AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 day 3 (19/4/17) Review


Day 3 of the Champion Carnival and just like day 2 this a smaller show, so expecting things to be taken easy again. Also as usual I’ll be focusing mainly on just the actual Tournament matches.

Match 1 – Block A Match: Jake Lee vs. Kai

Decent little opener here, they start with a bit of mat wrestling Kai tries to take control with a headlock but Jake gets him in a leg submission and controls the majority working on Kai’s which Kai sell well throughout the match and leads to a couple of occasions where he gets trapped in a submission and almost taps, In the end though he fights through the pain and ends it with a ‘Metor Impact’ giving him his third straight win in a row.
Winner: KAI(via Meteor Impact) ***

Match 2 – Block B Match: Daichi Hashimoto vs. Kengo Mashimo

Pretty decent match-up, they start out with some tech then Kengo takes control working on Daichi’s arm, then things go a bit more back and forth before Kengo finally locks in a double arm submission which makes Daichi tap.
Winner: Kengo Mashimo(via submission) **3/4

-They have a 6 man tag match which NEXTREAM wins, but I decided to skip over it.

Match 3 – Block B Match: The Bodyguard vs. Takao Omori

This wasn’t the best of matches to be honest, it just didn’t work all that well and I didn’t enjoy it much. Omori spent a good part working on Bodyguards leg (lots of limb work on this show) and they have a couple chop exchanges and then the finishing stretch was ok, but Bodyguard finishes Omori off with a high kick to the head, which clearly misses and looks like shit. Bit of a lifeless match.
Winner: Bodyguard(via high kick) **

Match 4 – Block A Match: Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Ryouji Sai

This was alright, bit slow going and never felt like it kicked into gear. Sekimoto worked on Sai’s back throughout who sold it quite well and in the end Sekimoto gets the pinfall with a deadlift German suplex. It was a fairly straightforward contest overall certainly nothing special but fairly decent.
Winner: Daisuke Sekimoto(via deadlift german suplex) **3/4

-Main event is an 8 man tag which Doering wins for his team with a Revolution bomb. Again I just skipped over it.

Like day 2 this was another very skippable show, had a couple decent matches but that’s about it. Though I didn’t see the tag matches I have read that they were better than the actual Carnival matches. I don’t think the dead silent crowd really helps much with these, things but you know its kind of expected that the wrestlers take things easier on these smaller shows, so there’s not much else to say really. **1/4



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