HUSTLE-6 23/10/04 Review


It’s Hustle-6 held in the Aichi Prefectural Gym, so lets delve right into it.

-They show recaps of everything and Takada doing his opening promo in his lair.
-GM Sasihara then comes out to give his opening statements and announcements and Shinya Hashimoto comes out and joins him.

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Super Crazy & The Amazing Red
So after being absent the last show, Kaz is back teaming with Spanky in the opening match yet again. Fun match, more of expected good back and forth high flying action. Kaz and Spanky get the win with their Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo, though Spanky doesn’t get the proper rotation, so the landing is a little harsh.
Winners: Kaz/Spanky(via sliced bread/powerbomb combo) ***
-Backstage Nakamura gives a pep talk to Katsuhisa Fujii & Mr USA
Match 2 – Katsuhisa Fujii & Mr. USA vs. Russian 54 & The Piranha Monster XX
Simple Formulaic match, Monster’s take control of Fujii, he gets the hot tag and MR USA wins the match via a jumping over-the-shoulder backbreaker. very average but alright.
Winners: Fujii/USA(via over-the-shoulder backbreaker) **1/2
Match 3 – El Hatena Dos & El Hatena Uno vs. Hustle Kamen Gold & Hustle Kamen Silver
So this is a re-match from last show, but this was not good at all. One of the Hatena seems to injure his leg early on after hitting a superkick, which throws everyone off and so they all seemed a little lost leading to some awkward bits and them rushing to a finish, where the Kamen end up just locking in camel clutch’s to make the Hatena’s submit. The one Hatena does do a sliding splash to the outside which was cool, but overall this just didn’t work out well at all, which is shame.
Winners: Hustle Kamen(via camel clutch) *3/4
Match 4 – Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Jun Kasai, Tomoaki Honma & Tomohiro Ishii
This is a hardcore match(as you’d expect from these) and everyone brings weapons down with them. I really enjoyed this alot, this might be my favourite hardcore match they’ve had on these shows so far, just full of alots of fun action and spots. Highlights include Kasai doing a splash of a balcony through a table, Honma taking Tanaka off a ladder with a springboard spear and Tanaka doing a death valley driver off a table into another table. In the end Tanaka gets the win hitting a Complete Dust. Good stuff, very entertaining.
Winners: Tanaka/Kuroda/Kanemura(via Complete Dust) ***1/2
-They recap Dan Bobish/Giant Silva/Mark Coleman losing their tag match last show.
-We cut to the Mosnter lait where Takada puts the 3 men in a 3 way match.
Match 5 – Dan Bobish vs. Giant Silva vs. Mark Coleman
So this basically turned into a 2-on-1 handicap match straight away with Silva and Bobish dominating Coleman throughout the match. Coleman manages to make a couple of comebacks but it’s just not enough and in the end Bobish hits him with a TKO to get the pinfall. this was alright, obviously these guys aren’t the best workers and it was mainly just a beat down, plus the crowd wasn’t sure how to react, but it wasn’t a bad effort.
Winner: Bobish(via TKO) **1/2
Match 6 – Hair vs. Hair Match: An Jo vs. Wataru Sakata
This weren’t bad. An Jo basically control most of it using dirty tactics including using low blows and his Kendo stick. Sakata would make a few come backs but kept being foiled by An Jo’s dirty ways. In the end Shimada has the ref distracted, so An jo throws powder in Sakata’s face and then uses some kind of brass knucks to get him the 3 count, so Nakamura has to have his head shaved.
Winner: An Jo(via Knucks) **3/4
-Post-match they go to shave Nakamura’s hair but Sakata stops them and volunteers to get his own head shaved instead. He then proceeds to shave it himself while An jo and Shimada mock him.
-Taichi walks up to Kawada¬† while holding a microphone wanting to conduct an interview with him, Kawada doesn’t cooperate too well though and ends up just chopping him hard to the ground.
Match 7 – Monsieur de Barbarossa & Monster C vs. Riki Choshu & Toshiaki Kawada
This was alright, quite an even match-up, the exchanges between Kawada and Monste C where fun as the crowd would either chant K or C every time one of them would hit a strike, other than that there really wasn’t much to this and it was quite a basic match-up. Kawada ends up getting the win after hitting a Gamengiri on Barbarossa.
Winners: Choshu/Kawada(via Gamengiri) **1/2
Main Event – Naoya Ogawa vs. Tiger Jeet Singh
So when Ogawa comes out Tiger is still busy marching around the crowd, so Ogawa goes straight after him but it doesn’t work out so well and Tiger smashes him with his sword, busting Ogawa open and he then proceeds to continues beating him up around the crowd for the next 5 minutes. when tiger finally brings him onto the ring, he still has the control until Ogawa starts making a come back, An Jo throws tiger’s sword in but it lands by the feet of Ogawa who picks it up and uses it, he then proceeds to hit the STO for the 3 count. Whole thing wasn’t all that interesting to be honest, very bland.
Winner: Ogawa(via STO) *3/4
-As soon as Ogawa wins the rest of the Monster’s come in and beat down Ogawa, General Takada then comes out says a few words and starts a match between him and Ogawa where he just puts his one foot on Ogawa’s chest and gets the 3 count…he then says he final words and leaves…a beaten and broken Ogawa then grabs the mic and has the final speech to end the show. DO THE HUSTLE!
Well the Hardcore match was really fun and the opening tag was good, but everything else was either rather average or not all that good or fun, I mean these shows have never been great but this along with the one before is definitely weaker than usual.**1/2

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