HUSTLE House Vol. 2 (2/9/04 ) Review


So it’s been a good number of weeks since my last HUSTLE review, so I thought I’d start getting back on it, this time it’s Vol. 2 of HUSTLE House held live in the Korakuen Hall. Lets go

-So it starts with a video of a girl called Chizuru who is dressed up all shiny and is floating in space with a magic wand and gymnastic wand. She seems to be giving a run down of what’s been going on and what HUSTLE is all about.

Pre-show match – Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita

Once again Kaz and Spanky are in the first match of the show which is the fifth time in a row, not that I’m complaining though as I’ll always enjoy seeing them. This was a good match too that had a fair amount of fun cruiser action, solid work from all involved. Hidaka ends up getting the win with the Shawn Capture.
Winners: Hidaka/Fujita(via Shawn Capture) ***1/4

-General Takada is in his lair with Private Shimada and Commander An Jo, they seem to discuss what happened at the last show, among other things and then Takada does some magic that miraculously heals Shimada’s injuries.

-there’s then footage shown of a press conference with Shimada/An Jo and GM Sasihara.

-Then we are back in Takada’s lair with Shimada and An Jo where some things are discussed and then Takada ends the segment saying ‘Tokyo Monster Park’ to the camera.

-Show officially starts and GM Sasihara is introduced wearing his sparkly Red Tuxedo he talk about a few things which I think also includes stuff that will be happening on the show and in the future.
-Private Shimada then interrupts him and rambles as per usual, then Nakamura comes out and he and Shimada argue causing the GM to shut them up and make them leave before discussing final things.

Match 1 – Psycho the Death vs. Riki Choshu

Well this was over in 3 minutes. Psycho backs Choshu in a corner and strikes him a little, he then whips Choshu into the opposite corner and runs at him but Choshu stops Psycho with a kick and throws him outside. When Psycho is back in the ring he chokes Choshu with tape and bodyslams him, but Choshu makes a quick come back and hits a lariat to get him the 3 count. Not much to it at all, easy night for Choshu as you’d expect.
Winner: Choshu(via lariat) NR

-Back in the Generals lair where he talks about the new monsters in the next match, while he talks ghosted images of what look like clowns are shown.

Match 2 – Devil Pierroth I & Devil Pierroth II vs. Hustle Kamen Blue & Hustle Kamen Red

The Pierroths are Evil clowns and Hustle Kamen are power rangers which is an expansion of the original Hustle Kamen. Kamen Red is Sugi and Blue is Rasse, can’t seem to find who the Pierroths are I know the Sato brother play the Neo Pierrots later on but don’t know who these originals are, they seem similar to the Flying Vampire from before so maybe its them.
Anyway this match was a heap of fun, starts off very even including Red, showing off his very impressive athletic ability, but Pierroth’s soon gain control and bust out some really cool and fun double team moves, before the Kamen’s make a comeback, leading to a fun finishing stretch where Red gets the win with an awesome snap Hurricanrana pin. Really enjoyed this lots of fun cruiser action and everyone looked impressive.
Winners: Hustle Kamen(via hurricanrana pin) ***1/2

-They show a video of Shimada wrestling training with Dan Bobish, Mark Coleman & An Jo they get interrupted by Kazuya Yuasa who appears to have come from Michinoku Pro and they show a picture of Great Sasuke mourning a grave?. It looks as though he may want to join the Monsters but they end beating the shit out of him instead and take him to the parking lot and slam him down, they leave Kazuya and he gets up looking unhappy and talks about having a match on the show.

Match 3 – Commander An Jo, Himalayan Big Foot & Mark Coleman vs. Hirotaka Yokoi, Kazuya Yuasa & Shamoji Fujii

This was pretty fun. Big foot is this tall 6’8 Canadian guy who is also known as Apocalypse and doesn’t seem to have had much of a career at all, he’s definitely dedicated to his role though, playing big lumbering beast complete with howls. He starts the match and Fujii just goes right at him with constant forearms, which don’t seem to have much effect but after a fair amount they finally do and so Mark and An Jo feed him and rub him with ice cubes which completely revitalises him. The Monster’s then go on to dominate the majority of the match with the other team making a small comeback at the end leading to the finishing stretch where Big Foot takes out Yuasa with a big boot and An Jo makes the cover for a 3 count. So much for Yuasa getting his own back. Decent little match though.
Winners: Monsters(via Big Boot) ***

-We get a fun little video of the GM trying to come up with a match and he eventually creates the following tag match based solely on the similarity of their names with Monster C matching Hustle K and HIZAKARI rhyming with Ishikari

Match 4 – HIZAKARI & Monster C vs. Taichi Ishikari & ‘HUSTLE K’ Toshiaki Kawada

Monster C is Steve Corino but in a black mask and black jumpsuit with yellow stripes, he also copies a bunch of Kawada’s moves throughout and whenever HIZAKARI rhythmically stomped his feet, tribe music would play. Anyway match wasn’t bad, nothing special, Monster’s manage to get  some control mainly with Taichi but Kawada, would usually have the upperhand when he’d come in, though commander An Jo interferes a couple of times to help prevent this. In the end HIZAKARI hits a dragon screw on Kawada and keeps his leg tied up against the rope in the corner, Monster C then low blows Taichi when the refs backs turned and folds up Taichi’s legs for a cover which gets the 3 count.
Winner: HIZAKARI/Monster C(via low blow) **3/4

-Post match Kawada grab the mic and has a go at Taichi and talks about some other stuff.

-There’s a video of Shimada in the Monster lair doing some training exercises ready for his tag match.

Main Event – Ryouji Sai & Wataru Sakata vs. Dan Bobish & Yuji Shimada

This was alright. Shimada gets on the mic beforehand and provokes Sakata, he and Sakata then start the match but Shimada tag himself out straight away then refuses to tag back in throughout. Bobish does pretty well by himself though gaining control a couple of times and even military presses Sakata to the floor outside where An Jo and Coleman get involved attacking Sakata. Shimada eventually comes in when he’s arguing with the ref and the ref pulls him inside, Coleman and An Jo get involved again and take out Sakata and the ref. Shimada to the surprise of the crowd climbs up the top to dive on Sakata, but Sakata nips up and gives Shimada a superplex and then does an assisted  spike piledriver with the referee, Bobish then takes out the ref so a new one has to come in which leads to Bobish finally getting the win with a big splash on Sai. Think this is the most I’ve enjoyed Bobish so far, he did pretty well and Shimada’s whole thing was pretty funny too, crowd were definitely into it for sure.
Winner: Bobish/Shimada(via Big Splash) **1/2

-Post-match An Jo gets on the mic and calls over Naoya Ogawa, so Ogawa stomrs to the ring, Bobish tries to takes him out but he eats an STO. Ogawa then says some stuff and gets interrupted by General Takada who shows up on the balcony/ He gives a big speech, show couple PRIDE videos involving Ogawa which I guess were meant to irritate and embarrass him, then Takada introduces new Monster member Jinsei Shinzaki onto the balcony…The Monster’s leave and then Ogawa speaks to everyone and brings in some guy sat in the audience to become a Hustle member I guess. END SHOW…DO THE HUSTLE!

This was pretty fun show, enjoyed the Pierroth/Kamen tag match a lot and the rest of the matches were pretty enjoyable too, not all that great by any means but still a nice small dose of fun.








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