HUSTLE House Christmas Special 2004 Day 2 (24/12/04) Review


Second day of the HUSTLE House Christmas Special and final HUSTLE show of 2004 back once again in the Korakuen Hall, on Christmas Eve too. Day one was pretty fun so lets see if day 2 follows suit. Lets go.

-Opens with  a recap video and then in the Monster Lair all the Monsters are celebrating then suddenly realise Takada has disappeared.
-Takada hasn’t disappeared though he has come on the balcony in the hall to open the show…he makes his speeches and An Jo and Shimada come out to the ring and say some stuff too. From what I can gather from things this is a Monster produced show hence no GM Sasihara.

Match 1 – Dark von Maestro #1 & Dark von Maestro #2 vs. Hustle Kamen Blue & Hustle Kamen Red

First time since HUSTLE-2 that Kaz Hayashi or Spanky haven’t opened the show. The Von Maestros are dressed up like composers with silver masks and big side parting of coloured hair, no idea who they are though. I’m glad Kamen Blue and Red are back though after the dissapointing stuff that happened with Gold and Silver.
Fun little opener has the usual expected back and forth cruiser action and it was good. Red busts out a imploding 450 splash again and the Kamen’s get the win by simultaneously hitting a Yoshi Tonic and snap hurricanarana pin on their opponents, with the ref counting both their pins at the same time
Winners: HUSTLE Kamen(via Snap ‘Rana & Yoshi Tonic) ***

-They show a recap of the press conference where women Arisin Z and Hikaru are introduced.

Match 2 – Arisin Z & Jun Kasai vs. Hikaru & Ikuto Hidaka

This was a good mixed tag match, had a constant flow of fun action and it was very good effort by everyone. In the end Hidaka gets the win, making Kasai submit with the Shawn Capture. Very enjoyable match.
Winners: Hikaru/Hidaka(via Shawn Capture) ***1/4

-Post-match Yinling the erotic terrorist comes out to make a speech, Nakamura then says some things and there’s a bit of a verbal exchange where  Shimada gets involved, they then put Yinling on a podium and Nakamura gets his phone out to take pictures?…Yinling then does the Monster pose by squatting with her legs open(because her legs make an M shape in that position).

Match 3 – Captain’s Fall match: Giant Silva, Monster Soldier 001, Monster Soldier 002, Piranha Monster XXX & Psycho The Death vs. Kaz Hayashi, Mr. USA, Shamoji Fujii, Taichi Ishikari & Wataru Sakata

So this is a Captain’s fall match where team members can be eliminated but the only way to win is for Captain of the team to be pinned, in this case An Jo got to be pick the captains for both teams so he chose Giant Silva for his Monster team and Taichi for the HUSTLE team.
This was another fun match though, again well paced with a couple fun spots. Fujii starts the match but makes the same mistake he did last time of trying to hit a diving elbow drop on a wrestler that’s too far away but completely missing it, which of course leads to him getting beating down by the Monsters and becoming the only guy eliminated in the match. The rest of it is very back and forth and at the end the HUSTLE team manage to gang up on Silva, Mr USA hits a HUSTLE bomber and Sakata goes up top for a diving move, but instead USA hits a running leg drop to give them a 3 count, which pisses Sakata off who ends up shoving USA and leaving. Quite enjoyable overall.
Winners: Team HUSTLE(via Leg drop) ***

-They have a break and when they come back they show Ogawa and Great Sasuke showing up to a screening of Kung Fu Hustle, where they discuss stuff with director Stephen Chow.
-Chow them meets up with them later on, his hands glow yellow and he proceeds to do some kind of magic on Sasuke to give him power, which makes Sasuke surge with yellow electricity, he then proceeds to give them the Kung Fu instruction book that is from the Kung Fu Hustle film. I guess they must have asked him for help. Kind of an interesting tie-in.

-Back in the Monster lair An Jo  is dressed up as and pretending to be Takada where he introduces Satan The Santa Claus.

Match 4 – Satan the Santa Claus vs. Great Sasuke

Don’t know who Santa is but he’s a big lad with a green mask that has a Santa beard and Santa hat attached to it. Sasuke is dressed as a Kung Fu master.
Match was alright, it’s mainly Satan beating the hell out of Sasuke, then Sasuke making a small comeback which includes him doing a Senton Bomb of the top rope to the outside that barely catches Santa. At the end Satan lifts up Sasuke who slides down his back into a sunset flip, but Satan is too big and won’t go down with it, he goes to punch Sasuke, but Sasuke slips under his legs so Santa punches he mat instead, letting Sasuke quickly get up and roll Santa forward catching his leg for a pin that gets him a 3 count.
Winner: Great Sasuke(via roll-up) **1/2

-Kawada is training and he calls for Taichi but he’s not around, he discovers a letter on the table from Taichi which chronicles the times Kawada was harsh to him while melancholic music plays in the background, when he’s finished Kawada sits there silent and then suddenly Taichi bursts into the room completely naked, covering his junk with Kawada’s towel, Kawada calls him out on it and Taichi offers to give it back completely exposing himself and looking all cheery, Kawada gives him a hard slap to the face and Taichi just slumps into a chair, his voiceover giving a final few words. It was pretty funny.

Match 5 – Monster C vs. Toshiaki Kawada

Kawada finally gets his singles match with Monster C and it’s ok. Crowd do their usual K and C Chants whenever either guy hits something, before Kawada even makes it to the ring C and other monsters attack him, but once their in the ring Kawada quickly gets back into things and the match stays quite back and forth and they go into the crowd for a bit at one point. C also continues to copy Kawada’s moves as well as do an STO and Choshu lariat, in the end though Kawada catches C with a brainbuster to get the 3 count. He finally gets his full revenge. Match was very basic but had a couple good bits.
Winner: Kawada(via Brainbuster) **1/2

-Post-match Kawada takes off C’s mask but Shimada straight away covers his face with a towel and the Monsters get him away from Kawada.

Main Event – Jude O vs. Hakushi & Russian 54 & Rikishi

So a day after being Power Warrior, Jack is already back as Russian 54, that’s odd.
This was alright. Jude O has a good start but the Monsters gain control and dominate the rest of the match, Rikishi refuses to tag in throughout, so they forcefully tag him to give Jude O a stink face but Rikishi still refuses, the Monsters then toss Jude O outside and Shimada brings Nakamura into the ring and they all beat him up, Mr USA tries to come down and help but an official stops him from coming in. Rikishi then finally snaps and turns on the Monster’s, he gives Shimada a stink face and Jude O comes back in and hits the STO to get the victory.
Winner: Jude O(via STO) **1/2

-Post-match Rikishi does the Too cool dance with Jude O and Mr USA, Jude O then gets the rest of the HUSTLE team to the ring and delivers some final words, Sasihara also comes out dressed in a Santa suit and says a few things and Someone dressed as Crash Bandicoot comes down too for some reason. HUSTLE! HUSTLE! MERRY CHRISTMAS…HUSTLE!

And there we have it, the final HUSTLE show of 2004 and it was quite fun, first few matches were good and I really enjoyed the mixed tag match, last few weren’t great but weren’t bad either and there was still some fun moments spread throughout like the Taichi/Kawada segment and the whole thing with Stephen Chow. So yeah not bad overall. I look forward to delving into 2005. **3/4





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