HUSTLE House Christmas Special 2004 day 1 (23/12/04) Review


It’s day 1 of the Hustle House Christmas special held at the Korakuen Hall. Lets go.

-Opens with recap and Takada addressing  his Monster’s in his lair which ends with him says ‘IT’S MONSTER XMAS’.

-Opens with Taichi dressed as the GM but Sasihara quickly comes to the ring and puts a stop to him and does his opening announcements.

-After some more titles and a card rundown, Nakamura is in the back on the phone, Kaz Hayashi is with him and it turns out Spanky can’t make it tonight. they start trying to think of a replacement when Taichi walks in slapping his chest and making noises to make himself known, but they keep ignoring him as they continue to think, Nakamura finally suggests Taichi and Kaz is reluctant but agrees.

Match 1 – Kaz Hayashi & Taichi Ishikari vs. Flying Vampire #16 & Psycho The Death

Fun little opener, some good paced back and forth action, Kaz and Taichi actually work surprisingly well as a team, that is until they go for the Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo and Taichi gets to scared to do the flip for it, so he slips and crotches himself on the top rope, allowing the other team to get the upperhand which leads to Psycho hitting a Catatonic on Taichi for the 3 count.
Winners: Vampire/Psycho(via Catatonic) ***

-They show a huge gang of guys bursting through the doors of  Takada’s mansion all wanting to be a Monster for Takada, Shimada stops them on a stairwell and goes and gets Takada who addresses them gets them to all do the Monster pose.
-In the Monster lair Takada decides the monsters for the next match
-they show a recap of what happened to Wataru Sakata last show.
-They cut to him in the back sat down smoking a cigarette, Nakamura walks in and tries talking to him but he just doesn’t seem happy, someone walks in to tell Sakata to get ready for his match but he doesn’t react, he says it again and Sakata gets up throws his cigarette at the guy and leaves.

Match 2 – Monster Soldier 001, Monster Soldier 002 & Piranha Monster XXX vs. Mr. USA, Shamoji Fujii & Wataru Sakata

no idea who the Monster Solider’s are and can’t find seem to find any info on them.
This was a fun little match though, the Monsters control Fujii for most of it who seems to be having a couple of problems with his execution. When he tags himself in, he tries to slingshot in the ring but trips and falls to the mat, the Monsters then beat on them and that’s how they get control. Later on he makes a bit fo a comeback and goes for a diving elbow drop but the Monster is too far away so he doesn’t reach it. Evetually he makes it back into his corner and Sakata tags himself in, gives Fujii a couple hard slaps and throws him outside, he then wastes no time getting in some good offence and picking up the win with a dragon suplex. I like this grump Sakata.
Winners: Sakata/Fujii/USA(via Dragon suplex) ***

-Post-match Fujii isn’t happy about what Sakata did, but Sakata just slaps him again and starts kicking him in the corner which Mr USA breaks up.

-There’s a hype video for the next match which shall be ‘falls count anywhere’.

Match 3 – Dan Bobish, Giant Silva & Jun Kasai vs. Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Surprisingly this match starts in the ring like a normal tag match, then they spend a small portion outside brawling and then latter part of the match and the pinfall are back in the ring, making the whole falls count anywhere stipulation pointless really. Hardcore stuff was also kept quite minimal, match is still fun though and has some good action, Monsters get a fair amount of control and in the end get the win when Giant Silver hits Tanaka with a second rope splash.
Winners: Monsters(via second rope splash) ***

Match 4 – Commander An Jo & Flying Vampire #23 vs. Hustle RIKISHI & Shinjiro Otani

Otani was a mystery tag partner that Nakamura picked to team with RIKISHI.
Another fun little tag match here, Otani and Rikishi start out dominating but a sneaky low blow by An Jo gives his team for a little bit until Otani makes a come back and tags in Rikishi who proceeds to give An jo a stinkface and then does a standing Banzai drop to Vampire to give his team the win. Quite a simple and formulaic match but quite enjoyable/
Winner: Rikishi/Otani(via Banzai drop) **3/4

-Post match Rikishi does the Too Cool dance with Nakamura and Otani!

-They show a  recap of Kawada and Ogawa facing Tenzan and Hiroshi Tanahashi at a New Japan show.
-In the Monster lair Shimada introduces the New Jersey Power Warrior to Takada, who is basically a repackaged Russian 54. Judging by a few things Takada was saying, the name is New Jersey Power Warrior because the acronym is NJPW and he mentions something about Strong Style. he then does his magic on the Warrior and punches him in the stomach and face.

Match 5 – Monster C & New Jersey Power Warrior vs. Naoya Ogawa & Toshiaki Kawada

Power Warrior is actually introduced as NJPW and does a Nagata leg lock and Argentine backbreaker in the match. Match was pretty decent, average stuff really. Starts out quite even including Monster C and Kawada doing their usual exchanges, then the Monsters get control of Ogawa for a bit before he makes a comeback, leading to the finish where Kawada and Ogawa hit their STO/German Suplex combo and go for the cover but Takada’s music hits and smokes starts forming on the Balcony, which causes Ogawa to run out the ring and to the Balcony, but when he gets there it is empty and Kawada gets beaten down in the ring by the other Monsters, Ogawa begins to run back down to the ring but Monster C rolls up Kawada with a schoolboy and gets a 3 count.
Winners: Monster C/NJPW(via schoolboy) **3/4

-Post-match Takada finally turns up on the Balcony to give his speech and Ogawa is forced to do the final pose with the Monsters despite his reluctance and he storms off straight after doing it.

Show was a little better overall than the previous two, just a bunch of rather fun tag matches, nothing particularly noteworthy but still quite enjoyable nonetheless.






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