WWE Payback 2017 review


It’s WWE Payback featuring Strowman/Reigns and the House of Horrors!?…Lets go!

Kick-Off match: Enzo & Cass vs. Anderson & Gallows

Decent little match, stuck to the typical formula of Enzo getting beaten down then getting the hot tag to Cass at the end. Anderson & Gallows had particular focus on Enzo’s arm. At the end Anderson & Gallows manage to stop Cass’ momentum and set up Enzo for the Magic Killer, Cass comes back in and boots Anderson out of the win and Enzo swings Gallows into a small package for the 3 count.
Winners: Enzo & Cass(via small package) **3/4

-Kickoff also features a MizTV segment with Finn Balor cause they got to get him on the show somehow. Miz complains about the length of Balor’s entrance. theres talk about the Balor club and how Miz found Balor to be failure while he was being dominant on Smackdown…Balor wants to win his Universal title back, Miz thinks it’s ridiculous and thinks Balor couldn’t even beat him let alone Lesnar…Balor wants to get a piece of Miz but Miz hides behind Maryse…Balor says that he’s not worth it anyway, he goes to leave but Miz is pissed about Balor’s comment, Maryse has moved out the way, so Balor hits a slingblade and the John Woo dropkick.  End Segment

Match 1 – WWE U.S Title match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Solid opener here. Not as good as their ‘Mania match but still good and an unexpected ending. They do a nice follow on from their last match for the finish, Jericho has Owens in the Walls of Jericho and Owens grabs the rope with his one finger, just like how he used his one finger to rope break the pinfall at ‘Mania. Jericho gets pissed and starts attacking Owens finger even putts his arm between the steps and post and kicks it. Back in the ring Owens plays up the injury in the corner, so the ref tries to back off Jericho, Owens then rakes Jericho in the eyes and goes for a roll-up but it only gets a 2 count. He then hits a super kick and goes for the pop-up powerbomb but the injured finger/hand stops him from popping Jericho up, so Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho again and makes Owens tap to win back the U.S Title. Very surprised that Jericho won here, as they seemed set on having a AJ/Owens feud, guess it’ll be him and Jericho instead which honestly isn’t as exciting, unless Owens still manages to get involved somehow, which I feel like there’s a good chance he will. Anyway I really liked the finish and enjoyed the match.
Winner: Chris Jericho(via The Walls Of Jericho) ***1/2

Match 2 – WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

Good match here, Aries keeps getting the upper-hand at the start and acts all cocky to a frustrated Neville. Neville eventually gains control though and picks apart Aries until he taunts the crowd for a third time while up on the ropes and Aries dropkicks him to the outside and makes a comebac,k leading to the finishing stretch. At the end Aries manages to lock in the Last Chancery after a sick sunset flip powerbomb from the top, Neville struggles to reach the ropes so instead he grabs the ref and throws him over them which gets him Disqualified. Great heel move by Neville good effort from both.
Winner: Austin Aries(via DQ) ***1/4

Match 3 – WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match – The Hardys (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro

Really good match here, kept quite back and forth between the two, though Sheamus & Cesaro do have a little control after Jeff takes a nasty spill to the outside. Lots of good action though and a couple close falls. At the end Matt goes for a twist of fate but Sheamus pushes him into the corner where Jeff tags Matt without Sheamus realising. Sheamus hits a powerslam on Matt and goes for a cover but the ref won’t count since Matt’s not the legal man and Jeff does a Swanton off the top onto Sheamus’s back while he’s covering Matt, Jeff pins him and the Hardys retain. Very good stuff.
Winner: The Hardys (via Swanton Bomb) ***3/4

-Post-match the teams shake hands and everything is fine and dandy…except it’s not as The Hardys continue to celebrate, Sheamus and Cesaro attack them and take them out, ending with a Brogue kick to Matt in the ring. Thus Sheacesaro are now heel.

Match 4 – WWE Raw Womens Title Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley (c)

Good match between these two. Bayley starts out well but Alexa ends up taking control for a portion until she spends a bit too much time taunting on the outside and Bayley catches her with a stunner between the middle rope as she comes back in, it then becomes very back and forth with some good action and a couple nearfalls. In the end Alexa goes for a code red out the corner which already landed earlier on but, Bayley doesn’t go over and instead drops to her knees and hold Alexa’s legs for a pin, Alexa kicks out though and Bayley’s head slides into the ring post hard(looked nasty), ref tries to check on her, but Bliss grabs her, Bayley grabds her into a small package, but Bliss kicks out and holds on dragging Bayley up and catching her with a DDT which gets her a 3 count and makes her the new Champion. This makes Bliss the first ever women to have held both the Smackdown and Raw Womens Titles. Few niggles here and there but overall good effort from both.
Winner: Alexa Bliss(via DDT) ***1/4

Match 5 – House Of Horrors Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

Well…this was something, not much of a house of Horrors, did have some creepy stuff though, they basically just brawl in a few rooms and then Wyatt drops a fridge on Orton and leaves to head to the arena and they carry on with the next match while he’s traveling. Not as ridiculous I was hoping for, quite tame really… it was bad.
To be Continued….

Match 6 – Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Another Solid match here, Joe targets Rollins leg throughout and Rollins sells it well, even effecting him at certain points, like delaying his cover from a frogsplash. At the end Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, but Rollins manages to roll him into a pin for the 3 count. Very enjoyable.
Winner: Rollins(via pinfall) ***1/2

House of Horrors match continued

So Wyatt gets into the ring and when the lights go up Orton is behind him with a chair, Orton continues his assault even does a hanging DDT from the announce table. When they are back in the ring, the Singh brothers attack him, he manages to take them out but then Jinder attacks him from behind with the WWE belt, he strikes him again and Wyatt hits Sister Abigail to get the pinfall…. Well at least it gives Jinder some heat. Honestly though this whole thing was not good at all, was hoping for something trashy and fun, but not much fun was had at all.
Winner: Bray Wyatt (via Sister Abigail) NR

Main Event – Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Really good main event here, Reigns was all bandaged up and played the struggling injured man against the Monster perfectly, It was a valiant effort as he tried his best to stay in things and even managed to hit a spear, but it was not enough to put the big man down, he gets caught out and eats a powerslam which he barely kicks out from and then takes another one that puts him down for the count. really enjoyed this, great effort from the both of them, they really delivered.
Winner: Braun Strowman (via Hoss Powerslam) ***3/4

-Post-match Braun get the steel steps puts stands them on their side and throws Reigns ribs onto them and then smashes the stairs into Reigns’s ribs himself, making Reigns cough up blood. Awesome stuff.

Take out the house of Horrors stuff which was awful and you’ve got a solid show from top to bottom, every match delivered something good(all over ***) and was really enjoyable. No MOTYC’s but still lots of very good stuff, both Strowman/Reigns and the Tag title match were the best of the night. Thumbs up from me. ***1/2



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