but not great. **3/4


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