WWE Raw 8/5/17 Review


Its Monday Night Raw which this week is held in London, UK. Let’s see how it goes.

-We open with Ambrose walking in the back on the phone to Angle ‘discussing something’, he then walks out to the ring…announces that Kurt won’t be on the show and he hasbeenĀ  named acting GM on of Raw…he says his show will be all about action.
-Miz then interrupts…he’s unhappy about the decision…says Stephanie Mcmahon phoned him up and assigned him as a co-acting GM…Ambrose tells Miz to enjoy this cause at Extreme Rules he will beat him…Miz responds by gloating about how he beat Rollins and Balor to be No.1 contender…Ambrose decides to try and shake Miz’s hand…
-But Braun Strowman interrupts and his arm is in a sling…he doesn’t care whose in charge he gets what he wants he may have beat Reigns at Payback but as long as he’s still walking he’s not done with him and when his arm is healed he’ll take out Roman for good and then he wants Brock Lesnar..
-Kalisto interrupts…He says he’s not done with Strowman, he beat him in the Dumpster match and Braun didn’t take it like a man and he wants to face Braun tonight…Braun says Kalisto won on a technicality and he crushed him like a empty beer can and when his arm is healed he’ll beat down Kalisto again, says he could do it with one arm…hearing that Dean sets up the match between Braun and Kalisto which Braun isn’t too happy about…Miz congratulates Dean on ending Kalisto’s career only 10 minutes into being GM, he wonders what’s next and Dean says the first match will be Miz against Finn Balor. Pretty fun segment I like Miz and Dean’s dynamic and always love a bit of Braun. Kalisto had a go but his promos still don’t come across well.

Match 1 – the Miz vs. Finn Balor

This was pretty good. Miz gets a bit of control, but match is pretty even aside that. At the end Maryse distracts the ref and Miz pushes Balor into the back of him, Miz then grabs a mic and says as GM he can’t allow a wrestler to put his hands on a referee and tells the ref to disqualify Balor, which he does. Miz goes to leave but Ambrose comes out and says the match will restart with Maryse banned from ringside. Finn then grabs Miz and hits his finishing sequence of slingblade>John Woo>Coup De Grace to get the 3 count.
Winner: Balor(via Coup De Grace) ***

-Nia Jax walks up to Alexa Bliss backstage, Nia asks if Alexa meant what she said last week about her being great..Bliss said she did, So Nia says when Bliss is done with Bayley she gets the next title opportunity…Bliss tries to work around answering that by saying she’ll ‘talk to Angle’ about it…Jax is happy about that and says Bliss now has a new best friend.

Match 2 – Alexa bliss w/Nia Jax vs. Mickie James w/Bayley

This was alright, Mickie starts out well then after commercial Bliss is in control working on Mickies arm quite nicely, there’s a few little niggles, but it’s mostly a decent effort. In the end Mickie goes to climb up top but Nia grabs her leg, Mickie manages to kick it away and Bayley does a crossbody off the steps onto Nia. Mickie finally gets on top but Alexa takes her off with an elbow to the face which gets her a 3 count.
Winner: Alexa Bliss(via elbow to the face) **1/2

-Post-match Alexa starts to beat on Mickie but Bayley comes in to stop her, so she runs away with Bayley chasing her. Nia then gets into the ring, squashes Mickie in the corner, hits a big running elbow drop and leaves.

-Miz walks up to Ambrose in the back and they have an argument on what’s happening on the show, which leads to Miz putting Ambrose in a match with Bray Wyatt.

-Samoa Joe is now interviewed in the back…he talks about what’s happened with Rollins and says things ain’t over between them, Rollins then runs in and attacks him, so they starts brawling until they are broken up.

Match 3 – Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto

-So Strowman grabs a mic and says he doesn’t care if Ambrose is co-GM he is injured and will not do the match, the ref rings the bell anyway and Strowman takes out Kalisto with a boot and starts kicks and stomping him..Roman Reigns’ music hits ad he comes down to the ring and him and Strowman start brawling, Reigns ends up getting the upper-hand, targeting Strowman’s injured arm, he then grabs a chair and starts smacking the arm with it causing Strowman to retreat. Enjoyable stuff from these two as per usual

-Goldust and R-truth backstage, they talk about about their tag title No.1 contenders match tonight and Goldust gives a little pep talk to R-truth.

Match 4 – Tag Team Title No.1 contenders Tag team Turmoil match: Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Enzo & Cass vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. Gallows & Anderson vs. Golden Truth

Sheamus/Cesaro and Enzo/Cass are the first two teams out, Cass has a good start and tags in Enzo who of course ends up getting beat down, giving Sheamus & Cesaro the control but when Enzo finally goes for the hot tag, Sheamus pulls Cass off the Apron before the tag can be made. Cesaro then uppercuts Enzo in the corner and makes him submit with the sharpshooter.
Enzo & Cass are eliminated via Sharpshooter.
Rhyno & Slater are the next team to come out, Sheamus & Cesaro start brawling with them on the outside and take them both out, they bring Slater into the ring and take control of him, Rhyno tries to get up into his corner but Sheamus dropkicks him off, Slater then continues to get beaten down, until Sheamus ends him with a Brogue Kick.
Rhyno & Slater are eliminated via Brogue Kick.
Anderson & Gallows are next and they actually get some control as Sheamus & Cesaro get more fatigued, but in the end Gallows eat a Brogue kick that eliminates his team.
Gallows & Anderson are eliminated via Brogue Kick
Finally Golden Truth comes out and they waste no time going after Sheamus and Cesaro and get the upper-hand until a distraction by Cesaro takes out Goldust and Sheamus/Cesaro take control working on Goldust’s leg. In the end Goldust gets the hot tag and R-truth explodes with a flurry of offense, he hits the scissors kick but it only gets the two count, he then goes to run at Cesaro in the corner but Cesaro moves, Truth hits the uckles and Cesaro goes for a schoolboy which gets his team the win and makes them the No.1 Contenders.
Solid stuff overall from everyone, really liked Cesaro and Sheamus’ tactics throughout and how they started to weaken and struggle towards the end relying on a rollup to get the final win.
Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro(via Schoolboy) ***1/2

-Post-match Sheamus and Cesaro beat on Golden Truth and take them outside so they are the only one’s standing in the ring, Hardyz then come out but Sheamus/Cesaro exit the ring to avoid them.

Match 5 – Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins

Good match, not as good as their Payback one but I enjoyed it still. Starts quite back and forth but Joe gets control working on Rollins leg like last time. Rollins makes quite a quick comeback though and things get more even again. At the end Rollins inadvertently pulls the turnbuckle pad off while try to stop Joe hitting his legbreaker, he gets some offense in and goes for his ripcord knee, but Joe reverses and and whips Rollins into the exposed turnbuckle. the ref tells Joe to back off and goes to put the buckle pad back on but Joe stops him and throws the pad away, he then throws Rollins into the exposed buckle again, which gets him disqualified. Crowd were a little quite for this but they’ve been very mild throughout the night.
Winner: Seth Rollins(via DQ) ***1/4

-Post-match Joe throws Rollins into the buckle again and locks in the Coquina Clutch, taking Seth completely out.

Match 6 – Jack Gallagher vs. TJP

Before the match they show a video taken earlier in the day of Neville telling TJP that if he wants a title match, he’ll see what he can do if TJ beats Gallagher.
Very short match but was pretty fun while it lasted, Jack gave TJP one helluva of a headbutt in the beginning. In the end though TJP gets a Roll-up and pulls the tights to get a 3 count.
Winner: TJP(via roll-up) NR

-Post-match TJP takes out Jack’s leg and and locks in the kneebar, Aries comes from the crowd to help Jack and TJP retreats after taking a neckbreaker across the middle rope.

Match 7 – Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

Standard match where Alicia gets control early on and Sasha makes the quick comeback, leading her to get the win with the Meteora from the second rope. Not much too it at all, just gives Sasha something to do. Crowd seemed distracted by something else during the match.
Winner: Sasha Banks(via Meteora) NR

Main Event – Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

This was a pretty decent main event, I though it started off really well, but then went a bit sluggish and didn’t flow so well. The crowd really weren’t reacting much either, which definitely hurt it. In the end Miz leaves the commentary booth and comes down to ringside he grabs the intercontinental belt and starts taunting Dean with it, Dean then hits him with a suicide dive, but while his back is turned laster on, Miz lamps him with the belt, allowing Wyatt to take advantage, hitting sister Abigail to get the win. They had a good go but the match didn’t work out that well in the end.
Winner: Bray Wyatt(via Sister Abigail) **3/4

-Post-match Miz comes in beats on Dean a little and then cuts a nice little promo about him winning the intercontinental title on Raw.

I thought this was a decent-sih Raw theere was only one in ring segment and the rest of it was mainly matches which ranged from alright to good. Most of them were also linked to feuds that are happening so there was some nice progression going on, but the whole show felt a bit underwhelming. UK Crowd were also surprising very mild which hurt a few matches. Overall I enjoyed it somewhat and thought it was an alright show that had some decent action.






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