HUSTLE: HUSTLE-5 20/9/04 Review


Carrying on with my HUSTLE watching it’s HUSTLE-5 held in the Yokohama Arena. Lets see what fun stuff it has in store!

-So to begin the they have a couple minimally clothed showgirls come out, bring a few people from the crowd into the ring and dance with them. There’s cool lighting set-up above the ring that is in the form of a Chandelier.
-They then show a video that recaps things that have happened.

-GM Sasihara is then out to open the show..Hashimoto interrupts and comes to the ring to address the crowd.

Match 1 – Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. The Flying Vampire #16 & The Flying Vampire #28

Sixth show running Kaz and Spanky open the show yet again, complete with their Titanic remix theme and it’s another fun match-up full of the expected cruiser action. Vampires do a nice little bait and switch at one point and there’s a fun little bit where they both go to bite Spanky’s neck but Spanky moves so they end up biting each other, Kaz then lifts Spankys arms up so he’s in a crucifix shape which makes the vampires cover their eyes and they get double dropkicked. In the end Kaz and Spanky get the win with a Sliced Bread/Powerbomb Combo.
Winners: Kaz/Spanky(via Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo) ***

-They recap what happened last show when Kawada/Taichi lost against Monster C/HIZAKARI.
-There’s then a video of Kawada doing stretches preparing for his match, while Taichi is sat at a table eating food, he makes a comment of how delicious it is and Kawada scowls him for it. They cut to Taichi do stretches sat up with his arms forward so it looks like he’s in a C shape(they even superimpose an image of a C over him), Kawada see him in that shape and stiff kicks him in the back and Taichi falls backward and his arms and legs splay out to create a K shape.

Match 2 – Mark Coleman & Monster C vs. Hirotaka Yokoi & ‘HUSTLE K’ Toshiaki Kawada

This was decent, Monster C continued his copying of Kawada and Kawada wasn’t playing no games or taking things lightly. Coleman & Yokoi also deliver some nice suplexes and there’s a few stiff strikes given out. The ending is very similar to last show where, Coleman traps Kawada in the corner with a submission and Shimada on the outside trips up Yokoi which allows Monster C to roll him up and get the cover using the ropes for leverage. Once again Kawada is foiled by the Monster’s cheating ways.
Winner: Coleman/Monster C(via pinfall) ***

-They show a video of Chizuru in her Cosmic plain and a Devil Pierroth in his big clowwn gear shows up and hands her a balloon, she gets excited and starts dancing around with him and then Private Shimada walks in, throws a rope around her and proceeds to kidnap her.

Match 3 – Devil Pierroth I & Devil Pierroth II vs. Hustle Kamen Blue & Hustle Kamen Red

Chizuru is brought out along with the Devil Pierroth’s during their entrance, she is slung over the shoulder of a masked man, he bring her close to a mic in the ring, where she pleads for the Hustle Kamen to help her.
This was a fun match, not as enjoyable as their one last show but still pretty entertaining with a lot of fun action, Red even busts out a imploding 450 splash which wasn’t 100% successful but still cool to see for it’s time, seemed to be a bit more hiccups here as well so it all felt a little disjointed. Still makes for a very fun watch though. In the end Hustle Kamen get the win and save Chizuru when they both a hit a Yoshi Tonic and snap hurricanrana pin at the same time and the ref counts both the pin covers for a 3 count.
Winner: Hustle Kamen(via Yoshi Tonic/Hurricanrana) ***1/4

-Back in the monster lair Shimada, An Jo and General Takada seem to be discussing a game plan as the other Monsters look on.

-There’s a video recapping things that have been going on with Great Sasuke and his involvement in things.
-they then cut to the Monster Lair where Giant Silva is called up and sent to go after Sasuke.

Match 4 – Great Sasuke vs. Giant Silva

Well this was quite fun. Silva pretty much dominates the match, at one point he clotheslines Sasuke over the rope and goes over with him, but Sasuke stays on the apron,  kicks Silva, then goes for a big Asia moonsault but Silva moves and instead Sasuke’s leg smashes into the guardrail which looked nasty as hell. Sasuke then gets a table and sets it up outside and couple of chairs, he smashes Silva with the chair and goes to set him up on the table outside, but Silva sets him up on it instead and goes for a splash off the second rope through it, but Sasuke moves, so Silva goes through it himself. The madman that is Sasuke then goes for a tope con hilo, but Silva moves out the way of that too so Sasuke crashes back first onto the broken table!. As soon as he does this the lights go out and when they come back up Hakushi is now standing in the ring, he proceeds to powerbomb Sasuke and then Silva hits a splash off the second rope to get the 3 count.
Winner: Giant Silva(via Splash) ***

-Now out comes Joe san?(I think that’s his name) who comes out singing random things like ‘When I say HUSTLE you say what’ but it doesn’t fit the music that is playing and then he strips down to a thong and carries on for a good few minutes before leaving…fair enough.

-They have a break and then show a music video for a Hustle song that Naoya Ogawa sings…My goodness it’s pretty funny to witness.

-Shimada & An Jo are backstage with a few Monsters and are about to sneak attack Ogawa, they walk into his room and he’s dressed in Mr. America gear! with his back turned, they grab him and tie him to a chair and all Ogawa keeps saying his ‘What you gonna do brother’, Shimada sprays him in the face with something that knocks him out, they go to take of his mask(I have a feeling their not sure it’s Ogawa) but Shimada remembers they have a match to get ready for so they all leave but a Vampire is left behind to guard Ogawa.

Match 5 – Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Wataru Sakata vs. Psycho The Death, Super Crazy & The Piranha Monster Z

So this is a hardcore match with tornado rules, there are tables set up around the ring, a stack of chairs in the corner and after a few minutes more weapons appear on the rampway but it only happens once which is odd.
Anyway this was a fun hardcore match with some enjoyable spots, mostly involving tables. I think the highlight is when they makes a table pyramid on the outside with one table set up on top of the edges of two tables spaced out, Tanaka proceed to powerbomb Piranha out of the ring through it, which Piranha completely takes on his neck and it looked like death. Sakata doing the hustle stomp off a ladder was also pretty cool. At the end Sakata climbs up the ladder to try for another HUSTLE stomp but Super crazy climbs up with him and Psycho then pushes the ladder, causing Crazy and Sakata to land into the top rope, Psycho then schoolboy’s Sakata and gets the 3 count.
Winner: Monster’s(via Schoolboy) ***1/4

-They show the Press Conference where Rikishi arrives for the first time, he said Hashimoto gave him a call and he’s here to join the HUSTLE team to take out the MONSTER team.

-Takada is in the lair addressing An Jo where he uses his magic and An jo suddenly has tribal gear on him, he then makes him drinks some stuff from a small medicine bottle.

Match 6 – Dan Bobish & O-YA-JI-GA-RI(An Jo) vs. Hustle RIKISHI & Riki Choshu

This was alright, not much to it really, Rikishi actually a rikishi driver which was cool, and in the ends he gets the win with a Banzai drop. Not much else to say about it really.
Winner: RIKISHI/Choshu(via Banzai drop) **1/2

-Post-match Hustle Kamen come out and get Rikishi to put the glasses on so they can do the too Cool dance with him.

-Backstage Shimada drags Sasihara into the room where they are keeping Ogawa, but he’s escaped and tied up the vampire in the chair instead.

Main Event – Judo O vs. Russian 54

So Judo O is Ogawa wearing the Mr America mask and Judo gear, he also does a few Hulk style taunts while making his entrance and once he reaches the ring he takes off the mask to reveal another mask which is white with a red circle on the forehead and has the top of the head and mouth and nose area removed, it’s pretty silly looking to say the least with the added bonus of a drawn on pencil mustache. Russian 54 is a guy called Jack Bull who wrestled on WWE Heat and Velocity a handful of times as Greg Groothius.
Match was really standard stuff and only lasts around 5 minutes. Russian dominates to begin and the ref gets taken out by a masked ref who replaces him and counts fast for Russian but slow for Judo. Judo just does judo takedowns and throws whenever he had the chance and towards the end, he hulks up and does the Hogan boot and legdrop. The masked ref hits him and Judo ends up ripping the ref’s mask off revealing it to be Shimada, Judo chases him away and the original ref comes back in, Judo then hits the STO to win. Really not much to it at all, still kind of fun though.
Winner: Judo O(via STO) NR

-Post-match The Monsters attack and beat down Judo and tie a rope around each of his arms which is pulled to opposing corners, General Takada then comes out, has his say and goes to remove Judo’s mask but Riki Choshu’s music hits and him and some other HUSTLE members come rushing to the ring, the Monsters leave the ring and onto the ramp way, While Choshu and the other attend to Judo, Takada walks up the ropes smoking his cigar and blows smoke at Choshu, Choshu then goes to attack him but he’s stopped by the Monster’s and held back by his team…Takada has his final say and leaves and then Judo ends proceedings with his fellow HUSTLE members.

This was a pretty fun show, again not much good in terms of actual wrestling aside few matches, but it still has a bunch of fun moments and even the main event which really didn’t have a lot going for it wrestling wise was enjoyable in it’s own sort of way. I think the particular highlight for me was the couple crazy spots on the Sasuke match. So yeah, nothing great but quite fun at least.








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