WWE Raw 1/5/17 review


It’s the night after Payback, so lets see what after-effects of that even are on Monday Night Raw.

-Kicking off the show is the Alexa Bliss Raw Women Champion Coronation, all the Raw Women are in the ring standing in a line with a podium in the center, Alexa Bliss then comes out…”The Queen is dead, long live Alexa Bliss the one and only goddess of WWE”…says she deserves a coronation, she thanks all the women for being there and has a few women she wants to thank…She thanks Mickie James for inspiring her…Thanks Sasha Banks, she says she heard Sasha say she didn’t know who she was, well she’s Alexa, The Champ and the one that pinned Sasha to get where she is…Sasha get a little bit in her face and Alexa back up and bumps into Nia…She says their good and speak how talented Nia is and everyone is jealous of her and looks forward to tagging with her tonight…she then step onto the podium and she’s loving it…She spots Bayley and pretends she forgot about her and says all of this was because of her and even mentions Bayley’s family witnessing¬† her lose and being upset..says now her family has a real role model to look up to and Bayley snaps and flips the podium and they all start brawling. FADE TO COMMERCIAL. This was Pure Alexa Bliss and she did great just demeaning everyone, enjoyed it.

Match 1 – Alexa Bliss/Nia Jax/Alicia Fox/Emma vs. Bayley/Sasha Banks/Dana Brooke/Mickie James

Decent little tag match here, Bayleys team control to begin working on Alicia Fox, but after commercial Alexa’s team get the control¬† wearing down Sasha Banks. Eventually Banks gets the hot tag to Bayley while Alexa is the one in the ring so she begin her big flurry of offense which the crowd were loving. All the other women all try to get involved but all end up on the outside, Bayley then scoops up Alexa but Alexa slides down her back, rakes her eyes and hits a DDT for the 3 count.
Winner: Alexa Bliss’s team(via DDT) **3/4

Match 2 – Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows

Before the match, Enzo & Cass do their little shtick  but Gallows and Anderson attack them from behind in the ring. Match then starts after commercial break.
Match was decent. Gallows obviously dominates throughout it, mainly targeting Enzo’s arm who completely no sells it during his little comeback at the end, though I did still enjoy the comeback. In the end Enzo goes up top and gets distracted by Anderson, so Gallows smacks him in the face, gets him on his shoulders and hit the firemans carry flapjack to get the win.
Winner: Gallows(via fireman’s carry flapjack) **3/4

-TJP is backstage with Neville and questions what happened at payback in Nevill’s match…Neville calls it an accident and calls the ref unprofessional for taking away his chance to end their Austin Aries problem, tonight TJP has a match with Aries so Neville tells him to make the most of the opportunity. Good stuff from Neville still managing to manipulate TJ.

-Seth Rollins is now out..he speaks about feeling good and how things have come full circle after beating Joe and Triple H, now he wants Lesnar for the Universal title.
-Finn Balor interrupts…he talks about beating Rollins for the Universal title with one arm and since he never officially lost it, the line for the title starts with him.
-Out comes Dean Ambrose, says Lesnar does what he wants and when he wants but not often enough and Raw needs a fighting champion and says his Intercontinental title is the main title to get on Raw.
-Miz now enters…says Rollins and Balor have done nothing to deserve a title opportunity…calls Ambrose an embarrassment to the title, says himself the only one that deserves the title since he’s the only one that brought prestige to it…he talks down to everyone and calls himself the biggest threat on Raw and they all tell him to shut up…Ambrose says there are two things, one is he’ll face anyone at anytime for the title and two everyone wants to see Miz get beaten up…He proceeds to ring Kurt Angle who makes a no.1 contender’s triple threat match for tonight!. Fun little segment I do like them making the Intercontinental Title feel important and they all got their points across well enough, though Miz was the best of the lot of them, Triple threat should be good too.

Match 3 – Tony Nese/Noam Dar/Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann/Akira Tozawa/Jack Gallagher

Good match, a little formulaic but it has some fun moments. Kendrick’s team get the control of Tozawa but he makes the come back leading to the finishing stretch where Gallagher gets the victory with his running corner dropkick on Kendrick.
Winners: Gallagher’ team(via running corner dropkick) ***

-Sheamus and Cesaro come out for a promo…say they are finally free, said things all changed at ‘Mania when the Hardy’s stole their moment…that why they beat them up at Payback cause they don’t deserve to be in the same ring as a Warrior or a Superman. they call the Hardys a novelty act and Novelty acts don’t last long and they will win back their tag titles.
-The Hardys now come out..They thank them for the explanation and are here to give them their response… They do the Delete gesture and run to the ring but Cesaro & Sheamus run away. Simple enough segment and not bad, pretty good mic work from all.

Match 4 – Heath Slater vs. Apollo Crews

So this is because Slater was giving Apollo advice about kids but Titus thinks he shouldn’t associate with them…yeah.
ok match-up, standard stuff really, Crews gets the win with the Spin-out Powebomb. Still not sure where this whole Titus thing is going or whether it’ll help Crews at all, but at least they trying.
Winner: Apollo Crews(via Spin-out Powerbomb) **1/2

-Kurt Angle comes out to give an medical update on Reigns and Strowman they both have injuries but say they are not done with each other, so Angle’s gonna see what medical officials say in coming weeks.
-Bray Wyatt interrupts…he means Angle no harm, he’s here as a saviour…he ramblers on about evil and poison and says Angle needs him and needs to know if he will allow him to do his work…Angle doesn’t know what Wyatt has planned but this is his show…Wyatt says it may be his show but this is his world….And that’s it they go to commercial. OK no idea what Wyatt was blurting about guess we’ll find out soon. Standard rambly promo from him.

Match 5 – Austin Aries vs. Tj Perkins

Good match between these two. Aries starts out well and has the upper-hand on things but TJ soon enough gets the control and works on Aries leg throughout including a half Boston crab on the second turnbuckle which was cool. Aries eventually makes his comeback though that leads into the finishing stretch where he gets the win by reversing the detonation kick into the last chancery and makes TJ tap out. Aries sells the hurt leg quite well and it affects him a couple of times, like at the end when he locks in the Last chancery he struggles to keep the bridge bringing his hurt leg up every now and again, it’s a nice little touch that I can appreciate. Good work from both.
Winner: Austin Aries(via Last Chancery) ***1/4

-Post-match TJP continues his attack on Aries leg and locks in the kneebar.

-Just realised I forgot to talk about Dean Ambrose taking the mic while Miz is interviewed about the No.1 contenders match and interviewing both Rollins & Balor himself. They were kind of fun little segments.

-Goldust & R-truth are backstage with Kurt Angle and ask for a tag title match with the Hardy’s. Angle won’t sanction it though cause of Golden Truth’s bad win/loss record. Goldust pleads with him saying how they’ve been inspired and had a fire lit under them since Angle became GM and the Hardys have returned. Angle decides that there’ll be a tag team turmoil match to determine the No.1 contenders for the Hardys belts.

Main Event – Intercontinental Title No.1 Contenders match: Seth Rollins vs. The Miz vs. Finn Balor

Really good match here, lots of fun action and nearfalls. At the beginning Miz gets out the ring and just lets Seth & Balor got at it every time he tried to sneak back in they’d notice so he’d stay outside until they decide to finally go after him, he tries to make a truce with both but they refuse and so they start beating on him. Great heel work from Miz throughout including using his wife as a shield and stuff. At the end Rollins does a tope Suicida on Miz and Joe runs hit and hits Uranage on Rollins who stiffly hits the floor taking him out of the match. Balor then does his sequence of offense on Miz and gets up top for the Coup De Grace but Wyatt shows up, pushes him off the top, hits Sister Abigail then disappears, Miz then takes advantage and cover Balor for the pinfall to become the no.1 contender. Nice way to set-up/carry on 3 feuds. Great effort from all involved, crowd were really into it too.
Winner: The Miz(via Wyattference) ***3/4

Not a bad Raw, matches were decent enough and the Main event was very good. Shame there was no Strowman but it’s good that they are selling the injuries and they were building and progressing feuds throughout and segments were fine but nothing outstanding. So yeah not bad overall. **3/4



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