W-1 WRESTLE-1 Tour 2017 Cherry Blossom 19/4/17 Review


Wrestle-1 is promotion that I really haven’t seen much of at all since it started, people tend not to talk about it much or hold it in high regard but I’ve been curious to check out more their stuff and decided to watch this recent show, which features Shuji Kondo in the main event, who I’ve always liked but haven’t seen much of in a good few years. Though there’s seems to be alot of names I’m not very familiar with or have even heard of too, so it’ll be interesting to look at some new faces. Let’s jump right into things.

Match 1 – Kohei Fujimura, Masayuki Mitomi & Yuya Susumu vs. Ganseki Tanaka, Hajime Nomura & Sho Shindo

I have no clue who anyone is in this match, seems to be mainly young W-1 upstarts. Quite a fun little opener though, they kept a good pace throughout and there was a fair amount of stiff forearms going on. In the end Masayuki Mitomi gets the win with a Salty Splash.
Winners: Fujimura/Mitomi/Susumu(via Salty Splash) **3/4

Match 2 – Hana Kimura & Reika Saiki vs. Natsumi Maki & Saori Anou

Again don’t know any of these women but this was a good match. They had high energy throughout and just kept it flowing, At the end Kimura murders Anou with a nasty boot against the ropes(saw a GIF of it on twitter before watching this show) and then hits big stiff missile dropkick to get the win. Fun stuff.
Winner: Kimura/Saiki (via Missile dropkick) ***

Match 3 – Kaz Hayashi & Kotaro Suzuki vs. Jun Tonsho & Seigo Tachibana

This was pretty good. Got two Junior veterans against two youngsters who only debuted a year ago, they show good spirit though and stand up quite well against Kaz and Kotaro. Tonsho reminds me of Testuya Naito(pre-LiJ) a little, he has the same looking attire and does a couple of similar moves. In the end though despite the young guys efforts Kaz hits Tachibana with a Final Cut and gets the pinfall.
Winners: Kaz/Kotaro(via final cut) ***

Match 4 – Jun Kasai & Manabu Soya vs. Tokyo Gurentai (MAZADA & NOSAWA Rongai)

First few minutes of this match was cut, but what they show of it was pretty decent another enjoyable little back and forth affair, with Soya getting the win after a Wild Bomber.
Winner: Kasai/Soya(via Wild Bomber) **3/4

Match 5 – Wrestle-1 Cruiserweight Title Match: Seiki Yoshioka (c) vs. Andy Wu

This was very good. Consistently paced and back and forth with some good cruiser action and close near-falls. Really liked the DDT into the turnbuckle that Yoshioka did, don’t see that move often. Just solid stuff all around with Andy getting the victory and becoming  the new champion after hitting a sweet rolling wheelbarrow facebuster.
Winner: Andy Wu(via Rolling Wheelbarrow Facebuster) ***1/2

-Post match MAZADA comes out and provokes Wu and  challenges him for Wu’s newly won belt. Wu attacks him and MAZADA hits him with a lariat. people have to hold Wu back.

Match 6 – Masayuki Kono vs. Takanori Ito

This was fairly decent. It was well paced and back and forth, but I really didn’t get much from it. Pretty average stuff really. Kono gets the win with a running knee.
Winner: Masayuki Kono(via running Knee) **3/4

Match 7 – Wrestle-1 Tag team Title Match: NEWERA (Koji Doi & Kumagoro) (c) vs. Daiki Inaba & Yusuke Kodama

Fair play this was great. Had constant back and forth of action from start to finish with lots of close nearfalls. The guys just really went for it early on and put in a great effort, delivering a very enjoyable match. No-one would go down easy which leads to the fun final exchange between Doi and Kodama where after a number of nearfalls,  Doi manages to hit a sit-out last ride but rather than stick with the pinfall he give Kodama a big vertical drop brainbuster to make sure he actually stays down. the 3 count is finally made and  NEWERA retain their belts. Great stuff.
Winners: NEWERA(via Brainbuster) ****

Main Event – Wrestle -1 Title Match: Shotaro Ashino (c) vs. Shuji Kondo

This was a really good main event. Kondo gets control early working on Ashino neck, but Ashino comes back, focusing on Kondo’s leg and they proceed to work on each others targeted body parts throughout, up until the finishing stretch where they are more concerned with keeping the other guy down for the pinfall. It’s a fun finishing stretch though and I really thought Kondo had it at one point after a big King Kong Lariat. But in the end Ashino locks in the anklelock with a grapevine for the second time(the first time Shuji german’d his way out of it, which was great) and Kondo is quite close to the ropes but he’s unable to shift himself to them and after a good struggle finally submits, making Shotaro retain.
Winner: Shotaro Ashino(via Anklelock) ***3/4

-Post match Manabu Soya makes his challenge for the W-1 belt…

Well I really enjoyed that show, lots of good matches that were really easy to watch and the final two really delivered. Quite happy that I decided to check it out in the end, very solid show overall. ***1/4



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