K-Dojo 15th Anniversary Club-K Super Evolution 15 (23/4/17) Review


So this is the 15th Anniversary Show for the Kaientai Dojo which is the promotion and training facility founded and run by Taka Michinoku. Now I’ve honestly not seen much K-Dojo over the years mainly just a few matches here and there, but I’d thought I’d check out their 15th anniversary show. It was held in the Kourakuen Hall and features Kota Ibushi vs. Taka and a lot of wrestlers I’m not very familiar with, so this should be fun.

Match 1 – Isami Kodaka/KAZMA SAKAMOTO/Ryuichi Sekine/Yuu Yamagata vs. ERINA/GO Asakawa/ Kyu Mogami/Marines Mask

So to kick things off we have a six person tag match, which has been clipped slightly, it’s a pretty fun opener though, they keep a good pace and have some decent action. Isami’s team get the win after Sekine does a rolling firemans carry on Marines and Isami hits his diving double knee drop for the pinfall.
Winner: Isami’s Team(via Double kneedrop) **3/4

Match 2 – Daigoro Kashiwa/Kim Nam Seok/Ricky Fuji vs. SFU (Bambi & Yuma) & Malik

Another pretty fun tag match, they kept a good pace and filled it with enjoyable action. Just a perfectly fine match, with Diagoro getting the win hitting a diving headbutt on Yuma.
Winners; Kashiwa/Seok/Fuji(via Diving Headbutt) **3/4

Match 3 – Dinosaur Takuma vs. Kotaro Yoshino vs. Kunio Toshima

Fun 5 minute comedy style match, before the final man Kunio comes out, Yoshino ties up Takuma in a sack. Kunio helps him out and they decide to work together against Yoshino, Yoshino then ends up tying a rope over their waist on either end and starts pulling them about. Dinosaur and Kunios alliance then collapses and they start elbowing each other, Yoshino tries to throw a massive net over them from the top, but the net just flails forward a few cm(I did have a good chuckle over that) so the other two grab the net and throw it over him and running sandwich him. At the end Yoshino gets Takuma in a roll-up and Kunio pushes Yoshino’s head back, which without him realising reverses the roll-up in Takuma’s favour giving Takuma the 3 count.
Winner: Dinosaur Takuma(via Roll-up) **3/4

Match 4 – UWA World Middleweight title Match: Ayuma Honda (c) vs. Yoshihiro Horaguchi

This was a decent little match. Honda goes for the cross armbreaker straight away but Horaguchi manages to escape, Honda proceeds to focus on Horaguchi’s arm throughout as well as just be a bit of a dick with little head kicks and stomps. Horaguchi still get some offense in but ultimately taps out to the cross armbreaker at the end. Simple and enjoyable match.
Winner: Ayuma(via cross armbreaker) **3/4

Match 5 – Kota Ibushi vs. Taka Michinoku

This was good, they definitely took it quite easy, particularly in the first half where Taka basically just controls Ibushi with various holds and gets the just facelock in for a lengthy amount of time before the rope break. They pick things up a little towards the end and there’s a couple fun moments, one involves Ibushi busting out a stodgy Styles Clash which almost could have been a disaster. In the end tough Ibushi hits a last ride and Phoenix splash to get the pinfall. Just a nice little exhibition match, pretty fun.
Winner: Kota Ibushi(via Phoenix Splash) ***

Match 6 – STRONGEST-K Tag Team title match: Magatsuki (c) vs. Kaji Tomato/Taishi Takizawa

This was very good, they went straight into things from the get go and delivered a very back and forth contest that was consistently paced and had lots of fun action going on. At the end Takizawa a ‘Big Ending type move that gets him the win and makes his team the new tag champs.
Winner: Tomato/Takizawa(via Big ending type move) ***1/2

Main Event – STRONGEST-K Title match: Kengo Mashimo (c) vs. Yoshihiro Horaguchi

Great main event here. Back and forth and quite physical was alot of stiff strikes going on. Early on Horaguchi works on Mashimo’s arm and Mashimo retaliates by working Horaguchi’s leg. It all gets negated in the finishing stretch with a lack of selling, but its still really all enjoyable anyway. Kengo ends up retaining after a big vertical brainbuster. Strong effort from both guys, I liked it alot.
Winner: Kengo Mashimo(via Brainbuster) ****

Well this was a fairly good show overall, Undercard was pretty fun, Ibushi/Taka was fun and the final two matches delivered something good to great. Running just under two hours it was a very easy watch and quite enjoyable all in all ***


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