WWE Smackdown Live 2/5/17 Review


It’s Smackdown Live and it’s just under 3 weeks til Backlash, lets see how it goes!

-they starts with a video shot earlier in the day of Jinder having a photoshoot with the WWE Title, Shane O’Mac comes and says he has to earn the title, which Jinder says he will at Backlash. Shane then informs him he has a match with Sami Zayn later on.

-Shane O’Mac comes to the ring to open the show…he introduces the newest member of Smackdown Live Chris Jericho!…Shane says on his first night he will be defending his U.S title against Kevin Owens.
-AJ Styles the comes out…says Jericho is standing in the house AJ Styles built..he hasn’t forgotten the past and would be happy to take Jericho’s title at Backlash if he still has it by the end of the night…Jericho talks about how Payback went down with him beating Owens, he about to put AJ on the list….
-Kevin Owens interrupts…he calls the whole thing pathetic, says the only thing that matters is him taking back his U.S Title…He says Styles shouldn’t even be in the ring, so AJ runs out and starts brawling with Owens as officials break them up. Nice little way to set-up tonight, had a feeling thigns weren’t finished between Jericho and Owens.

Match 1 – Sami Zayn vs. Jinder Mahal

Decent little match between these two, Jinder did fairly well, he got control at one point thanks to Singh Brothers distraction and also got his win because of them, the one brother moves Jinder out the way of the Helluva kick and the second one grabs Sami ankle as he goes for his running dive, giving Jinder the opportunity to hit his Cobra Clutch slam and get the pinfall. Sami’s a good choice for an opponent as he brings good energy to his matches and can make people look good which he kind of did here.
Winner: Jinder Mahal(via Cobra Clutch slam) **3/4

-Beck Lynch bumps into Tamina/Carmellsworth/Natalya backstage, they make a case for why what they are doing is right and why Becky should join them, Becky decides to think about it.

-They show a Nakamura hype video and Ziggler is watching it on a screen backstage and he can’t believe they’ve built a PPV around Nakamura without him even proving himself or anything….Shane interrupts says how Nakamura introduced himself to Ziggler last week…Ziggler says he remembers and he was real impressed by Nakamura entrance, but tonight he’s gonna make an impression when he beats Sin Cara tonight. Yep…gonna make a real impression beating Sin Cara…

Match 2 – Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

English does his singing in the ring beforehand which gets interrupted by Tye.
Match is pretty much a squash with Tye debuting a new finish which is like a TKO swung onto his Knee. Guess they wanted to differentiate it, since Styles does the Ushigoroshi, which is a good idea and  It looked pretty cool anyway.
Winner: Tye Dillinger(via Tye Breaker V2) SQUASH

-Renee walks up to Jericho backstage to interview about his match tonight, they get interrupted by Aiden English crying and Jericho puts him on the list as well as Renee just cause he can.

-Charlotte interviewed about what happened last week, she says the Welcoming Committee just delayed the inevitable and she’ll still be come champion. the Committee then assault and beat her down.

Match 3 – Naomi/Charlotte vs. the Welcoming Committee

This was pretty good. After getting attacked backstage Charlotte isn’t in the match in the beginning, Naomi starts of well but Natalya ends up gaining control of her, then after a double down, Charlotte finally comes out and gets the hot tag, she gets on a good streak but Natalya manages to stop it and gain back control. Charlotte then finally gets the hot tag to Naomi which leads into the finishing stretch where Naomi hits the rear view and goes for the cover, but Natalya gets on the apron to distract the ref, Naomi enzugiri’s her off but then Ellsworth gets on the apron for another distraction which allows Carmella to go for a roll-up which gets the 3 count. Good work from everyone.
Winners: Committe(via rollup) ***

-Post-match The Welcoming Committee continue to beat down charlotte and Naomi, Becky Lynch then runs out and doesn’t know what side to pick. She decides to ‘join’ the committee, shakes Tamina and Carmella’s hands and hugs Natalya, she then goes to hug Ellsworth but instead throws him into Tamina and starts attacking the committee. Tamina catches her with a superkick though, so the Committee still stand tall. It was highly doubtful Becky was gonna join the Committee but it was a nice little fake out.

Match 4 – Sin Cara vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was decent, Sin Cara actually got a fair amount of offense in, even hitting a schoolboy powerbomb but he quickly falls victim to a superkick which gets Ziggler the pinfall. Yep I’m thoroughly impressed Ziggler….
Winner: Ziggler(via superkick) **3/4

-We a video of the Fashion files which is all about the Fashion Police discussing The Uso’s and crimes they have committed. It’s quite fun.

Main event – U.S Title Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens

They announced earlier that Styles has been banned from ring side. Match was good, not as good as their previous matches but still good. It’s quite back and forth throughout and Jericho locks in the Walls Of Jericho a couple of times and comes mightily close to winning. After the second ropebreak though, they end up on the outside and Owens hits a DDT on the floor which Jericho never fully recovers from and Owens ends up hitting the pop-up powerbomb to get the pinfall and win back his title.
Winner: Kevin Owens(via Pop-up Powerbomb) ***1/4

-Psot-match. medics attend to Jericho and Owens interrupts them and gives Jericho another pop-up powerbomb, he goes for a third but Jericho flails to the ground when he tries to push him into the rope to set it up. Owens then leaves but as Jericho is getting helped out of the ring, Owens comes back and attacks him again, he then puts a chair around the neck of Jericho and shoves him into the ringpost, leaving Jericho a broken mess as the show ends. Brutal display by Owens there, guess this allowed Jericho to have some time off and him winning the title was purely for him to change brands. Good stuff though.

Show wasn’t bad, not a whole lot going on, but I enjoyed how the Womens stuff went and Jericho/Owens and it was an easy watch overall, just not very noteworthy really and you got half the people missing from feuds to truly get a good progession of them. Not bad though. **3/4


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