WWE Smackdown Live 25/4/17 Review


Its Smackdown Live! and lets just jump right into things…

-And to kick things off is Shinsuke Nakamura!, he’s interviewed in the ring by Renee Young but before she can finish asking her first question, Dolph Ziggler interrupts.
-Ziggler decides to take over the interview asks his influences are and before Nakamura asks he answers for him with Dolph Ziggler…he then asks what goes through his mind wit his wack dances, Nakamura says nothing…Ziggler says he’s obviously intimidated being in the ring with his hero…he then says Nakamura’s real name is Michael and goes through the history of Michael Jackson? waffles on some more and it ends with him calling him a petty overrated freak…Nakamura takes the mic says it’s time for Ziggler to answer questions, he asks what Zigglers problem is…Ziggler doesn’t know so Nakamura answers for him, calling him a jackass. Ziggler kicks him in the gut, goes for the superkick but Nakamura catches his leg, hits him with the inverted powerslam and goes for the Kinshasa but Ziggler slips out the ring. End segment. I enjoyed Ziggler’s annoying cockiness to begin with but the whole Michael Jackson comparison thing was just weird and made little sense, I mean small reference may have worked but he really hammered it in the wrong way. Bit of odd, mixed segment really.

Match 1 – Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles

Good opener from these too, not as good as their main even last week, but not far off and still pretty solid. Had the same great  dynamic of the power vs. agility. At the end Kevin Owens(who was on commentary) gets up when Styles is in on the apron, Styles kicks him in the face, springboards into the ring over Corbin,  Corbin kicks him and sets him up for a powerbomb, but Styles rolls over into the sunset flip to get the 3 count.
Winner: Aj Styles(via sunset flip rollup) ***1/4

-post-match Owens and Corbin beat on Styles and Zayn comes out to make the save, Owens exits the ring, so Zayn and Corbin brawl, Zayn hits him with the helluva kick, Owens gets back into the ring and throws Zayn outside, he then hits a pop-up powerbomb on Styles and is left standing tall.

-Charlotte interviewed backstage about her match tonight…says she’s gonna prove what everyone already knows, that she’s the greatest superstar in WWE history.

Match 2 – Beat The Clock Tag team Title No.1 Contenders match: American Alpha vs. The Colons

Decent match-up between these two, In the beginning Alpha kept trying for Amateur wrestling pins and rollups to end things early but The Colon’s gain control and for better or worse slow things down but still going for the pin where they can, in the end Gable goes to make the tag but is cut off and Jordan is elbowed off the apron, Colons set up Gable for their powerbomb/lungblower finish, but Jordan comes in and barges Epico out the ring, Gable hits a ‘rana and then him and Jordan hit Grand Amplitude on Primo to get the win in around 5 minutes.
Winner: American Alpha(via Grand Amplitude) **3/4

-They show a video Rusev has recorded explaining his absence on Smackdown Live…He doesn’t like Shane O’Mac, Daniel Bryan or the superstar shake-up, He says he’ll only show up if they giving him a championship match at Money in the Bank, or he’ll just go back to Bulgaria. Interesting to say the least.

-Becky Lynch interviewed in the back about Charlotte…she has a lot of respect for her and acknowledges how good she is….
-Natalya, Tamina, Carmella and Ellsworth interrupt, explain that when it comes to situation with Charlotte they are either with them or against them.

Match 3 – No DQ match: Randy Orton vs. Erik Rowan

This was a good match, they used a few weapons, had a table spot and had a good pace. At the end Rowan sets up a chair in the corner, goes to throws Orton into it, but Orton reverses and throws Rowan through it instead, he then hits an RKO for the 3 count.
Winner: Randy Orton(via RKO) ***1/4

-Post-match Orton gets on the mic…he doesn’t know what a house of Horrors match is, but he says it will be Bray Wyatt’s eternal hell.
-Out comes Jinder Mahal…says how dare you overlook and disrespect him…he’s the true horror Orton should be worried about…he has more wealth, talent and culture and than anyone in the arena…says Orton is just like everyone else, disrespect him cause he looks different and whatnot…say’s he will bring the glory of the WWE title back to his people who he will address in his own language…he proceeds to speak in Punjab then goes for a cheap shot on Orton but he blocks it and gives Jinder and uppercut, he goes for his hangmans DDT but the Singh Brothers get involved and beat on him allowing Jinder to hit him with his Cobra Clutch slam. He then proceeds to take the WWE title belt with him. I like how Jinder presented himself here he did feel like a threat, sure they typically playing the whole race card but it’s getting somewhat of a reaction and I think Jinder’s doing pretty well.

-They show a clip of Jinder hanging out the roof of a limousine holding up the WWE belt.

Match 4 – Beat the clock Tag Team title No.1 Contenders match: Breezango vs. The Acsension

This was another decent tag match. Obviously kept short and had a good pace. Ascension waste no time getting control right off the bat when Connor explodes with a massive running uppercut. They dominate the majority of this and at the end go to finish of Fandango but Breeze gets in the ring so Connor runs at him but Breeze moves and Connor hits the buckle, Breeze then hits a superkick on Viktor and Fandango lands a Falcon Arrow to get the 3 count and beat the clock to become the new No.1 contenders. Interesting choice for the new contenders, but they are gonna have to try hard over the coming weeks to get the crowd behind them. Good luck to them.
Winners: Breezango(via Falcon Arrow) **3/4

-Naomi interviewed about her match up next…says Charlotte might says she’s the best, but she’s got the title so she’s the one on top and she’s gonna show why she is and Charlotte will feel the glow.

Main Event – Smackdown Women’s Title match: Naomi (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

This was going good up until the interference, really good effort from both women with some solid action. Then of course the Welcoming Committee(Natalya/Tamina/Carmella/Ellsworth) get involved and take out both women. Surprisingly Becky Lynch doesn’t get involved at all, so they obviously hold that back for now and giving the Committee a chance to look dominant. Good match anyway despite the non-finish.
No Winner – No Contest ***1/4

Pretty good show overall, had alot of solid action again and they are progressing things interestingly, Ziggler’s stuff is the only thing I had a real problem with but I thought most everything else was  handled fine at least. ***




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