AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 Day 4 (20/4/17) Review


Day 4 of the 2017 Champion Carnival, It’s another smaller Nico-Nico show, so still not expecting anything big like day 1, but we’ll see.

-Opens with a tag team match that Hikaru Sato wins with a Boston crab, then there’s a six man tag featuring Tsuyoshi Kikuchi who actually ends up losing the match from a La Magistral cradle from Ultimo Dragon.

Block B Match – Daichi Hashimoto vs. Takao Omori

Decent match between these two, Omori gets control and works Hashimoto’s leg for a small portion, but Hashimoto fights through the pain to deliver his kicks and it becomes more back and forth with a pretty good finishing stretch where Daichi manages to kick out of an Axe Guillotine Driver but falls victim to an Axe Bomber to give Omori the 3 count.
Winner: Takao Omori(via Axe bomber) ***

Block A Match – Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Jake Lee

Another decent match, very back and forth, though Jake does work the arm of Sekimoto a little. In the end though Sekimoto locks in a scorpion deathlock and Jake taps out.
Winner: Daisuke Sekimoto(via Scorpion Deathlock) ***

Block B Match – Naoya Nomura vs. Suwama

Decent match here too, mostly back and forth, a bit slow going to begin but they pick things up in the finishing stretch where Suwama gets the win with a massive Last Ride.
Winner: Suwama(via Last ride) ***

Block B Match – The Bodyguard vs. Shuji Ishikawa

Last of the Carnival matches from day 4 and it’s definitely the best one. They waste no time going straight for it by running right at each other and deliver a fun back and forth almost 6 minute match. Shuji gets ends up getting the win hitting a Tsunami. Very enjoyable match-up.
Winner: Shuji Ishikawa(via Tsunami) ***1/4

-The main event is then a 6 man tag which Doering wins by pinning Zeus after hitting a Revolution Bomb.

Slight improvement of the day before, still a bunch of skippable but decent matches, though I did really enjoy Bodyguard/Ishikawa, which is worth a look if you really wanted since it’s so short.
Day 5 is one of the bigger shows, so I’m sure things will stepped up there, but as far as day 4 goes it’s another that can easily be looked over though still enjoyable to an extent. ***


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