AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 Day 5 (22/4/17) Review


So after 3 rather enjoyable but completely skippable smaller Nico shows where now have another bigger show broadcast on Samurai TV, so there’s a good chance of them stepping up their game again just like on day 1. As usual I will be mainly focusing on just the tournament matches themselves. Lets go!

-Show opens with six man tag which Kai wins with a Boston Crab
-There’s a small singles match between Dalton Dreillich and Yuma Aoyagi that Aoyagi wins with a backslide.
-There’s a 10 man tag featuring Dory Funk Jr, which Ultimo Dragon wins with a La Magistral on Masnobu Fuchi, after the match Dory gets his whip and starts trying to whip everyone.

Block B Match – Naoya Nomura vs. Shuji Ishikawa

First of the day’s Carnival matches and it’s a damn good start, what a solid match-up. They go straight for it from the get go and Nomura really tried hard and put in a valiant effort to try stand up to Ishikawa and put him down, he attempts a spear twice but fails to take him down both times, though the second time he turns it into a schoolboy. The 3rd attempt he finally connects with it but it’s not enough to keep Shuji down, but Nomura also doesn’t go down easily, kicking out of two Tsunamis and a Giant Driver, but finally staying down for the 3 count from a Splash Mountain bomb. Very good stuff from the two and they kept a good pace throughout.
Winner: Shuji Ishikawa(via Splash Mountain) ***1/2

Block A Match – Jake Lee vs. Zeus

Good match between these two. They waste no time going right into and deliver a good paced enjoyable back and forth match with Jake Lee getting the win after a big backdrop. Not much more to say really, just quick and enjoyable
Winner: Jake Lee(via backdrop) ***1/4

Block B Match – Kengo Mashimo vs. Suwama

Very solid match here. It’s back and forth contest throughout and at one point Kengo catches Suwama’s leg with a dragon screw through the ropes and proceeds to work on Suwama’s leg throughout which manages to slow down Suwama but also nicely leads into the finish where Suwama struggles to get Kengo up for the last ride and Kengo just grabs his leg and drops him down into the heel hook and after a significant amount of struggling Suwama finally taps out. Really enjoyed that.
Winner: Kengo Mashimo(via heel Hook) ***1/2

Main Event: Block A Match – Joe Doering vs. Kento Miyahara

This was a Really good main event. Kento starts off well and things seems kind of even, but on the outside, Kento jumps off the apron and Joe catches him and runs him into the ringpost, from then on Joe dominates the match wearing down Kento’s back and locking in the Boston crab a few times, Kento sells the back well and really struggles to make a come back bu he has a good go. In the end Joe looks to end things with the Revolution bomb but Kento manages to reverse into a Manami roll and when Joe kicks out, Kento quickly gets up and hits jow with 3 Blackout knees in a row which gets him the 3 count. A lucky win for Kento who showed great resilience. I liked that match alot.
Winner: Kento Miyahara(via Blackout) ***3/4

A Solid show overall not as good as day 1 but much better than the previous 3 days. Still wouldn’t say anything is must-see but it’s an easily digestible 2 hours with lots of good stuff going on and I very much enjoyed it overall. ***1/2


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