AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 Day 6 (23/4/17) Review


so after a solid show on day 5 we are back onto another smaller Nico, although I’ve heard good things about this one so we’ll see how it goes.

-Opens with a six man tag featuring Dory Funk Jr. again, at the end he gets Osamu Nishimura in a spinning toe hold and his team mate Yusuke Okada comes in and walks up to Nishimura who grabs him into a roll-up while still in the toe hold and gets the 3 count. Funk then goes to give Okada a whipping.
-There’s then a second 6 man tag match that Ultimo Dragon wins with a La Magistral.

Block A Match – Joe Doering vs. Jake Lee

Decent little match here, Doering gets the upperhand early on with his power gain, but Jake manages to get back into things and hold his own. Doering locks in the Boston Crab 4 times, the third time Jake pushes up and makes Doering roll forward so on the 4th time Doering locks it in near a corner, so when Jake tries to push-up again Doering pushes his own head into the middle turnbuckle, so that he doesn’t budge and roll forward this time, which leads to Jake finally tapping out. It was a nice touch that I liked a lot and I quite enjoyed the match overall.
Winner: Joe Doering(via Boston Crab) ***

Block B Match – Suwama vs. Takao Omori

This was good. Match starts pretty even but Omori manages to take control focusing on Suwama’s leg. Suwama soon enough gets back into things though, fighting through the pain, leading to a fun finishing stretch where Suwama gets the win with a Last Ride.
Winner: Suwama(via Last Ride) ***1/4

Block A Match – Ryouji Sai vs. Zeus

Another pretty good match-up, Zeus works on Sai’s leg early on but Sai retaliates by targeting Zeus’ arm but it’s all pretty much negated in the finishing stretch. Still I enjoyed the end stretch which included them exchanging brainbusters holding onto each other which was fun and Sai almost murders Zeus with a wrist-clutch backdrop to get the win.
Winner: Ryouji Sai(via wrist-clutch backdrop) ***

Main Event: Kento Miyahara vs. KAI

Great main event almost went for a good 26 minutes, quite back and forth with KAI focusing on Kento’s leg for a lot of it, but Kento would consistently persevere though and get the win with the a Shutdown German Suplex. Match had a lot of good action, was well paced  and they had a big finishing stretch that was great with some good near-falls. Enjoyed that alot.
winner: Kento Miyahara(via Shutdown German Suplex hold) ****

Out of all the smaller Nico Shows this has definitely been the best one, all the matches were good and the main event was great. I definitely recommend the main if you got time to watch it. Good show overall. ***1/4


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