HUSTLE House Vol. 3 21/10/04 Review

It’s HUSTLE House Vol. 3 held once again in the Kourakuen Hall, lets see what fun antics happen on this show. EDIT: apologies for the lack of spaces, It won’t let me format it correctly.

-Opens with a recap and then a promo in the Monster Lair.
-Joe san? is in the ring wearing GM Sasihara’s sparkly red jacket, I guess he’s pretending to be the GM and Sasihara comes in and makes him give the jacket back  and tells him to go, then it’s the usual opening bit where Shimada interrupts and then Kanto comes out and it’s all full of banter.
Match 1 – Ikuto Hidaka & Leonardo Spanky vs. Super Virus & The Amazing Red
So finally after six shows in a row, Kaz and Spanky aren’t teaming to start the show, instead Kaz has been replaced by Hidaka. Super virus is also just super Crazy but with white and black face paint on.
Match was very fun, as is usual with these opening matches. Lots of good action with a fair number of ‘Rana’s and headscissors being busted out, they even head into the crowd at one point and Virus does a moonsault off one of the exits. Virus gets the win with a cool little trifecta of moves which consisted of a Ricola Bomb, springboard crossbody splash and a top rope Lionsault. Good stuff all around, really enjoyed it.
Winners: Virus/Red(via top rope Lionsault) ***1/4
-Backstage Naoya Ogawa introduces MR U.S.A to Kanto, he is portrayed by Ryan Wilson who wrestled a few matches for TNA and was in OVW from 2005 – 2008.
-An Jo goes to warn General Takada about Mr U.S.A and Takada decides to send Monsieur de Barbarossa and Russian 54 after them.
Match 2 – Mr. USA & Steve Corino vs. Monsieur de Barbarossa & Russian 54
Interesting that Corino is still playing himself on the Hustle team whilst also being Monster C on the Monster side. Anyway him and Mr U.S.A come out to Hulk Hogan’s ‘Real american’ theme song and Mr. USA copies Hogans mannerisms throughout(well kinda). Match itself is decent enough, starts quite even but the monster’s manage to get a bit of control working on Corino’s arm. In the end Barbarossa gets the win with a running neckbreaker. It was fine overall nothing special.
Winners: Barbarossa/Russian(via running neckbreaker) **1/2
-They recap what’s happened so far with HUSTLE Kamen and introduce the gold and Silver rangers.
-In the Monster Lair then, Takada introduces the Monster’s that will faces HUSTLE Kamen, The El Hetana’s.
Match 3 – El Hatena Dos & El Hatena Uno vs. Hustle Kamen Gold & Hustle Kamen Silver
The El Hatena’s are dressed in yellow bodysuits and masks covered in black question marks and Black top hats and capes. El Hatena Dos is Rey Bucanero and Hatena Uno is Lizmark Jr., meanwhile Kamen Gold is Alberto Del Rio and Silver is Sicodelico Jr., So it’s all Lucador’s.
Match wasn’t bad, was a little clunky and didn’t seem to click all that well though, the ending was also a little weird, Gold wins with a magistral cradle but before he doing that, he goes for a power bomb and the Hatena goes to reverse it, it seems but Gold blocks it and Hatena lands face first, not sure if it was botch or not but it certainly didn’t look right and the crowd seemed a little confused too. There is still some good bits of action in there but it just didn’t work out that well overall.
Winners: Hustle Kamen(via La Magistral) **1/2
-They have a break and show Ogawa’s music video again.
-Shimada discusses some things with the General in his lair, he then calls in Bobish, Silva and Coleman and asks them ‘if they are monster’ and they do the standard ‘We are monster’ response.
Match 4 – Dan Bobish, Giant Silva & Mark Coleman vs. Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda
This was decent. They spend the first few minutes brawling around the outside, until Silva puts Kanemura through a table with a second rope splash, they then get back in the ring and the Monster’s get the majority of the control, though the other team do get their chances and come backs. At the end The Monster’s are dominating Kanemura and Coleman comes in to pick him up but Kanemura catches him with a sudden victory roll and gets the unexpected pinfall. Crowd was definitely into this and I quite enjoyed it.
Winners: Kanemura/Tanaka/Kuroda(via Rollu-up) ***
-Back in the lair the General does some magic on An Jo to change him again, ready for the main event though they don’t show what change has happened.
Main event: Commander An Jo & Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Shamoji Fujii & Wataru Sakata
So An Jo comes out looking very different with dyed blond hair, new attire and a Kendo stick. Sakata & fujii go straight for the monsters during their entrance, it doesn’t turn out so well though as Fujii gets continually beaten up by Tiger on the outside while An Jo beats on Sakata on the inside. Sakata gets in a couple of bits of offense in but other than that this was a complete dominant display by the Monster’s. Fujii becomes a bloody beaten mess and when he’s finally taken inside the ring, Tiger locks in the Iron Claw and get the pinfall from it. Not much of a match really just a rather short beat down to make the Monster’s look strong.
Winners: An Jo/Tiger(via Iron Claw) NR
-Post-match people try to come in to help Fujii  but tiger and An jo knocks them out the way, Ogawa then rushes to the ring and chases them out of the Hall. he gets back into the ring and starts speaking but Taka interrupts and goes to make his entrance on the Balcony, Ogawa isn’t messing about though and goes to run up the balcony to get him, but Takada fakes him out and actually appears in the ring…they have a verbal exchange and then the Monster’s grab Ogawa on the Balcony, knock him out with spray, throw a sack over his head, tie a rope around him and take him away…Takada then says his final words to the crowd to end the show.
Definitely one of the weaker shows so far, there was still some fun moments but overall it wasn’t the most enjoyable of shows. Think the opening match was definitely the highlight.

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